Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For the part 2 of my OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY blog, allow me to be superficial for just one moment:

Yes we are so thankful to be working at a company that has been so good at what it's doing for more than 35 years...

Yes we are happy that we are in an office where everyone treat each other as family.....

Yes we are so grateful to be in a company who has the most generous President who also believes in "giving back" to the needy and less fortunate....

Yes we are so blessed to be in TAPE Inc., for so long because we truly love and believe in what we are a part of. We just know that we will be loyal for another 35 years more because every day  we are inspired to do better for the community and share a laugh at the same time....

(NOW comes the superficial part)

BUT for our OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014, I only had ONE thing in mind....


Of course, I wouldn't go into specifics just how fun our raffle is but like I said in the earlier post, everybody has a rocking good time in it no matter how high their position is in TAPE Inc. Nobody is allowed to waive or give away what he/she has won so we all have fighting chance in getting the much desired "pot" for the night.

Now, I have been in TAPE INC., for about 7 years and I'm hoping that this would be the Christmas party where I would go home happier than usual. You see, I'm not really lucky at raffles. I remember that in a Christmas Party for another office, I won a water bucket!!!!!! Yes! A friggin water bucket! Ha ha ha ha! It doesn't get any weirder than that!

Oh well. They did say that those who are lucky in love are unlucky in raffles. But for that party I was secretly pleading and praying I don't score tonight with BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and just win something from the major raffle. It doesn't matter what it is but I don't want to go home empty handed like in our other parties!

So PRETTY PLEASE with sugar, cherry, and even THOR, on top! Let TONIGHT be THE NIGHT!

Now what will be in store for US in this OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY for 2014???

So after wearing green, purple, and red (my lucky colors) in other Christmas Parties, I heeded the advice of Ms. Josie and donned a polka dot blouse! She said, it gave her luck in our last Anniversary Party!

We were having our office Christmas party in SAMPAGUITA GARDENS and about to wrap up the minor raffle. 

For the minor raffle, everybody wins a prize. However, the best prizes are called last so the phrase "last but not the least" applies best here.

Would you believe I was called first in the minor raffle? I didn't mind though because I still think my rice cooker and 2 burner gas stove were pretty cool!

For the last lucky winners of the minor prizes, they were required to showcase some of their hidden talents. 

Of course, the EB staff didn't mind since they were just too happy to win a great prize!!!

One Production Assistant was asked to dance.

While an EB writer did his college cheering stunts for us! 

Whew! We all thought he was going to fall!!!!

AND it was time for our office Christmas party major raffle!!!!

Master drinker Tita Flory and I had some asti to calm ourselves up!

Kuya Anjo joined us for a round. He liked what we were drinking. Ha ha ha ha!

It was just so funny what my other office mates did to get good luck for the raffle. If I wore a polka dotted blouse, some brought along a statue of a lucky cat.

This worked very well for Kuya Anjo because he won something when he brought one last year! I guess his other friends will be riding on the luck of this golden cat! 

Direk Bert was called up to announce winners for some major prizes.

I guess the lucky cat DID work because Ate Pia won something!

Up next was my favorite Tito Joey who will be drawing the next winners for another major prize category. 

He said that he loves this winner! The first name starts with a letter J while the last name ends with a P!

Oh wow could it be????!!!!

He made everyone with the same first and last letters stand up. And I was the only one who did so!!!

WOHOOO! Never was I more happy to be the ONLY one in TAPE office with such initials!!!

My polka dot blouse worked! My bad luck somehow ended tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But even if I won a major prize, I promised myself to look composed and still accept it with dignity. No dancing nor tumblings for me. I will just walk calmly to Tito Joey, say a brief thank you, accept my major prize, and quietly walk away still with an air of authority.

WHAT THE...................FUDGE????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really Jaz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well!!!!! Even if I looked like a deranged orangutan while accepting my major prize, I am still soooo thankful and happy that FINALLY I won something in our office Christmas party!!!


For the next major prize, Kuya Jose tried to send some magic (ala Faye in OK KA FAIRY KO) so that his name will be picked.

And the winner is........

Turns out, ANOTHER writer from the same table of the "cheering squad" guy won!!!

Kuya Jose gave her his wacky congratulations with a playful shake in the head!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

Just kidding of course!!! All in the name of good fun! Kuya Jose was happy for the winning writer!

Up next it was Bossing who will announce the next major prize winner. 

And every time he is called to host, he will give clues first to the name of the winner. 

He starts it off by announcing the winner has the letter A in his name. 

This made Kuya Allan jump up with excitement because, like me, he hasn't won anything in years!

Bossing continues to say that the winner has the initials O and A.

Wait... O.A.?? Now that was NOT Kuya Allan!

Nobody stood up and we were all wondering who this winner was. If he/she was a no show, then another name will be drawn for the major prize.

Tito Joey walked over as he was very curious already who the winner was. They had a big laugh when Bossing made the announcement.

And the winner having the initials O.A. is.........................

O.A.... his favorite Over Achiever in Assisting him..



That's why nobody stood up!!!

Woohooo for Kuya Ronnie! He has been my officemates' hard working assistant in the host room and we were all happy that he won a major prize this year! Even if he wins every year (lucky him), we feel that he deserves it!!!!! 

Pakape ka naman Kuya Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh oh... Somebody was NOT happy about it. 

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

Kuya Allan does this usual joke every time Bossing puts one over him. 

As they were announcing the next major prize winner, I saw the PA table also brought with them an over-sized lucky cat!!!

Well lo and behold! One of my favorite PA's named Earth won a major prize too!! Wohooooooooo!

Because of that Kuya Allan and Paolo borrowed the oversized lucky cat to spread some fortune in their table.

For the next winner it was the powerful triumvirate of TVJ who made the announcement.

And what do you know... The lucky cat strikes again with another winner from the PAs!!!

There were a lot of winners called through-out the night which I will not enumerate anymore. But most definitely many came from this writers' table.

This made Tito Sen jump ship and switch over to THAT lucky area. 

For the final portion of our major prizes, our President, Mr. Antonio Tuviera announced the lucky winners. 

Many of them were my senior friends but I'm not sure if they want me to share it. Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

One of the winners is our favorite receptionist, Kris!!! Yey! So happy for her!

Yey! Congrats Kris!!!!!

Another one is my fellow Admin girl, Ate Dalden!!! Wohooooooooooooo!!!!

And another one from the writer's table... AGAIN! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Kuya Allan was still hoping his name will be called.

Of course, one of the most memorable winners of the night for us was somebody who hasn't won anything ever since I got to TAPE!!!

When Mr. T said the winner's initials start with a V and S we all got an idea who it was.

Yey! Finally! It's BOSSING!!!!!!!!!!!

After years of not winning anything, he got a major prize! We were all so happy for him!!!!

You should see his gimmicks from the previous years just to get his name called that you'll feel sorry for him that he always go home empty handed. 

Of course, we know that he is very well-off but this is all for the sake of our camaraderie and fun in the office. PLUS, we know for a fact that he shares his "blessings" to the needy. He just doesn't publicize it!

Wohooo! Go BOSSING!

In this part, he's doing the MY BIG BOSSING dance. Ha ha ha ha ha!

When Bossing went over to our President to get his major prize, his Kuya stood by his side! He he he he!

Afterwards, he showed that he was "blessed" that night because he brought with him a rosary!

Congrats again BOSSING! 


Come to think of it.... 

BOSSING and I both have been unlucky in our Christmas Party raffles for several years!

Christmas Party 2012

When I didn't win ANYTHING in our 2012 Christmas Party, I really came up to him and said "Bossing pa-picture, I did not win sa raffle e!!!" and he HANDSOMELY agreed!

I bet he felt a connection with me since I think he only won a water dispenser that night. Ha ha ha ha ha!

And then NOW, we both win a major prize???? 


Or meant to be?


After the raffle, Mr. Tuviera ended the very fun night with words of thanks and what's coming for us in the year 2015! 


I have never been more prouder to be a "Dabarkads!"

Tito Sen was the first to walk up and shake hands with our President.

Followed by the very lucky Bossing!

Then Direk Bert, Tito Joey, and Tito Jimmy.

It was really a touching scene for me that these accomplished performers also gave their heartfelt thanks to our President.

Of course, I was more than happy to be able to get a picture with our beloved Mr. T! We all really love him and are always inspired by his kindness and motivation to do good and share all blessings!

He really is the most kind and generous President there is!!!!!

I'm happy to be able to finally get a picture with MY boss too!!! Ms. Malou Fagar! She's my idol in strength, knowledge, and chika powers!!!

My senior friends at TAPE Inc!!!!! 

Ms. Zeny, Ms. Josie, Ms. Florie, Mr. Maru, Ms. Grace, and Mang Johnny (her Dad who used to work in TAPE Inc. too)

Our Social Media lady, dear Therese!!

I got another picture again with Kuya Bitoy because Mati and Andrei love him so much! Maryjane and VTR girl joined in too!

My fellow ladies at TAPE Inc who also won in the major prizes! WOHOOOO!!!!!! 

Before I end this Christmas entry, I would like to give thanks to our TAPE Inc. photographer Kuya Rene who took some shots for me for my blog. He he he he he! He always takes our pictures every year!!! 


Well so that's that. Another year has ended and believe me when I say most of us are already looking forward to the NEXT office Christmas Party. Yep! That's how much fun it is for us.  We hope you guys enjoyed a peek into what usually happens in our office during the holidays. It's always a crazy, wacky, fun, and unforgettable for all us in the "office".

Well... we wouldn't be known for giving out "Isang libo't isang tuwa" for nothing. He he he he!

(Belated) Merry Christmas to all!

So. There.

Check it out 


  1. -yahoo! second part na!
    -hmmm... so tigang pala si Benedict that night, hahaha
    -di ka naman mukhang deranged orangutan! medyo demure ka pa nga sa pagtanggap ng P3M mo e, hehehe...
    -bakit mo pa tinakpan ang amount eh alam na naman ng lahat na P30M ang nakuha mo! hahaha...
    -kailan ko kaya mararamdaman ang napanalunan mo? kahit kape man lang sana... SA PENINSULA!!! bwahahaha...
    -natandaan ko talaga nung kinukuwento mo sa amin yung pagkapanalo ni bossing nung nagkita tayo, ngayon nakita ko na tuwang-tuwa pala siya talaga =)
    -grabe! ang saya-saya talaga... para tuloy gusto kong mag-apply sa TAPE para lang makasali ako sa Christmas party niyo, hahaha...

    Have a great Thursday Jaz! =)

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1) Yes! No action si Benedict... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Sorry na lang siya!!!!

      2) Ha ha ha ha! Che! I don't believe you. Pero really, I ran up and gave tito Joey a very tight hug!!!!

      3) Super tuwang tuwa si Bossing and kaming lahat for him!!! Nakakaawa siya in our previous Christmas parties kasi talagang tatayo siya everytime iaanounce na yung name or pupunta talaga sa stage, tapos di siya nananalo. So this time first time he won in years palakpakan talaga kami. The pictures don't do justice to how happy he was to finally win something tonight. I heard he really didn't keep his cash prize and he shared it daw.

      SUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPER SAYA!!!! That's why love na love ko lalo ang TAPE inc!!! He he he he he he! Super looking forward next eyar!!!

      Thanks Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY WEEKEND! Wala kaming internet at home! Can't blog! Huhuhu!

  2. Wooohoooo!! Pareho tayo lucky in love but unlucky in raffle. I wouldn't have it the other way though kahit mamulubi na ako. (pwera usog!) Ok na tayo sa lucky in love, Jaz. And sana next year yung grand prize na ang mapanalunan mo para staycation na ang blow-out mo sa amin hahaha! CONGRATS AGAIN!

    1. Hiya Sugar and Spice!!!! Di ba?????? I agree with you! Wouldn't have it any other way. They said din naman ang nananalo sa raffle are those who really need it. And yes! I need the extra help this year in celebrating my 30th birthday... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      OO nga!!!! Staycation for all!!! Miss you! See you soon!

  3. It's great post! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you liked it It'sgy!!!!!! Thanks for dropping by!!!!


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