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Monday, November 23, 2015


It's been a while since we ate in MITSUYADO SEI MEN, considering that it was one of the restaurants that fattened me up via their carb seduction. Even before RAMEN NAGI or IPPUDO, MITSUYADO tempted me endlessly with their fatty broth and slippery "slurpable" Ramen. I'm not sure why but we took a hiatus from this early favorite. Probably because we ate so much there in the past years that we needed to get a MITSUYADO detox? He he he he he!

I never knew how much we missed my old noodle haven until I saw its familiar sign when we had lunch before our ASIAPOP COMICON DAY. For some reason I thought that MITSUYADO SEI MEN only set base in Jupiter Street. Sorta like how there is only Hall of Justice in the DC World (tee hee). Imagine my surprise that when we parked in Blue Bay Walk, my old favorite greeted us. Wohoo!

Such a wonderful surprise to start our family Sundate! We are sure to fill up our hungry tummies with MITSUYADO goodies today!


It was about 11:00am and we thought of having an early lunch at MITSUYADO SEI-MEN to catch one of the talents that Mati wanted to see in the ASIAPOP COMICON panel.

In true MITSUYADO SEI-MEN fashion, we were transported to the streets of old Japan. 

The ceilings were painted with the hue of the skies while colorful lanterns illuminated this make shift street. You would really think you were seated in the busy alleys of Tokyo!

Walls are even adorned with "paintings" of pretty Japanese ladies garbed in traditional Kimono with all the trimmings. He he he he he he!

To complete the experience you could choose to sit at one of MITSUYADO SEI-MEN'S noodle carts!

Of course, it's not really a noodle cart since you'll find empty pots and pans there. But this, it is a cool alternative from their ordinary tables and chairs. 

MITSUYADO SEI-MEN also lets you see what goes on inside their kitchens. If you want to see how your order is made, you could ogle and drool over the glass windows. He he he he he!

Whenever THE YAPPY BUNCH are about to sit down, I often ask out loud "Who wants to sit with Mommy???"

Most of the time the boys would chime in unison a big "NO ONE."

In days where I am lucky, one of them would volunteer. 

In this instance, it was Andrei. Probably because he just wants to play with the things he saw around the cart.

Like these set of Japanese condiments!

And we are ready to EAT!

The MITSUYADO miso soup was hot and tasty. It certainly warmed and primed us for the great lunch ahead.

The Chinese Adonis ordered the MITSUYADO SEI-MEN Japanese Fried Rice (P170.00) and was a bit bummed that he forgot to ask to take out the pickled ginger.

Still, that "bumness" was short-lived after a heaping spoonful of this flavorful rice. The Chinese Adonis loved this the way it is and it showed from his happy chomping. There were already bits of meat and egg that he didn't need to order an extra entree as his "ulam".

This unassuming cup of fried rice is already complete in his heart.... and stomach.


Mati said that we should order a plate of MITSUYADO SEI-MEN's steamed gyoza (P180.00). He feels that it is the best there is!

I don't blame him because I sorta agree. Each piece of MITSUYADO Gyoza had a light crust of the delicate wrapper. When you take a bite, I swear the juice will get a-flowing and you'll enjoy morsels of meat that's packed with ginger and meaty flavors. 


We enjoyed it so much that we had another order.

ACTUALLY, Mati enjoyed it so much that he zoinked a whole plate to himself leaving us no choice but to order one more. Har de har har!

Mati ordered his favorite MITSUYADO SEI-MEN Karashi Ramen (P300.00) because he loved spicy food!

The spicy miso soup was rich and lip-smackingly delicious! So perfect with the chewy fat noodles!

Mati asked everything to go on the side. But he did munch on the nori later.

Andrei and I ordered MITSUYADO SEI MEN'S specialty to share.... The Cheese Sauce Tsukemen (P390.00)!!

At first I really found this weird but after my first encounter with these creamy noodles, I got hooked!

First off, pour the cheese sauce over the udon noodles!

We always get the cold noodles so that it won't be soggy later on.

Oh wow... Look at that cheese!

For a step by step lesson on how to do this, check out my mini-tutorial how to eat the Cheese Tsukemen!! Tee hee!

Andrei loved anything cheesy and was so excited to dig in.

I'm sure if he got his way, he'll lick that cheese from the bowl. He he he he he!


And our delicious lunch is now ready!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in MITSUYADO SEI-MEN!

Andrei and I mixed our cheesy noodles!

We are so raring to slurp on these!

Of course, that is AFTER I dip it in the Tsukemen sauce with extra chili powder.

This may seem weird to some but it is actually very delicious!!! Don't judge it till you've tried it!

At first I was doubtful how I would enjoy this but the soup really clings onto the cheesy noodles. The combination of creamy and savory soup is so heavenly!


While Andrei and I were doing the dip and shoot, Mati was happily slurping on his spicy noodles!

Almost done!

Our MITSUYADO bill!!!

If you plan to eat noodles in MITSUYADO SEI-MEN, don't forget to request for a bib. Mati was doubtful if he needed it at first, but after his soupy lunch, check out what might have spoiled his top!

He he he he he he!

BURP! That was such a great lunch! Now we're ready and raring to go to ASIA POP COMICON!!!!

Thanks for the good times MITSUYADO SEI-MEN! We will be back soon!!!!!


 Blue Bay Walk, Macapagal Avenue, 
74, Pasay, 1308 Metro Manila
(02) 843 4329

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