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Friday, November 13, 2015


Last week ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the new menu offerings of LOLA CAFE hidden in Scout Lozano, Quezon City which served topnotch Filipino food. To be honest though, I'm usually doubtful to try out restaurants offering our local cuisine because I already have my usual favorites that I would feel "sacrilegious" if I go for something new. BUT, the KTG bids and we shall hungrily obey! Believe me, it's a feeling that could be stronger than the force! He he he he he!


Anywho, I have heard many good things about the dishes of LOLA CAFE at how the food was indeed worth trenching the "secret" roads of Quezon City. The raves were so strong and the declarations of satisfaction deafening that I was surprised why LOLA CAFE needed to revamp its menu at all.

But of course, we would never know until we try it out for ourselves. And so we indulged!  In the end as we were rubbing our overgrown bellies (once again) and giving out uber burps of satisfaction.

Now that's "new"!

Teee heee!


LOLA CAFE is very near the building of SV MORE GROUP of Companies. When  you see the towering orange of where NOMAMA used to be, it's just a street away from it. 

It is obvious from the outside that LOLA CAFE used to be a house that's converted into a restaurant. Immediately the Chinese Adonis and I appreciated how the place was surrounded by trees and greens!

Parking spaces may be limited in LOLA CAFE so it was good that we were there early and secured a place for our... ahem... Porsche!!!!!

Tee hee!

Exuding the homeyness of your close relative's place, LOLA CAFE has an area which most probably used to be a terrace for the former owners.

I always like the effect of red bricks anywhere. What about you? 

In LOLA CAFE, the freshness of nature still caught on the inside!

It's chic meets cozy in LOLA CAFE!

If you think space is limited downstairs, there are more tables in the second floor.

Plus an EXTRA private room!

Tee hee!

Now I don't know why I said "tee hee"!

Ooh! Mason lamp jars!

We settled in at LOLA CAFE quite nicely!


Yup! You said it mareng Julia!

LOLA CAFE menu 1!

LOLA CAFE menu 2!

LOLA CAFE menu 3!

LOLA CAFE menu 3!

The new menu offerings of LOLA CAFE!

Executive Chef Jonvic Mangibin (of OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR) warmly welcomed us with his love for food and bad boy good looks (obviously this is "Jaz" writing).

He explained that LOLA CAFE is getting another boost of life by cooking a different take on signature Filipino dishes. Chef Jonvic said he dared not do the traditional food that we have come to love (thus loyal) from our family recipes but he was adamant about doing his own version. 

The cutie pie chef pointed out that they have changed 90% of the menu of LOLA CAFE but still retained some of the strong favorites (Laing, Kare Kare, etc) that might make its loyal customers do a revolution if they take it out. 

And so, LET'S EAT!

The first on the table immediately made my eyes pop -- LOLA CAFE Bone Marrow Sisig!


Two of my sinful favorites in just one dish???

If this is a sign of good things to come for this lunch then I know we're going for a tasty ride!

Fatty and creamy bone marrow topped with chopped sisig! Yowza!

I know that this may be an appetizer but believe me, this is friggin perfect with garlic rice!

You know I'm speaking the truth if I'm saying "friggin"!


This tasty bite might block my arteries but for now, I don't care!

When you go to LOLA CAFE, thou shalt not EVER forget to order their Wagyu Salpicao!!

Super tender Wagyu Beef perfectly seasoned and fried in oil with garlic! A definite winner!

The LOLA CAFE Wagyu Salpicao was just "mind-blowingly" awesome that it was immediately wiped out in our table. But my mareng Joan and I love each other so much we offered the (half) piece! Tee hee!

Here's a tip: Order rice (I prefer garlic rice) then just put the whole thing on your Wagyu Salpicao plate. TRUST ME. You will thank me for it later.

TRUST ME too that this is something I plan to do on my return here!

As we were already feasting like there was no tomorrow in the first two dishes, a salad of greens with fried Baby Squid comes out!

It may not look much and you might even sniff at it compared to the other two, but please, DO give it a try!

Drizzle some of the fruity dressing and this is a worthy started in LOLA CAFE.

That is, if you want to go for the delicious and "safe" route. Tee hee!

Baby squid was lighty crispy but still so tender!!!

While the Chinese Adonis was busy scraping the bone marrow, I was already eyeing the LOLA CAFE Grilled Caesar Salad!

Fresh crisp greens with shaved parmesan cheese and toasted croutons. This dish could never go wrong!

If you want to go for something different, try the LOLA CAFE Alugbati and Kesong Puti Salad!

Soft and creamy kesong puti with crunchy lettuce mixed with a light vinaigrette dressing. 

If you're watching your figure and in the mood for something healthy, you could start off your LOLA CAFE experience with these salads!

Or if you're like me, you could eat both with RICE!


The Chinese Adonis loved the LOLA CAFE Bacon Belly Batchoy!

I find that this has a Ramen vibe going on but after a slurp, you would immediately relish the warmth that Batchoy always brings.

While slurping on the "malinamnam" Batchoy, take a huge bite from the Bacon Belly! It's soft, deeply flavorful, and complements the noodles!

The Chinese Adonis must have 2 bowls of this!

If you're craving for more carbs, try out the LOLA CAFE Spicy Tinapa Pasta with cherry tomatoes!

Don't worry, the pasta is not really jam-packed with chilis but more like "peppery". The smoked fish had the right saltiness to it making every forkful of the spaghetti extra tasty.

It's like Pinoy Spaghetti Aglio Olio!!!

The Chinese Adonis savored the LOLA CAFE Garlic Buttermilk Fried Chicken!

Each piece was fat and crispy! But when you tear it apart, juices will start a-flowin'!!! He happily devoured the delicious meat and helped himself to seconds. 

It's so fingerlickin sarap to the bones pa! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't forget to mash that roasted garlic and mix with the rice. That will give your carbs an extra depth of flavor!

Even if I was already full I can't help but get an extra serving of the LOLA CAFE Lengua with Truffle Cream! I'm not much for beef tongue but that sauce was so addicting. I immediately put spoonfuls of it over my rice and chomped on it happily! Another MUST - order for us!!!!

But somebody has got to eat the lengua for me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Perhaps the dish I liked the least from LOLA CAFE was the Roasted Belly Tocino. Probably because I'm not really a fan of sweet roasted pork.

It was also not as fork tender as I hoped it would be. But, I imagine that a little more time in the cooker would make this an easy favorite to those who love their fatty ribs!

For an extra dose of veggies in LOLA CAFE, order the Gising Gising. The spicy vegetable with rich coconut milk is a worthy side kick from the hearty entrees that you'll be feasting on.

As they were putting down one dish after the other, the ones that got the most squeals of delight was the LOLA CAFE Tinola Rice!

It was our first time to see roasted chicken over flavorful rice that was simmered in super seasoned broth. 

The Chinese Adonis can't stop raving over this and kept on helping himself to spoonfuls of the saucy rice!

If you want something more bold and adventurous, order up the Bagoong Rice with Roasted Pork Belly!

Chopped marinated pork with crunchy fried chicharon! How "porky" could you get???

We gave this rice dish a mean mix and got  messy but unique mouthfuls of this Filipino condiment!

ERICJAZ FOODIES a long table of hungry friends in LOLA CAFE!!!!!

For dessert, OMAYGULAY, we were certainly blown away with the Strawberry Pavlova!!!!

Sweet cream over light meringue and topped with homemade Strawberry jam. We were all delirious while taking in spoonfuls of this dessert!!!! If we were not adults, I would have shouted MINE and ran away with this.


I'm Force Ordering you now.

The LOLA CAFE Banoffee Pie was a strong contender as well. If they run out of Strawberry Pavola, GET THIS.

You certainly won't go wrong with the gooeyness of it all.

And finally were done.

The Chinese Adonis may be groaning from all that food but he couldn't miss showing off his dimple.

HAAAAY! You're not the Chinese Alden! Ano ba! Adonis na lang!

We all had such a great time pigging out, raving, and guffawing in LOLA CAFE! Thank you so much for the love Chef Jonvic and hottie Trisha Rebullida (Marketing Assistant)! We had fun!

The Chinese Adonis and I we're equally happy to add ANOTHER restaurant to our list of "must go" for Filipino!!!!! Now why did I ever had my doubts when it comes to food???

We will definitely be BACK and order the FRIGGIN dishes that made my eyes pop out and my mouth drooling like a crazed wolf. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES will darken LOLA CAFE's doors again.

Now I don't need to invite the Empire to Strike Back on this one.

BWA HA HA HA HA! Sorry for the corny Star Wars reference there.

Thank you so much to dear THE PICKIEST EATER for inviting us. It was certainly a super fun lunch with the delicious food and your funny stories! Idol talaga!


99 Scout Lozano St., Quezon City, Philippines
 +632 501-2620

We definitely had uber loads of fun in LOLA CAFE that we invited our good friends Albert and Suet to join us. They live so near LOLA CAFE (like a street away? Tee hee!) that they agreed to meet us for pasta and dessert! Woah!!!!!!

Of course, it was also because they want to meet with THE PICKIEST EATER! I told our blogger idol later that he got his top stalkers on one table!!!! 

Definitely good times! 

Teee hee! So there.


  1. Admirers! How many times do I have to remind you? Admirers, not stalkers! HAHAHAHA!

    1. Alam mo I really typed ADMIRERS pero wala STALKERS ang lumalabas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow 90% is a LOT. I heard good raves of them before... so that means its super better?

    1. Hiya Stacy! Yes I know!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I'm surprised they left some dishes at all. It was my first time to eat there but my companions who have tried LOLA CAFE before also loved the dishes we had now. So I guess based on their raves it could be super better! He he he he he he!!! Do try the Salpicao and Strawberry Pavlova... OMIGERRRD!

  3. I miss the wagyu salpicao already! It's the most delicious salpicao I've ever tasted in my life!

    1. Hiya Marjorie!!!! That was CRAZY GOOD!! I really mean to order it the next time just for myself. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sarap ihalo ng dripplings sa rice! And that pavlova... INANGKUPOOO!!! Ha ha ha ha! Great seeing you! Hope to eat with you again!

  4. Eric Jaz Yap, wow! Your food review--with the yummy visuals as well--has awakened my taste buds which had been at rest for a while...( just been deleted). I'm surely going to try your favorites with my family. Thank you. ^_^

    1. Hiya dear Cecile!!!! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Hay naku the diet was a goner when we saw that bone marrow with sisig and the salpicao! You should try those with lots of garlic rice! Ha ha ha ha ha! And the strawberry pavlova! I swear, we were all guarding the last few bites. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah ah!!!!!! Natawa ako sa deleted!!!!! I hope your family will like it as much as we did! Thank you too!!!!!!!

      Oooh and the lengua truffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks again! Hope to hear from you again soon! :) Mwahness!


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