Wednesday, January 21, 2015


And once again just when you thought I was done with my holiday entries, HELLO! My last one sprouts up! Because like I said, I became lazy as a daisy (and big as a beluga whale) during the Christmas season that I didn't get anything done.

Would you believe I just packed my gifts in used paper bags? Yu-uh. Like I said. Lazy. 

Oh and cheap. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anywho, to somehow "let go" of the holidays of 2014, I am now sharing what we did this New Year's vacation in Quezon Province. As much as I want to skip ahead and just feature the latest in my life (like my recent staycation with Benedict Cumberbatch), I want to put on record the fun that THE YAPPY BUNCH had in saying hello to 2015.

And no cutesy poo brit could stop me from doing that. Weh he he he he!

Now moving on, let me just share that ever since the Chinese Adonis and I got hitched, we have been spending our New Year's with his side of the family in Quezon Province. Since I know a LOT of people about to get married (you know who YOU are, that is, if you read my blog), a workable arrangement in sharing the love every holiday season is to spend Christmas with this family and New Year's with this family. It may be quite unsettling at first and you may shed some tears when you miss your loved ones at the strike of 12, but don't worry. You will be building new memories with your newest "team" that you will immediately start counting your blessings instead of getting all broken up with sentiment.

So that's what we did! We may have our usual New Year Traditions with my family but the prospect of creating new special moments with THE YAPPY BUNCH is too irresistable to resist. So even if I still feel a tug in my heart saying good bye to my family every year at the end of December, I have the Quezon Province with Yub's gang to look forward to.

And we have a blast every single time (super pun intended). 


Every time we go to Quezon Province, our first stop would always be lunch at our favorite PALAISDAAN!!!

This time though, Andrei brought with him the fishing rod he bought with his own allowance. 

While I was checking out the old Andrei and "the sea" Yub and master Mati were bonding over NBA games.

I never do OOTD's but I think there's a first for everyone.

You know you're a foodie when friends gift you with things that have to do something with your favorite grub to eat. 


(Mati selfie!)

Mati cam!

Ngiks! I could see every pore in your Chinese Adonis face!

While waiting for our food, Mati started to impersonate Gandalf and did the "You Shall Not Pass!" line but with more smiles into it. He he he he he.

That also gives us another opportunity to do a YELFIE (Yap Selfie)! He he he he!


My usual necessities in PALAISDAAN!

Fried fish.... 


Guinataang Suso....

(OMAYGULAY this is my favorite!)

Barbecued ribs!

MY PLATE! My SEAFOOD filled plate!

(Beside the barbecued ribs!)

I told Andrei that after he is finished with his food, he could go back to fishing. 

We forgot to bring the necessary bait for Andrei's fishing so Yub thought of hooking up some of my leftover okra to do the job.

I guess it worked because in a few minutes....

A fish took the bait!!!

Wow! It was HEAVY! I thought Andrei's fishing rod was going to snap in two! HOWEVER, the reel got detached from the pole. He he he he he!

We need help! This PALAISDAAN fish was too big!!!!

Truth be told though, this was already our second fish... The first one was so big too that the lines broke.

Wawa fish got a hook on its lip tuloy.

For this second fish, Andrei and I took pity on it too that we asked one of the PALAISDAAN waiters to help us in removing the hook.

There is no charge in PALAISDAAN if you want to go fishing. But if you are going to take home the fish you caught, you pay the equivalent price of it according to grams. 

YEY!!! Andrei caught a fish! Thanks orange carp for making my bunsoy happy today! So sorry but we will put you right back in.

This teaches you a lesson not to eat floating okras. He he he he he!

After a quick (okay long) nap, we met up with Yub's family for dinner at our favorite CAFE ANTIQUA!

Pretty Hennie and Yub's younger brother Syoti with cutie pie Hiley!

Oh and photobomber at the back. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The photobomber was Yub's youngest (and lookalike) sister Maan with Doc Arnold and their son cutie patoootie Aaren! 

My lovely sister in law Ivy with Mama and her forever utoy, Chinese Adonis. 

Best buds, Andrei and Isha!

For some reason, he kept on asking if he could marry Isha.

HMMMM... I REALLY WONDER WHY? He he he he he! Is somebody close to us ABOUT to get married?!

Me and my forever number one guy, Mati!

Food that night were our usual favorites!


Crab Foo Yong!

Sweet and Spicy Chami!

PLUS Fried Chicken and Lumpiang Shanghai which my husband did not take a picture of because he was so hungry already. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


When the kiddies are together, it's always a riot!

Good thing there was not a lot of people in CAFE ANTIQUA that night.

After dinner, we went to our favorite hangout in Quezon Province,


We love it here because anything goes. We could play using our slippers and they don't mind! Rates are SO cheap too!

Also, where else could you find a duck pin alley where players could go near the pins? He he he he he!

And do the trapeze along lanes?





Just in case you're asking, I don't play because THIS always happens!

Ate Loida (she manages the duckpin alley)!

During the game, somebody got suspended for not following the rules. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Don't feel too sorry for him though because he won in one round. 

The winning scores!

The winners!!! Thanks Kuya Mati for letting the little kiddies play and  win!

After a fun play in bowling, the cousins ended the cold night with mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows!


The next morning, December 31, 2014, we decided to celebrate the last day of the year with our usual YAPPY BUNCH bonding! 

2014 decided to bid adieu with some cold weather and slight rains. Nevertheless, we felt it would still be fun to troop over Lucban to visit KAMAY NI HESUS.

KAMAY NI HESUS is a 5 hectare land owned by healing priest Fr. Joseph Faller. 

One of the must-sees in KAMAY NI HESUS is the hill featuring different stations of the cross. If you decide to go up, be prepared to do some actual "stair mastering" with 300 steps to reach the towering image of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Of course, when in KAMAY NI HESUS, do drop by their chapel that holds healing masses every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:30am.

Praying for thanks for all the blessings and happiness we received this year. 

No matter how simple or grand, the images of St. Joseph, Mother Mary, and baby Jesus always get me all warmed up inside. 

After praying, we went to the park of KAMAY NI HESUS featuring animals from Noah's Ark.

Normally it gets pretty jampacked here so we were pretty lucky to get the whole park to ourselves. We could all run around and roll on the ground if we wanted to.

He he he he! 

Too bad the little lords were not able to play in the slide since it was wet from the rain. It's okay though because Andrei was still on a "fish high" and asked if he could feed the little creatures in the pond. 

Let's FEED the KOI!!!

Is it just me or are the fishies on the picture seem murderous? 

This should be read as "ATTACK OF THE KILLER KOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hmmm... I wonder if they would still be smiling if those were piranhas. He he he he!

KAMAY NI HESUS sell fish feeds for only P50.00 per pack.

I wonder if there's a sushi flavored fish feed. he he he he he!

Mati almost threw the whole packet out to the fishies.

As for Andrei, he threw it pellet per pellet. 

It's usually okay but you DO see how many small balls there are in his pack?

The simple joys of my boys!

Like I said, Andrei took his sweet time feeding the (killer) kois and threw each pellet per pellet.

We don't really mind because we cannot resist that cute smile. 

Mati got a bit bored though and asked if we could go around. 

Of course, boys will be boys and amidst the beautiful view of KAMAY NI HESUS, my master Mati got fixated with a polar bear's behind. 

"Everybody! Please pay attention!"

FINALLY Andrei finished feeding the (killer) kois and joined us in our KAMAY NI HESUS stroll.

Nothing like breathing the country side air!

Wait? Who goes there???

After KAMAY NI HESUS, we had a late lunch at the only ramen house in Quezon Province -- NIGGAS RAMEN!!!

How does it fare up to my favorites here in the Metro?

Let's just say this piping hot bowl of spicy miso ramen really made me and Mati sweat!!!

So perfect for the chilly weather!

Somebody had fun slurping on it too!

Blogpost soon to follow!

When we got home and after a short nap (again), we woke up to have dinner!

Yep! It's always eat, sleep, and be merry for us in Quezon Province.



What's for DINNER?

Pork and chicken barbecue!

Spicy caldereta!

You may find it a weird combination with the caldereta but these baby potatoes in creamy mushroom sauce is one of my SUPER KADUPER favorite side dishes!!! The next time we go to Quezon Province, I'm going to request dear Ivy to make me a big tub of this and I will dive into it MOUTH FIRST!

YIHAAAA! Let's eat!!!!

Our simple but finger lickin good barbecue!

After dinner, we all scrubbed ourselves up to get ready for New Year's eve!

Pretty Ivy and Yub's younger bro, Allan!

Maan, Doc Arnold, and Aaren! Too bad dear Maan has duty that night and cannot join us at the break of 2015.

Mama with her new boys!

Allan wanted a pic too!

And of course, last but not the least....


I'm sure you'd know where THAT came from! He he he he he he!

Now if you THINK that is the LAST of our family pic for 2014, we surely haven't met!

Of course we have to express ourselves.... 

That's me looking for the voices I keep on hearing...

Trying out my Mr. Pogi (from Kuya Jose) look! He he he he he he!

After dinner (and pictorial) we heard mass at the nearest church from where Yub lived.

Poor Andrei requested to wear earphones and to have my hands over it since he didn't want to hear any fireworks.

You know he's serious about covering his ears when he wouldn't even remove his hands just to get that P50!

Mati already outgrew his fear of firecrackers and happily sat beside his Lola Lita.

We were also seated beside the family of Ninang Alice! She's one of our wedding sponsor!

After mass, we dropped by a reunion with Yub's fatherside relatives. It's always nice to chat up with these guys because the Chinese Adonis was so close with them growing up. 

Some of the seniors!!!!!

I said SOME! Ha ha ha ha ha!

When we got home, THIS greeted the boys!

Now as much as they love to see Yub's family in Quezon Province, THEY HATED FIREWORKS and always prayed for rain at New Year's Eve!

Last year Mati's wish came true! Andrei's not so lucky this time though.

Lighting it up!

My ear drums are killing me!

Such a mess that Judas belt made!!!! 

Of course, Allan did not stop there. He was like Gandalf with all the firecrackers! He never seem to run out of it!

The boys and I stayed inside. 

Check out Andrei peeking out. At least this year he is watching the firecrackers do their thing.

And to everyone's terror (ha ha ha ha ha! It's really LOUD!), Allan whips out another judas belt!

And some whatchamacallits...

Me and the very lovely Ivy doing a picture in between covering our ears up!

We may complain or wince at the deafening thunders of Allan's fireworks, but believe me, I wouldn't have it any other way. It just makes our New Year's Eve more THUNDEROUSLY fun and memorable!!!! Hopefully dear Allan won't get tired of giving us a blast of a good time every New Year!

Yub's street is really into blasting firecrackers!

The only time my bunsoy came out to watch was to see his Dad work out the popper that Andrei brought saved from his birthday party!

Well let's just say Yub didn't disappoint!

Hmmmm... Something seems really wrong here..... 

And finally 2014 said babush and in comes 2015!!!


Spaghetti with sweet corn! Yum! Our favorite!

Don't be weirded out. It's SOOOO good believe me!

Ivy cooked some Creamed Pesto with Chicken.

Another favorite, TURBO Chicken!!!!

YEHESSSSS! Our usual New Year feast with the YAPS!

YOHOOOO! Welcome 2015!!!!!

I just know that you are going to be the BEST year yet!!!!

Of course I packed some of my favorite "special" candles! He he he he!

Sayang that the families of Syoti and Maan were not here to join us!

After the delicious New Year's Eve feast, do you think we're going to sleep already?


We greeted 2015 with family fun!!

Our newest board game... CHALLENJ!!!

Mati is our first winner!

We were having so much fun that before we knew it, the time was already 3:34am!!! Ack!!!! We are such bad parents to keep the kids up so late! 

Oh well! There's always a first time for the new year. He he he he he he!

And THAT is how we celebrated our 2015 as a family.

When I was in Italy some years ago, I was told that they have a tradition to celebrate Christmas with family while New Year with friends. 

Of course, I'm not Italian and I'm sure that practice is something very fun for them. But personally, I would ALWAYS love to spend any explosive celebration, with New Year topping the list, with the people closest to my heart... and that will forever be my YAPPY BUNCH! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Let's make 2015 a MORE blessed, enjoyable, and loving year for all!!!!

So. There.


On our way home my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and Manong Fred invited us for some grub and more. 

I took home some of my favorite creamed baby potatoes ala Ivy to share! He he he he he!

Or maybe it's just an excuse to eat some more of it!

My little lords love going to their Tito Fred's house because they always have fun playing with Paolo and also with his X-box! He he he he!

These two were turning out as the new BGPs (Best Guy Pals)!!!

Such a fun New Year's vacation that ended with some more food and laughs!!! He he he he he he!!!!


  1. Woohooo! A new post!
    -Palaisdaan! Sayang di na nagpupuntang Lucena si The Partner, yayain ko sana siya diyan
    -buti pa si Andrei nakakabili ng fishing rod, ako kahit underwear di makabili, huhuhu... ;-)
    -NICE! A Ramen shirt! Must find one, hahaha
    -hahahaha... cute ni Mati with the Gandalf impersonation. Ikaw ang balrog? hahaha
    -Melfie? Yelfie? May Jelfie din ba at Andrelfie? hahaha
    -Okra ang bait? Vegetarian ang fishies!
    -awwwww, cute ni Andrei, naawa sa fish
    -ayus yang bowling alley na yan a, walang pakialam, just do what you want, hahaha
    -attack of the killer kois is very apt! =D
    -sushi flavored fish feed??? Ginawang cannibal ang mga isda! hahaha
    -sarap nga ng ramen pag malamig ang panahon! I had several bowls just the past few weeks
    -nice family pictures!
    -Earl and Countess of GRAHAM talaga??? Ano kayo, crackers? hahaha
    -grabe! Dalawa ang sintron ni hudas? ang yaman!
    -hahahaha... natawa naman ako sa pic at caption mo kay Eric holding that... thing! hahaha
    -sweet spaghetti is the bomb!!!
    -Italy! Sosyal talaga!

    Grabe, ang haba nun ha! Have a great Thursday Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuffleupagus!!!! Yes! Labor of love yan as always! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      1) Oo sana your partner will agree to go to Quezon Province para makapag PALAISDAAN kayo. Believe me, it's worth a try and I'm sure it's gong to be one of your fave Filipino restaurants din!!!!

      2) Ha ha ha ha ha! ASUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! Victoria Secret pa kamo sa yo!

      3) My officemate gave it to me!!! I wore it again yesterday. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      4) Balrog? WAITAMINET.... oo nga no???? Ako yung ayaw niya padaanin e!!! GRRRR!

      5) Parang pangit pala AELFIE... I'll think of something for him...

      6) Buti nagwork yung okra... si Yub nga gusto Tilapia ang ipakain. Gross!!!!!

      7) Ako din naawa kaya cute din ako. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      8) EXACTLY! kaya i doubt if papapasukin kami sa totoong bowling alley dito sa Manila! Sobra kaming spoiled diyan that's why it's our favorite!!! Mura na, everything goes pa!

      9) Nakanganga pa kasi yung mga kois!!!!

      10) Sushi flavored feeds... me and my weird mind!

      11) Oo nga I saw! Sarap ng UKOKKEI no? It's my favorite too! Tantanmien still rules! Sa kanila pa din ang the best!

      12) CHE! Ayan edited na!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      13) Ako din natawa sa pagkahawak niya nung popper... nananadya ata!

      14) Have you tried spaghetti with sweet corn? Promise masarap! Try it!!!!!!

      Mahaba ba???? Ang ikli nga feeling ko e! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!


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