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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


It may not be obvious but we are not perfect. Yes we have flaws. Lots of it! One second you might think, "Woah, they're like the children of Aphrodite and Zeus!" But really we're far from being the mortal version of the gods. Tee hee!!!

And THAT is why we get blocked. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anywho, the Chinese Adonis and I may not be perfect parents but we really try our best to give the little lords activities that will veer them away from their favorite PS3, PSP and IPAD. While browsing online, I saw these posts about these curious Japanese edible toys that is very popular with kiddies and adults alike. I placed orders with our blogger friend TALES FROM THE TUMMY and were so excited to pick them up one Sunday!


There were many variants available from Mr. Tales From The Tummy but for now the little lords were interested with the sushi and donut kinds. 

The little lords were so excited to try it that they stayed up later than usual on a Sunday night to do it!

(See? Me and Yub? PERFECT PARENTS! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Andrei was first and his choice was the KRACIE EDIBLE TOY in Donut!

When we opened the KRACIE box, there were many sachets, parts, and pieces that came out. I remember from one of the reviews before that I shouldn't ignore whatever item from the KRACIE toy no matter how itty bitty it may be. Each component, no matter how trivial it may seem, play a big part in the overall construction of the donut.

Eep. I sound like I'm building a time machine. 

Happy Anniversary BACK TO THE FUTURE! 

Yep! Even the aluminum foil packing it came in with!

The box too is very important because that's where you'll find the instructions on how to make the KRACIE donuts. Though the text is in Japanese they included numbers to guide us in the step by step process. As for the flavorings and powders, the sachets are color coded too for easy reference from the instruction box.

From the KRACIE pack we pulled out this curious looking tray that had different molds and tubs.

And the boys started working.

This KRACIE donut pack was for Andrei so he headed the construction mission but we told him Kuya Mati should also take a turn after him. 

Considering how the Japanese are very particular with everything, you should follow the directions on the KRACIE box to a T. If you think the liquid is not enough, believe me it is. That's what happened to us here so our dough later became a bit squishy!

For the KRACIE donut in "original flavor" get the bigger yellow sachet.

There's a small spoon provided by the KRACIE box that you could use to mix and knead the "dough" with.

When you have properly mixed the powder with the liquid, you could form the dough into a shape similar to a hotdog. 

Afterwards cut it up into 4 balls!

Up next, get the bigger KRACIE sache in brown. It's the chocolate flavored powder.

Put the same amount of water in the same basin that you used for the "original flavored dough".

Mix and press to really form a paste from all that powder and liquid!

Again, make a shape similar to a hotdog with your "chocolate dough".

Sorry if this looks nasty but it really smelled good!

Hmmm... I think I just busted myself on that one.

Mati had the same idea. Like mother like son talaga. 

My sister and I helped the boys a little with the KRACIE donuts just because we were curious too. Ha ha ha ha ha!

After forming the KRACIE dough into balls, push one each into the molds.

You could be daring and put half of each flavored ball into the molds.

Tee hee!

I know I should get out more.

Don't worry, the KRACIE dough won't stick to the molds. With just a gentle push, it'll all pop out clean as a whistle.

Awww! Don't they look cute??

I must say my boys did a pretty good job!

Andrei then proceeded to do the frosting and immediately snapped out the measuring scooper for the water.

Because we're chocoholics, we did the chocolate fudge first!

For the chocolate icing, we used the smaller basin to mix it in. There's a definite number of scoops to use for the liquid so you may have to refer to the magical instructional box!

This really tasted so good that Andrei was so pleased to do everything himself.

Scoop the fudge onto the small plastic provided.

Push it up to the edge and cut a small hole.


Andrei enjoyed this part so much! More so with the fudge sticking onto his fingers and he got to lick it off.

The pink KRACIE sachet will give you strawberry!

Tee hee! Sorry we didn't wash the other basin anymore.

My dearest Mati didn't mind though.

With the small spoon provided you could slather on the gooey icing on your chosen donut!

The last sachet will give you the sugar frosting!

By this time, we washed the whole thing. We got embarrassed already with the mess. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The little lords were very partial to the chocolate icing of KRACIE!

Sprinkles and chocolate chips are also added for extra fun!

The little lords were really concentrated on decorating their KRACIE creations!

Andrei was so dead-set serious that you would think he was creating the Mona Lisa!

And finally!

They're so pleased!!!!

Now don't throw out the aluminum pack that the KRACIE toy came in with!

Cut it up to form donut boxes and mats!

There you go! Our KRACIE finished product!

Aren't they pretty?

My little Andrei was so happy and proudly shared his donuts with us all. Of course, it tasted more like flavored cerelac than actual donuts but we enjoyed the whole process of creating it all with the boys!

And I'm sure, that based on the little lords faces, it is all time and money well spent!!!!


We can't wait to buy and try out some more!!!


  1. Did they like the taste? My pamangkins didnt like it haha! Pero hinoard ko to sa Japan kasi pinapanood nila to sa Youtube eh. Ang mura kasi minsan sale sa Don Quixote. Hihi!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya Erika! They liked it naman since it tasted more like cerelac. We are such fans! Naku when you go to Japan I'll buy also from you ah? He he he he he he he! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Sure! I'll let you know. Pero baka di matuloy kasi ang mahal na ng pamasahe hahaha!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero don't mind my kapal request, ang important is you guys enjoy the trip! Naks!!!! I feel you, we're not going to have a trip muna next year para tipid!!! But I hope you guys will push through. Take care! Mwah!!!!!


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