Monday, January 26, 2015


It's my Andrei's 8th birthday and as we do every year, we give my bunsoy a week-long birthday celebration by eating at his chosen restaurants, going to his activity of choice, AND singing a surprise birthday song whenever we can! You might say the reason we put in a lot of effort in having memorable birthday celebrations to the little lords is because my parents made sure we always had a blast when us sibs turned a year older. From what I remember, my Mom and Dad did not take us to expensive places nor give us outrageous gifts but my brothers, sister, and I were made to feel like little prince and princesses on our special day with the fuss they made over it. Of course, we wouldn't give anything less to our little lords! 

However, I guess my Andrei is having too much fun in his birthday celebrations that he wished it to be extended up to May!!! 

No kidding!

Andrei my birthday boy!!!

To give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe the reason why Andrei pleaded that his birthday this year should be up to May was that he remembered last year when we celebrated his 7th birthday somewhere in "Subic" at that month. He he he he he!

Anyway for this year, Andrei started his birthday 2 days early as his Lolo Pogi treated him to a kiddie birthday party at Mcdonald's Greenhills. 

It was such a fun day for Andrei because we really invited only his classmates and friends. His happiness that weekend was priceless!

Thanks Daddy for Andrei's Mcdonald's party! 

Here we are with my Dad's sisters and our cool "suki" Mcdonald's hosts!

One of the best things about having a birthday party is receiving a LOT of gifts from our kind friends and family! Andrei was so excited to open them all!!! 

BUT, we told Andrei that he could only rip open about 5 of the gifts so that he could have some more for his week long birthday!!!!

Sorry, we TRY to impose EQ... he he he he he!

Andrei loved cars and was so happy to get  this ultimate one from dear Johanns and Jelo!

Wohoo! Thanks Ninong Syoti and Tita Hennie!

His favorite remote car from Tita Jojit! Yohoooooo!!!

A helicopter from Tita Mada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the eve of his birthday, my husband and I rushed home from a dinner party with friends so that we could surprise my little bunsoy at the strike of 12:00am.

Forgive me for the very pixalized pics but I just snipped this from the video. He he he he he!

Sorry Andrei we woke you up! But this IS tradition! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Now there's that happy smile!

Happy Birthday my bunsoy!

Ha ha ha! Somebody was REALLY sleepy!

I'm sorry Andrei! I love you!!!

A screen cap of the video! Sorry I don't know how to upload. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our nummy yummy Red Ribbon birthday cake for ANDREI!!!!

After Andrei went back to sleep, Yub and I made simple decorations to surprise the birthday boy when he wakes up early for school!

Yes! It was exam week for the birthday boy so even if it was his special day, he would have to go to school. So that's why me and the Chinese Adonis bought some balloons to decorate his room. We also put more on the staircase for when he goes down.

This was about 2:00am December 15, 2014!

After 3 hours, we went back to the birthday boy's room.

Upon opening his eyes, Andrei saw the balloons and the birthday greetings from the minions! He he he he!

Yeyyy! He liked it!

When he went downstairs, he gave a shy smile upon seeing the balloons and birthday sign. I could tell that Andrei liked it because normally, he would get some more sleep on our sofa while he waited for his breakfast. 

Now, he was willing to wait at the dining table while staring at his mini-birthday surprise!

Pancakes and bacon for the birthday boy!!!! My Andrei's favorite breakfast!

Usually when it's the little lords' birthday, it would be a full day's celebration (you'll see with Mati's birthday coming up soon). But since it was the little lords' exam week, we had no choice but to stay at home and have a simple dinner.

I was so proud that my little Andrei was very fine with this. Never did he demand that we should still go out because it was his "birthday" (something he would usually do to get his way with his Kuya... ha ha ha ha!) He just requested for some spaghetti, chicken, and pizza for dinner.

And wow! My bunsoy ate with so much gusto!

I guess what made this birthday so unforgettable for me was that Andrei had that excited look on his face with this Shakey's take out the same way he would when we're at a pricier restaurant! Simple joys talaga! I guess what really counts for him is that we're all together, making a big fuss that it's his birthday.

BTW, if you're wondering what we meant by "fussing over the birthday celebrant", what we usually do is always remind him and everyone that it is his birthday... 

For example....

1) Of course you get the drumstick... IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!
2) Of course you get the last slice of cheese pizza... IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!
3) Of course you could play minecraft even without writing in your journal because...

And so forth... He he he he he he!!!!!

It's like getting a free ticket to be King for the day/week and we are all there for him because...

Anyway, all that declaration that it was King Andrei's BOITHDAY somehow went down the drain (pun almost intended) when our bidet broke and we didn't know that our restroom was getting flooded until it was time for me to get him ready for bed. 

I asked my little birthday boy to step outside while his daddy and I scoop and mop out the waters. But he wouldn't hear any of it and insisted on helping us out. 

Another factor to make that night so unforgettable for me!!!

The next day, the boys still stayed behind to study for their exams. To cheer up my little birthday bunsoy, the Chinese Adonis told him he could open some more gifts that he received from his Mcdonald's birthday party! 

This was from Vance... 

Another gift from Yohann!

Thanks for the cool shirt Janeil!!!

Yipeee! Cash from my office mates from TAPE... Thanks mam Jo and tita Flory!

Wow!!! Thanks Kurt!

Hot wheels from his best friend Zach!

Wohoo!!!! Moon sand from mareng Gail and family! Now I don't need to buy him one!

As much as we loved the gifts that Andrei opened that night, perhaps the best for me was the one given by his Kuya!

Mati didn't tell me that he was saving up all his allowance to buy Andrei this combat car for his birthday! So this was a surprise for ALL of us! I was so touched! Imagine, this car costs about P300 to P400 and Mati's allowance is P50 per day (he has packed lunch and recess don't worry). So it took him many days of not having this favorite snacks from the canteen (french fries, ice cream, pizza, iced tea, etc) just so that he could give this special gift to his brother. 


That really made me and the hub so happy for Andrei that he has a loving Kuya to watch over him. Of course, I know that they still quarrel and fight over the mundane things but I'm so thankful that he has the best Kuya and most thoughtful in the world.! 

Of course, we sang to him another birthday song again!

On another night, as we finished dinner, Andrei said "Mommy sing to me again a happy birthday". I gave him my apologies and said we could do another birthday song the next day because I ran out of candles already. 

YU-UH!!! My friends could tell you that WE NEVER run out of birthday candles during the birthday months (we even keep some in my bag just in case we sing to the little lords in a restaurant). So it's just a matter of why Andrei needing to ask because we WERE really going to sing to him that night....

and every night for that matter!!!!

Yohooo! Birthday boy!!!!!

Another birthday song for you!!!

Make a wish!!!

(Please make it "I hope Mommy's hair will not fly away anymore!")


FINALLY on December 18, Thursday, it was the last day of Andrei's exams. We were able to take him out that night for his much awaited birthday celebrations!

His first wish was for us to play his favorite HUMMER game in Powerstation. Yep! He specified US! He plays it every time he's with his lolo and lola but he loves the game so much that he wanted us to try it!

Andrei's dream car is THE HUMMER!!!! That and a lamborghini!

Now did I spell that right?

Mati joined us for some play time!

After THE HUMMER, Andrei went for his other favorite... 

My brother says that Andrei is very good with this game and would often have a crowd watching him play. 

Yohoo! It's my turn on THE HUMMER!!!

Could you see Andi Eigenmann with daughter having fun beside us?

Check out Andrei's form. I think an ex-boyfriend of mine did the same thing with his lowered car and mile away steering wheel!

Uy yaya! Bababa na si baby Eigenmann! Assist her please because she might fall!!!!

Mati ditched us to join his lolo and lola so it's just me and the Androse to play HUMMER again and again!

After the umpeenth time of playing HUMMER, I asked for some kissy wissy from my bunsoy! 

Besides THE HUMMER, we also played this game! 

The birthday boy got cold so I lent him my jacket. He he he he!

BIGYAN NG JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After Powerstation, the birthday boy wanted to have dinner at his favorite PEPPER LUNCH

Andrei didn't like corn and asked to have it removed from his favorite beef pepper rice.

So that's what it looked like! I thought there was another layer of rice on it!

I ordered their new Beef Pepper Garlic Rice!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with birthday boy Andrei at PEPPER LUNCH!

After eating, I let Andrei play with my phone to divert his attention.


He has another birthday song!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Andrei!

The candles came from ERICJAZ company! He he he he!

Awww that smile!

Before going home, Andrei asked for some rides at Powerville!

Trying out their video games!!!

Check out the Chinese Adonis' eyes... It's like he's under the spell of the hunting bird.

"You are falling asleeeeeep...."

To his defense though he woke up at 5:30am that day! He he he he he!

On December 20, 2015, my BP Group had our annual Christmas party!

It was also when the Chinese Adonis mysteriously disappeared when Santa Claus arrived!

What gives Yub?!!!!

Of course, I asked the kiddies to gather around so we could have a birthday song for my dearest Andrei!

I got the cheesecake from my favorite INDULGENCE BY IRENE!!! The candles are again courtesy of ERICJAZ company! Ha ha ha ha!

Aww! Check out Andrei looking around!

He was so happy that his friends were singing to him!

My birthday boy!!!!!!!

On December 21, 2014, we watched HI-5 concert in Resort's World. This was one of Andrei's birthday wishes and his Kuya Mati was not spared.

Cousin Isha also watched too!

The kid on Mati's left became his friend for the night.

Got the boys front row seats!!!!

My birthday boy was extra happy to see his idol Stevie up close and have a picture with the gang!

When they guested recently in EB, I was able to get a mini-greeting from HI-5 which thrilled my boys to the heavens!

Of course, the night was MORE fun with Yub's brother and family. The boys just love spending time with their cousins!

For dinner that night, we treated my family to BOON TONG KEE!!!

Master Mati and the Chinese Adonis who had a big wart removed from his nose. UGH!

Wart... Pimple... Or mole? I forgot. Whichever though... it's still GROSS! Ha ha ha ha ha!

My grumpy Daddy, my pretty Mom, my single bro, and my single Tita! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Me, my birthday boy, and my other single Tita! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Blog post soon to follow!

Of course, we had another birthday song for the celebrant!!! The manager and the servers at BOON TONG KEE Powerplant Mall were VERY friendly!

Yum!!! Thank you BOON TONG KEE! Our favorite dessert!

After Noche Buena and our exchange gifts this CHRISTMAS, Andrei once again asked if we could sing a birthday song to him.

Again, I put my acting skills into use and reminded him that it's already been 9 days since his birthday.

Was he surprised when Mati called him in the TV room and there was a plate of brownies with lighted candles for him in the dining area!!! 

ANOTHER birthday song was coming up!!!!  

My baby loves staring at candles!

The other single ladies joined in the singing!!! Wohooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrei!!!!

On Christmas (December 25, 2014), we officially ended his week long (over) birthday celebration at someplace he has been wishing for to ride the tallest ferris wheel...


(blog post soon to follow)

We tried out a lot of rides in STAR CITY but there is one thing that we really came for there!!!

The STAR CITY Ferris Wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EGAD I REALLY hate heights and if it were any other day, I would NOT ride this ferris wheel. But I promised Andrei and he really wanted us all to be together so I just clenched my whatever and joined THE YAPPY BUNCH!

Believe me, my heart was pounding at this point and I pleaded Andrei not to shake our capsule!!!!

Check out that happy smile!!!!!

Going down was not that scary anymore. I just focused on the people inside the ride with me. 

(There's a reason too why I sat in this side. I intentionally turned my back on the ferris wheel because I didn't want to see the different parts (spoke, wheel support, etc) of it going up. Ngiii!!!!!!!)

Come night time, before going home, we rode again the ferris wheel for Andrei!

Too bad we cannot light a candle there so we just sang to him one last birthday song for the year 2014. 

And his 8th birthday celebration is officially over.

Now this was the part he reminded us that last year his birthday extended up to May!!!!!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY our dearest Andrei !!!! We are so thankful everyday for you!!!! 

You certainly make our family, VERY YAPPY!!!!!!


Now don't break too many hearts... yet!!! He he he he he!

So. There.



    -LAS VEGAS! Soooo sosyal talaga! Soooo alta! hehehe
    -mukhang parati ka talagang may sparkler candles... san mo nabili yan?
    -awwwww... Andrei does look soooo happy with his friends and classmates.
    -grabe! Ang daming gifts ni Andrei. At ang gaganda ng gifts ha. Nice!
    -The Partner and I also have a tradition of greeting each other at exactly 12am of our birthdays. Wala lang ngang cake, hehehe
    -ang cute naman nung ngiti ni Andrei when he woke up
    -Booooo! Exams during birthday... Booooo! hehehe
    -It's nice to see him eating so much
    -awwww... Andrei helping out in the bathroom. You raised him well.
    -wow! Buti pa si Andrei may cash... huhuhu... at ang kapal ng envelope ha!
    -I had to google moon sand to know what it was! hahaha... #thundersnakasi
    -awwwww.... ang sweet naman ni Mati! Loving kuya talaga.
    -ang laki ng allowance ha! Mas malaki pa sa kita ko bilang utusan dito sa amo ko, hahaha
    -Andrei looks so happy in The Hummer! Si Andi Eigenmann ba talaga yun?
    -anong game yun at bakit niya kinailangan ng jacket?
    -oh my... talagang may huge garlic chips ang garlic rice ng pepper lunch
    -Si Sir Jonah!!! hehehe...
    -Indulgence by Irene! Love her cakes.
    -ano ang Hi-5? Sikat ba sila?
    -Boon Tong Kee!!! Soooo sosyal! Soooo alta! hehehe
    -ang daming cakes all throughout his bday!!! mukhang matindi talaga acting skills mo ha, hahaha
    -"the other single ladies" <<<=== hahaha... you're so mean! hahaha
    -pareho pala kayo ni The Partner, di niyo gusto ng heights
    -what a grand birthday celebration! I'm sure he'll have a lot of very happy memories from his childhood to share to his kids once he gets older.

    Have a great Tuesday Jaz!

  2. Hiya Mr. Snuffle!!!!!!!!!!! (parang may sipon ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

    1) Yung sparkler candles I bought it sa isang party store besides TOYS R US in Powerplant Mall. Naku ang dami nagaask sa akin! I bought about 4 packs for my sons bday! O di ba? Sulit!!!!!

    2) Yes Andrei was sooooo happy kasi we only invited his close friends and classmates. Each face was familiar to him so he played talaga with everyone who was in the party. Enjoy na enjoy siya. Malamang magkasequel kasi natutuwa ang lolo! Next year uli malamang!

    3) Thanks!!! He loved all of his gifts too!!! Ang saya saya!

    4) Ha ha ha ha ah!!!! It's such a loving tradition! Minsan kami naman basta lang may candle kahit nga fudgy bar lang ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    5) Oo... he was still groggy but when he saw it nagsmile siya. Ang favorite ko when he went down. Usually kasi he would sleep again pero when he saw it, umupo lang siya sa chair and just stared at it.

    6) I know right??? Wawa Andrei!!!!

    7) For once, ganadong ganado siya sa spaghetti and chicken ng Shakeys!!! He was so happy even with our simple dinner!

    8) Awww thanks!!! He still has his kulit moments but he has such a helpful heart.

    9) Ha ha ha ha!!!! Talagang hiningi ko yun sa officemtes ko!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    10) Non ko lang din nalaman what's a Moon Sand ngayon nga mayron pang Kinetic Sand.

    11) I know! I was so touched with Mati's gesture!!! Surprise yun! I didn't know about it! He's so sweet!!!!!!


    13) Yes he plays THE HUMMER whenever he's at Powerp-lant mall and talagang gusto niya itry namin. Nahilo ako! Ha ha ha ha! Yup! That's really Andi Eigenmann!!!!

    14) Korek! Very large garlic chips pero nacrush din siya nung hinalo yung beef pepper rice.

    15) Yes HI 5 is very popular with the kids! It's an australian group with a kiddie show! Maganda songs nila.

    16) I HATE HEIGHTS!!! Nung sinabi ni Andrei if he could shake the capsule talagang tumili ako ng NOOOO!!!!

    THANKS!!!!!!!!!! It was such a wonderful celebration this 2014!!! Next year againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Karter.martin!! We all had fun with my little guy's birthday! Cheers and thanks for dropping by!


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