Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I know it's not fair to make conclusions but man, my work place just give out the BEST Christmas parties to its employees! Yes! You gotta believe it!

I remember that when I was still new in TAPE Inc., I did not receive any advice on how to do my job well. Instead, I got a lot of raves saying that my new workplace had the most awesome Christmas party ever and that I was so lucky to experience it soon!!!!

So how does a Christmas party go in my office?

First things first, we always start with a mass to thank God for our office's continuous blessings. I for one am thankful that we are like one big family and our President is our caring father who continuously takes care of us. That's why most of the staff members in TAPE Inc. have stayed for decades because they don't only love their job but they have become really attached to the company.

For our annual Christmas party, one things for sure: there is a LOT of food. Yep! As far as the eyes can see. Our President is so generous and loves feeding us that it's no wonder I gained tons of pounds ever since I started working here.

Lastly, total equality is the name of the game in our party that when it comes to raffles, everybody has a fighting chance. No one is allowed to waive a prize so that if your name is picked, you get whatever it is. As a result, it doesn't matter if the person is a senior officer or somebody who is rich as Bill Gates, everybody wanted to win that grand prize all in the sake of fun!

It's always a fun getogether whenever my company has a Christmas party. Something is bound to happen that will get us talking for days and we would all scramble to pick out the best pictures to post in our social media albums.

Here's what we had this year!  

TAPE INC. Christmas party!

We always have our mass at Broadway Studio and I go there with my office mate friends. 

I hang out with the "newest employees" in TAPE Inc. tee hee and they always bully me so!!!!!!

Kidding! I love them!!

The readings are usually done by Ate Pia.

We all hold hands for the Our Father.

Could you see where I am? I wonder why am I laughing???

There I am in a more serious note.

For the "Peace Be With You" everybody goes around and wish each other peace.

Kuya Jose chose not join the goings on at the stage and just played statue.

While Tito Joey kept a close watch on the photographer. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Lining up for communion.

Praying and thankful for our blessings!

Check out the sweetest couple in our office!

My favorite among the trio, Tito Joey and his lovely wife Ms. Eileen!

While we were singing "Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit", the youngest Sotto brother (Maru) can't stop himself from breaking into a dance. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I know we haven't even started the party yet but I already wanted to have an early picture with my favorite Henyo. 

Insurance! I might not get a chance later e! He he he he he!

For our dinner, we went straight to SAMPAGUITA GARDENS.

If you love Filipino classical movies (like I do) starring Gloria Romero, Juancho Guitterez, Luis Gonzales, Nida Blanca, etc. etc. this used to be the place where they filmed it.

Now, they have renovated the surroundings to be an events place!

When we got there, THIS greeted me. 

Egad. Stairs. My ex-best friend.

It was only later when I found out we didn't have to go up the stairs for the entrance. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Grrr! All that huffing and puffing for nothing!

The Sampaguita Gardens ballroom was already jampacked with TAPE Inc., staffmembers and employees. 

My boss started the festivities with an opening prayer along with little Ryzza.

Look how behaved I am!

Our dinner was catered that night by our usual suki, LA COMIDA.

We had about 6 to 8 food stations placed around the function hall so that everybody could get food asap. 

Our munchies while waiting for our signal to dash for the buffet. He he he he!

I especially loved this fried dulong dipped in vinegar! I could eat this with rice. 



LA COMIDA Chicken Teriyaki!

LA COMIDA Kare Kare (a favorite!)

What the....??!!!!!!!!!!

MY favorites in LA COMIDA are their puto bumbong and bibingka. It's so EFFIN good I don't care if I have it in the middle of summer. 

I saw them cook these up outside by the SAMPAGUITA GARDENS grounds. 

Hmmm... I wonder if they whipped up everything faster because there's a machine gun pointed at them. 

Kidding! He he he he he! It's a memorabilia I think from SAMPAGUITA pictures!

LA COMIDA Buko Pandan.

I didn't get to try this because I was more focused on the bibingka and puto bumbong.


One thing I could say about working for TAPE Inc is that we NEVER get hungry!!!!

Our very happy floor director, Patpat!

Our hosts lining up to get food from our LA COMIDA buffet!

Somebody was really specifying what part he wanted from the chicken. He he he he he!

We usually have 6 to 8 Lydias and Cebu Lechon for the party. Of course, Kuya Jose already advised the chopper to give him a full plate of pork with crunchy skin!

Ms. Josie reserved for us a very good table because not only was it close to the buffet line but it was a prime location to see all of the action!

We were able to pull aside our pretty officemates for a picture!!!

Here's Julia.... 


Here's Kuya Wally.... 

We caught Direk Bert de Leon.... 

Mr. Jimmy "I love 3x  a day" Santos!

Councilor Anjo Yllana!

Kuya Keempee!

Kuya Jose!

And another picture with Kuya Wally because he passed by again. Ha ha ha ha!

Ate Pia.... 

Kuya Bitoy... 

Ryan A.... 

And aleng Maliit, Ryzza Mae!

I saw the best friends for over 35 years sitting together quietly at the table besides us. 

Of course, when it comes to TVJ, we have to make an exception and go to their table. He he he he he!!!!

Somebody ran to catch up for the picture!!!! 

(Grumble grumble)



My plate!!! My very sloppy but all things good PLATE!

Of course, I ate fast so that I could already gobble my very hot bibingka and putong bumbong!

We also had some roasted calf (wawa) which was grilling at the back.

Even if though I was already already having dessert, I helped myself to some roasted (wawa) calf.

The LA COMIDA waiter then informed us that the Cebu Lechon just arrived and gave us a plateful of the very flavorful meat.

Well.... my senior friends get the meat while I have the skin!


THAT'S what you get for NOT reading my blog  my TAPE friends!

On my own... with just nilagang peanuts beside me.... 
Later on my TAPE INC., senior friends left me all alone at the table.

Was it something I said???

Naaah just kidding. They have to do something with the President that they do so every year. 

It was obvious that the people at the next table were having a blast. 

Fine. Rub it in. 

Somebody was laughing too much though.

Would love to play "WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GOGO" because this reminded me of that scene from Zoolander. Ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! These guys will do anything for a laugh!

Later on I was called by one of my senior TAPE friends and like what we do every year, we line up in alphabetical order to be greeted by our President! 

As usual, since my last name is Y (for "YES, I'M AMAZING"), I'm the last!

Unless of course, somebody is lazy to go up and just wait by the stairs. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It was actually our first time here in SAMPAGUITA GARDENS for the Christmas party and we were all making fun of this spiral staircase.

Since SAMPAGUITA was known for doing all the popular classical Filipino films, we imagined that this is where the antagonist "donya" would stand and order the help to beg for mercy!

He he he he he!

Picture from @jenniferre20
Everybody felt the same vibe that even our TAPE Inc officers made their own dramatization portrait of "who will get the mansion?"

Ha ha ha ha ha!

When I got back to our table, the raffle already started.

What I love about our office raffle is that not only do we have the coolest prizes but we also have the best hosts to do the job!

First up was Paolo, Kuya Allan, and Ate Ruby!

Winners get their prizes at this table headed by these admin ladies.

We love it when Kuya Allan hosts because he always make everyone guffaw with laughter.

He was only supposed to announce some minor winners but it later became a stand up routine.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

SUUUUPER funny!!!

There were still lots of laughs and fun for that awesome office Christmas party!!! 

Guess who (or what) I hooked up with???

I don't want to tire your eyes with an ultra long entry again so there'll be a sequel to this. He he he he he he he!!!

To be continued in part 2.....................


  1. Pero wala pa din kami balato dun sa 30K! Hahaha!

    1. Teka.... ikaw nga may P1m ah!!! Hehehehe! Teka (uli) sa sequel pa yun e inuunahan mo naman ako!

  2. wow ang daming foods. ginutom tuloy ako Ms. Jaz! Can't wait for the second part. More power to Eat Bulaga :D

    1. Ha ha ha ha ah! Naku ako din naguton Istin! I was just not able to catch a picture of the other food stations though... We really had several buffet spreads for different areas!!!! Will do the second part soon. Thanks so much for dropping by. Huy! Jaz lang and wala nang Ms.!!!!

      Thanks again!!! Mwah!

  3. -Grabe MS. Jaz, sobrang saya nga ng Christmas party niyo!
    -MS. Jaz, ang daming fooooooood!!!!
    -Mahilig din ako sa puto bumbong and bibingka, MS. Jaz, pero I would have gotten the buko pandan din with the other two, hahaha
    -totoo bang may chapel sa Broadway, MS. Jazm or sa stage lang yun tapos kayo gumawa ng backdrop?
    -can't wait for part 2!!!

    PS: di ko pa nararamdaman ang 30K mo, MS. Jaz! hahaha

    1. HMP Mr. Snuff ah!!!! I thought you loved me!

      1) SUPER dami yung food! Di ko lang nakunan lahat kasi baka mapagalitan ako. Ha ha ha ha! But yes, our President is very generous and gusto niya talaga busog na busog kami sa food at saya. That's why we love him SOBRA!

      2) Oo nga e I love buko pandan din pero nalimutan ko kumuha ewan ko ba.

      3) Nope that was just the stage for EAT BULAGA na nilagyan lang ng chairs, table, at graphics for the Christmas mass he he he he he!

      4) Yes abangan ang part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Love na love kita ano! Mwah! =)

  4. Thank you again for the blow-out kahit na na-hold up ka ng wala sa oras hahaha! Ang saya saya naman parang all play and no work sa tape! See you soon mwah! :-*

    1. Hiya dear Sugar and Spice!!!! Naku thank you din at you helped out in the bill! Ibang level na kasi tayo una muna Starbucks... then Mcdo... then nauwi sa MANILA PEN! Ang sosy na talaga! Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it was such a fun night sana we could do it again.

      Yes parang ganon na nga! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Super saya sa TAPE Inc that's why we are all sooooo thankful to be part of such a family! Kaming lahat love na love namin dito!!! Not only are we happy with what we are doing, but we are SOOOO inspired pa! Naks!!! See you soon!

  5. Hi po! I am a Mass Comm graduate and ever since, I've always wanted to be part of Tape Inc./ Eat Bulaga. May I know po how to apply in your company? By walk-in po ba or e-mail will do? Looking forward to your response po. Thank you!

    1. Just send your resume to TAPE Inc office in Xavierville, QC.


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