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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


When ERICJAZ FOODIES make plans with BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her crummy husband Fred, we would usually go to our tried, tested, and favorite restaurants. Of course, it would be fun to check out new hot spots, but the call to answer our cravings is usually satisfied by our "comfort restaurant zones". And included in our "must-always-do" list is VILLAGE TAVERN in the Fort.

Most of the time, we would have salad, pizza, pasta, or another round of salad, pizza, pasta in VILLAGE TAVERN. But then, we heard that the Bistro Group's Executive Chef Josh Boutwood, came up with 4 new Premium Wagyu Selections in the WORLD OF BURGERS! So we knew we just HAVE to have that!

With a side of salad, pizza, pasta... Tee hee!

Kidding! But believe me, when you order these mouth-watering char-grilled Wagyu Burgers, you may not look for anything more!

Except of course, the cuteness-kuno of our company!

Har de har har!


It was a busy Tuesday night even if it was already late. I guess many people are still in the mood for VILLAGE TAVERN's deeeelicious hot plates of food!

I was first to arrive and I passed the time by watching the last episode of DOWNTON ABBEY in my tab. It was a bit embarrassing that I was sniffing and tearing up watching it. People might think I'm crying since I'm all alone!

Not to worry because I have VILLAGE TAVERN'S World of Burgers to keep me company.

That is, if my husband and friends stand me up!!!!

Now what should we get?

VILLAGE TAVERN's Octoberfest (P675.00)?

VILLAGE TAVERN's Mexican Wagyu Burger?

The Waldorf?

Or the Monte Carlo?

Never fear! BGP Marian and Manong Fred are here!

Me, Yub, and the Dimple are excited to eat some VILLAGE TAVERN burgers!

But of course, the typical VILLAGE TAVERN fans that we are, we cannot resist ordering our favorites: Thai Chicken Salad (P525.00)!!

Crisp strips of lettuce with chicken breast, edamame, fried wanton strips, and drizzled with a sweet sesame vinaigrette dressing!

Eating healthy has never been this good!!!!

It's been a while since the Chinese Adonis had his favorite VILLAGE TAVERN flatbread pizza (P495.00) that he immediately ordered it without having second thoughts.

When the hot pizza arrived by husband can't help but be wowed at the sight of his long lost love. The cheese was bubbling and the crust was perfectly oven baked!!!

I swear! He cannot stop raving how good it was!!!!

Of course, we were really at VILLAGE TAVERN to savor their new WORLD OF BURGERS!

First up is VILLAGE TAVERN's MEXICAN Wagyu Burger!

A fat and uber thick grilled Wagyu Beef patty was smothered with Mexican ground chili and topped with a generous helping of melted gooey cheese!

For extra crunch and added spice on this already hot dish, VILLAGE TAVERN added a few slices of pickled jalapenos! This made my first big bite more intense and exciting!

I normally like my meats medium or medium rare. But I decided to test this Wagyu creation and ordered it cooked medium well! 

Yowza! My big chomp of Wagyu burger was still so juicy and tender! Sarap! I'm ooohing and aaahing at every bite!

Manong Fred decided to get the VILLAGE TAVERN Octoberfest Wagyu Burger!

Hot off the grill Wagyu beef patty with melted swiss cheese then finished off with fried onions! 

Complete the Octoberfest experience with a big dollop of the Beer Mustard sauce and you got yourself a delicious party! 

So meaty and so cheesy! Every huge bite you tear off from this fantastic burger will also give you the crunch and slight sourness from the red onions!


Even if the Chinese Adonis was already down to his last slice of pizza, he still eyed that hot burger which seemed to be calling out his name.

"You know you want us, dimple boy!"

The four of us almost inhaled all of the food! It was ALL...SOOO... GOOD! 

I tried my best to watch my carb intake by leaving out some pieces of the burger buns. Hopefully this will stay put on my plate.

And we're done!


If you love burgers or just in the mood for a heavy but uber satisfying meal, head over NOW to VILLAGE TAVERN and try the Wagyu Char-Grilled Burgers with drooling toppings by Chef Josh! 

Believe me, for a moment you'll forget your usual favorites while your chewing on your big tender morsel of juicy meat. 


Second Floor, Bonifacio High Street Central, 
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 6213245

After VILLAGE TAVERN, we continued the party at Starbucks and as usual, the cafe closed down on us. Yup! That's how late it was!

So happy that my favorite Toffee Nut Latte makes a return to kick off the Christmas season! Tee hee!

So. There!

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