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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


When we have couples night with BGP Marian and Manong Fred, we usually do it in Greenbelt since they live far, far, away in the wonderful city of Paranaque. Whereas me and the Chinese Adonis, ahem, we are residents of Cutietown -- a place where the "feeling cute" converge.

Har de har har!

So during one of our numerous date nights, we thought of meeting up at LORENZO'S WAY for some hearty Filipino food just the way the LJC groups of company makes it. We have already eaten there before, (in fact "eating" may be an understatement since we really pigged out that night) but even if we loved the food so much, it is only recently that we made a return (curse you Ramen fad!!!).

And yes, it was again an awesome night! Great company and savory food from LORENZO'S WAY always result in delicious meet-ups for the feeling cute and the really cute of friends!


Yep! No matter how different our realms are!


and somebody's thumb.

I'm sorry about the thumb. But I'm sure you know by now that ERICJAZ FOODIES is not a blog about amazing pictures. He he he he he he!

It is always full in LORENZO'S WAY. But even if the place was jampacked with diners stuffing themselves of sumptuous Filipino food, everything was still comfy cozy!

LORENZO'S WAY had a native but stylish vibe into it. You would think that you're eating in your cute rich aunt place who's also a donya!!


LORENZO'S WAY gave us complimentary flavored kamote chips to munch on while waiting for our order.

This gets the strong approval from the Chinese Adonis!


Dear Manong Fred and BGP Marian!

If you noticed, Manong Fred is holding a packet of carb-trim. Something we're trying out that time. He he he he he he!

ERICJAZ FOODIES and the thumb!

"Hi kami ang pabebe kopol at wala kayong pake kung pabebe kami sa mga bedyo namen!"

Egad that's irritating even in transcript!

While waiting for our food, we caught many tables enjoying a plate of crunchy Crispy Pata. We had it the last time we were in LORENZO'S WAY but since we are watching our diets now (boo I know) we decided to skip it and just drool from afar.

BGP Marian ordered a tall glass of Guyabano Shake. This was such a refreshing appetizer!

First on the table was Manong Fred's favorite, LORENZO'S WAY Crispy Baby Squid (P185.00)!

The fried baby squid had a really nice crunch into it and had the right seasonings to pair it with rice!

LORENZO'S WAY Kare Kare (P595.00) had a thick peanut-based gravy that is so "malinamnam" at every spoonful!

The beef that came with it was so fork tender too!

The boys don't eat Kare Kare so this was just for me and the BGP! Wohoo!

LORENZO'S WAY Inihaw na Liempo (P260.00)!

Wonderfully grilled and juicy! I think I liked it so much that I ate the fat! Uggggh!

Bamboo Rice (P275.00), a LORENZO'S WAY specialty!!!

The rice had the savory taste of being simmered in a hearty broth. This was so good already even without any accompanying entree!

But of course, we can't resist ordering up some LORENZO'S WAY specialties!

Wohoo! Let's eat!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our CCF (Cutie Couple Friends... ha ha ha ha!) at LORENZO'S WAY!

Hmmm... I think the waiter who took this picture was also hungry!

Leave me about 20 pieces Manong Fred ah!

My plate! My brown-and-no-concept-in-plating-at-all PLATE!

I was in the mood for something spicy that night so I asked for chili to be mixed in my bagoong!

We ate like how Kim Kardashian believes in herself.... 

Yes. Like there's no tomorrow! He he he he he!

And we're done!

I wanted to suck on those bones but I didn't want to look pitiful.... further.

After a heavy meal I rewarded myself with some hot coffee!

And Banana Choco Volcano (P175.00)!!!!

Moist... Fudgy.... Decadent... So perfect!

This was wiped out in no time!!!! 

My BGP Marian ordered her favorite Pecan Pie (P175.00).

Ain't my BGP so pretty????

Actually we both are!!!!

And THIS is the attention we get from our boys!

GRRRRR! He he he he he!

Our LORENZO'S WAY bill!!!

Thank you for sharing your birthday GC Manong Fred!!!!!!!!!! Sige don't show the very big nunal on your face that is as big as a mothball! Har de har har!

Till our next food trip!

Actually we have a lot already so I'm just pacing the posting. 

He he he he!

So there.

Greenbelt 5
G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St
Legazpi Village, Makati
(02) 729-0047

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