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Monday, January 19, 2015


We were still groaning from the TONS of food that we ate over the holidays that even if we swore to go on a strict "water only" diet, we broke all promises when we discovered there was a new VIKINGS branch in SM JAZZ.

The restaurant that somehow revolutionized buffet dining in the Philippines just blasted its "beingness" in this quiet SM branch in Makati last December 19, 2014. And, even if we were already dragging ourselves from the extra pounds we accumulated during our Christmas vacation plus the fact that we were just in VIKINGS SM Marikina last Wednesday, we were so determined to EAT there AGAIN. And we cannot be more excited about it!!

Yup! That's us! While we were listing our New Year's resolutions, we forgot to cross out GLUTTONY. It was something we decided to reserve for the NEXT New Year. He he he he he! So, here we are! Ready to EAT LIKE VIKINGS!


Our venue for today.... SM JAZZ!

Hmmm... that name sounds BEAUTIFULLY familiar.

And here's something to rejoice about! Yep! VIKINGS just opened their 6th branch here in SM JAZZ MALL. 

I wonder how it would fare up compared to the other buffet battallion?

We arrived with lots of minutes to spare before opening time. 

YES! We are assured to have VIKINGS SM JAZZ all to ourselves, save for a few people who already lined up eager to eat more than us!


Buffet rates!

Yep! You don't need to rob a bank to pig-out like a VIKING! Prices are so affordable!

PLUS!! They have birthday blow outs for those born on the day/month of dining!

Now THAT makes my Chinese Viking so happy! He he he he he!

We were welcomed by the ever smiling VIKINGS attendant. 

And it's time to go inside!

Wohoo! Somebody is so excited!

The Chinese Adonis may not be showing it but he is all giddy like a schoolgirl inside. Hi hi hi!

First thing we noticed about VIKINGS SM JAZZ is that it has a look very different from their other branches. 

There was a serious focus on the European vibe confirmed by the colorful signposts of their popular cities in Italy.

VIKINGS SM JAZZ was brightly lit and handsomely accented by the pristine while leather chairs and marble tables. 

There were also many eye-catching paintings that add to the vibrant atmosphere of the buffet restaurant.

But of course, our favorite would have to be this colorful chandelier reminiscent of what they have in the lobby at Bellagio Las Vegas.

Wow! I could stare at this almost the whole day!

ALMOST because I have to EAT!

VIKINGS SM JAZZ also have special areas available that would be perfect for your next event!

According to their Marketing Manager in PR and Advertising Ms. Raquel Bartolome, they make it a point to have a different look per branch so that their guests would have a unique dining experience at every VIKINGS restaurant. 

We slid into our cozy booth and talked over our plan of attack in the VIKINGS buffet spread! He he he he!

You seem so neat now VIKINGS place setting but I will make a mess of you LATER!

When in VIKINGS, always take note of your table number because you will be needing this when you have something cooked.

Before they opened their doors, I saw VIKINGS Corporate Executive Chef meticulously checking on their food at each station. 


Appetizer station!


Ooh... I'm very partial to the ones laden with mayonnaise and cream!!!


For somebody who doesn't eat vegetables, that is one sweet smile!

Or maybe it's for the eat all you can nachos included in the appetizer station!

Cold cuts and cheeses!

Korean station!

"Aaah... Salmon skin roll..."

Now what episode from FRIENDS is that?


Grilled meats ready for lettuce wrapping!

Sushi Station!

I get seasick easily so this would ONLY be my kind of boat! He he he he he!

Hmmm... I'll try my best to resist you and get something else.

Spicy Salmon and Sashimi.... I don't think I could resist such "tag team".

The very friendly VIKINGS sushi guy boasted that their raw selection is as at par as what the top hotel buffets served. He was also very helpful in recommending his favorites!

Especially with the VIKINGS special roll!

Beside the sushis, VIKINGS also cooked up other Japanese specialties like beef curry... 


Plus the usual favorite...


VIKINGS Yakitori were awfully tempting too!

All of these would taste oh so great with the Japanese fried rice!

"Japanese Fondue" or Shabu - Shabu station.

I was looking REALLY looking forward to try this!

But I was so frightened and confused what to pick! He he he he he!

I didn't want to waste anything so I just got what I could finish. I then loaded this with a lot of sauces afterwards.

VIKINGS Chinese station!

Roasted specialties.... 

Plus freshly steamed dimsums!

My favorite was the hakaw.... 

... chicken feet.... 

... and the pork siomai!

VIKINGS Filipino station!

Sotanghon Guisado!

Davao Style Escabeche!

Calderetang Pinugon na Manok!


Lapu Lapu with Soy sauce!

One of the best sellers in this station was the steamed crabs!

I was able to try their plump steamed suahe too!

Of course, nothing beats Filipino hospitality as these three served me up with happy smiles.

I was really curious with this sisig rice and took note of helping myself with this later. 

VIKINGS Italian corner!

VIKINGS may be have a modest selection of pastas and pizzas here but I bet it's all cooked with care (naks!). A guy was even kneading the dough for the crust!

Too bad I was't able to try these. I saw many guests helping themselves to these Italian goodies.

VIKINGS Grilling and Barbecue station.

Salmon, Lapu Lapu, Tuna Belly, Gindara, etc all ready to take the heat!

Same goes with these fatty meats!

They also have marinated selections.

Just take your pick from their fresh seafood and selected meats then VIKINGS will cook it up and deliver straight to your table. 

VIKINGS carved meat station!

Oh wow... Bourbon glazed chicken!

Spicy belly-chon!

New Zealand Stuffed Lamb!!!

US Beef Entrecote!

Among the servers at VIKINGS SM JAZZ the one manning the carving station was the least friendly. He he he he! He gave a somewhat impatient sigh when I told him to lessen the amount of steak on my plate because he gave me too much (I didn't want to waste good meat). 

Oops.... Sorry! Maybe I offended him when I really did't mean to by asking him to get back some of my steak serving! :)

Of course, I cannot have my meats without gravy and sides!

Great thing about VIKINGS is that drinks come with!!! 

Here are some sodas!

My husband's favorite among the drink station.... VIKINGS many flavors of Iced Teas and Juices!

Draft beer!

And my favorite coffee/tea station!

VIKINGS dessert station!

Do you see my "dessert" lurking somewhere?

Create your own Crepes and Yogurt cup!

Of course, a strong crowd favorite would be the create your own Halo Halo.

My husband focused more on the Big Scoop ice cream though!

Most of the VIKINGS special drinks (like smoothies) are already included in the buffet.

Special wines are available at affordable prices!

While we were going around, we caught a lot of diners celebrating their birthdays. VIKINGS got a special deal where celebrant eats for free for the birthday month as long as they have 4 full paying guests.

What the??!

Okay so enough with the pictures and looking around, it's TIME TO EAT LIKE A VIKING!


Now THAT makes this Chinese Viking SOOOO happy!

The server assigned to our section was very nice and accommodating. He offered to get us drinks and whatever else we needed even if VIKINGS was really a self service type of restaurant.

My husband immediately helped himself to his usual favorites.... Yep! No salad nor raw stuff for him.

Second plate!

Too bad I was not able to try out the Chinese soup.

Muy salad plate plus raw grub!

I tell  you even if I promised to help myself to something new, the VIKINGS SM JAZZ selection looked all so fresh that dove right in!

Yub's meat appetizers.... 

My roast beef with peppercorn gravy and buttered vegetables! 

I really missed the truffle sauce I pigged out on in VIKINGS SM MARIKINA! But according to Ms. Raquel, they also try their best to have more variety in each VIKINGS restaurant that's why some dishes may be exclusive to a certain branch alone!

My shabu shabu pot!

My grilled pork liempo!

My Chicken Yakitori, Suahe, Korean Lettuce Wrap, and Sisig Rice!


JEEZ! Somebody cannot wait to try out the Shabu Shabu and forgot about the concept of using a serving spoon!!!

Would you believe that he also tried ALL of the drinks in VIKINGS buffet? 

Hmmmm... Would have been nice if we were 4 hours away from here. He he he he he he!

He might borrow diapers from the MMDA if it was traffic! Buti nga! Hahahahaha!

Even if I was already full, that grilled liempo was SOOOO YUM!

Me want some more!

FINALLY finished with our main dishes!

My husband was already done with dessert though and was giving out the beautiful eyes.

VIKINGS offered a lot of sumptuous and dazzling desserts but of course, I went back to my usual favorite!


My heavenly combination!

After I finished one serving, I asked Yub if he could get more. He he he he he!

We FINALLY ended our meal with a VIKINGS smoothie!

So happy!

Wait... I cannot say the same for my husband. He seems to be so full that he looked like he was in pain already. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Thank you so much Richie of THE PICKIEST EATER for recommending us and of course Ms. Raquel Bartolome for having ERICJAZ FOODIES for that epic 3 hour (ha ha ha ha ha!) lunch at VIKINGS SM JAZZ!

We will surely go back here with the friends and fambam to give them the VIKINGS SM JAZZ experience that could match other hotel buffets that have scandalous sky high prices!!!

Most definitely in VIKINGS, we were able to eat and have fun like a Viking. 

PLUS, we were able to get bondat like a Viking! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!



Weekday Lunch
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P188
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P388
Adults || P688

Weekday Dinner
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P288
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P588
Adults || P888

Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P388
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P688
Adults || P888
Kids below 3 feet are FREE of charge!

SM Jazz Mall, Metropolitan Avenue 
Cor. Nicanor Garcia St., Makati
(02) 891-3888, (02) 891-4888



  1. Ang ganda naman ng pangalan ng mall na yan! The best!!! hehehe...

    Mukhang ang sarap nga ng food. I loved my dinner at NIU before, so I hope pag nagpunta kami ni The Partner diyan similar din ang experience namin.

    I read this revview of Clinton Palanca last week, and I hope that Vikings can do something about his observations:

    Have a great week Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuffleupagus!!!! Sorry late reply I only opened my blog now. I haven't written for a looong time but we're back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1) Yes ang ganda no? SM JAZZ??? Grabe artistahin! But seriously, you should drop by the mall sometime, there are a lot of interesting restaurants in it!

      2) Yes I haven't had dinner in NIU before... looking forward to trying it out soon....

      3) Oo I read the review. I haven't eaten at their SM Megamall branch yet so I really cannot say but so far my experience talaga in SM Marikina and Jazz were very good and I was quite happy with the food and the service. Yun lang I do hear that the VIKINGS old branches are crappy confirmed to the newer ones... I'm not sure if it's not true. Super hoping that VIKINGS nga will do something about it. :)

      Miss you so muchos Mr. Snuffleupagus!!! KITAKITS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Salamat naman after seven billion bajillion years nag-reply ka din! hahahaha... just kidding, alam ko busy ka sa pamangkin mo, hehehe...

      Madalas kami ni The Partner diyan sa SM Jazz mall, sobrang lapit lang kasi sa bahay niya kaya suki kami ng mall na yan. Noon pa nga namin hinihintay magbukas ang Vikings diyan, kaso lang tinaon naman nila na holidays, kaya siyempre di kami makakapunta kasi sobrang daming handaan. Parati kaming uber busog! Siguro pag summer na puntahan namin ang Vikings diyan.

      Have a great Wednesday Jaz!

    3. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! SORRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! You know me!!!! Nagkapatong patong my nephew and work!!!! Kapag you see me put out a blog tapos di ako nagreply sa comment mo, ayun! kutusin mo na ako!!! But if not, continue on loving me... NAKS! ha ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      1) Yes ang dami other restaurants to try in SM Jazz but then parang VIKINGS ang pinakainteresting for us!!! kapag nagkastrength ako I'll try Ryu and this other resto that I have been curious of or a long time. I forgot lang the name.

      tHANKS!!! You too and happy wednesday to you and the partner!!! MMMWAH!


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