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Thursday, January 29, 2015


One of ERICJAZ FOODIES' favorite burger hub these days is 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS because it truly satisfies our cravings on different levels.

(Yes. Enough to make me refer to us in 3rd person point of view... Tee Hee!!!)

So it is no wonder that on our usual "Saturdate Night Date Nights" in Power Plant Mall, we would head to 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS to get a bite of their fat and juicy patties with an assortment of toppings that get me drooling just by the thought of it.

Y'know (ala Manny Paquiao), I am the sort of person who would only eat ONE dish in a favorite restaurant. If a place grabs my fat fancy, I would always go there and order that one dish alone: think the Spare Rib Rice in LE CHING TEA HOUSE. But in 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS, I find myself curious to try each one of their variants. Of course, my favorite remains to be the one with the Blue Cheese, but I believe you could never go wrong with a kick-a$$ burger patty, so I want to have a taste of what else 8 CUTS had to offer!!!!

Now expect to see a lot of ERICJAZ FOODIES, 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS!!! You'll be so happy that you put up a branch in POWER PLANT MALL!!


Wait. I wonder if they'll agree to that.


Photo grabbed from A MANILA FOOD AFFAIR



Yup! We will happily do so after the Chinese Adonis lines up!

"Who's your Q-Daddy?"


Yup! That's the spelling of his name. :)

"The BIG Game".

Well for me, it is the IMITATION GAME which you should watch right now! OMIGERRD! My sweetie Benedict there was awesome!!!!!!

"What's Your Beef?"

Nothing! Just don't say anything bad about THE Cumberbatch and we're good!!!


Any more questions? I could do this all day!


Our 8 CUTS POWER PLANT server!

My favorite condiments when eating at a burger place-- Mustard and Ketchup!

The Chinese Adonis HATES ketchup though and would really have a temper if some of it touches his fry or sandwich. 

As for me, I know that a good burger doesn't need these extra trimmings but I do love having a bit of variety in every bite!

Of course, these are also necessities for my burger side dishes!

Our new favorite 8 CUTS Onion Rings! 

I didn't fancy the 8 CUTS onion rings the first time I had it. But later on I appreciated its crunchy beingness that stayed true even after an hour. 

A big factor too is the barbecue flavored powder that they have generously dusted over the crispy breading. It makes every crispy morsel more enjoyable and perfect!

Yub hates vegetables but could finish a full plate of 8 CUTS onion rings!

Like I said up there, my default order in 8 CUTS would always be the one with blue cheese. But as I have become curious as to how the others would fare up, I started living dangerously and ordered the other 8 CUTS POWER PLANT MALL offerings!

For this Saturday Night Date Night, I got for meself... THE BAR!!

Dan! Dan! Dannnnn!!!!! 

This beauty had some melted smoke scamorza, blue cheese, plus pickled and crunchy onions!!!!!! 

I'm going to ravage you later on!!!

BUT with a fork and spoon. Man! That burger is big I might get a locked jaw!

My husband got the very exciting 8 CUTS Super J Wimpy with extra cheese!

Hmmm... I'm so tempted to put some ketchup and mustard in his burger while he's not looking!


Yu-uh!!! Our grub that night!!!!!

Why is it that the Chinese Adonis is so photogenic that he looks good in ANY shot?

OOPS! I take it back.

Now THAT'S for not texting while you're in Pampanga!!!!!

Yub loved the very juicy and meaty taste of his burger. It had all the right flavors to it that made him crave to bite some more. 

Like I said, I will be eating my 8 CUTS burger using a fork and knife with my pinky sticking out.

Let's see if it'll work for me!

I LOVED my 8 CUTS order because the patty was so beefy while the pickled onions added some tanginess into it. PLUS, it had my favorite bleu cheese so it was really a mind-blowing dinner for me!

Because it was so FRIGGIN good, I threw my fork and knife away and dove into it. Such a great burger deserved my hands and nothing less!!!!!!

Of course, a few drops of tabasco would make my 8 CUTS burger deliciously wild!

Washed this all down with my favorite Coke Zero! no time!


One for me and one for.... ME!

Our 8 CUTS POWER PLANT mall bill!!!!!

And finally, YUB got his "dessert" courtesy of some girl in Mockingjay.

As for me, I shared my movie drink with cutie pie Liam! He he he he he!

I love Saturday Night Date Nights with dinner, movie, and a photobomber!

He he he he he!!!!!

On another date night, we got some criss cut fries in 8 CUTS POWER PLANT mall!

Yub "levelled up" and added some bacon on his usual cheeseburger. Ha ha ha ha!

As for me, I had the 8 CUTS Q-daddy with bacon, jalapeno ranch, crispy onions, and drizzled with barbecue sauce...


Andrei joined us that time and had chicken... He he he he he! It's okay. He ate about 1 and a half cup of rice with it! So, yipee!

On our recent date night, the Chinese Kankunis asked for burger again!!!

(I was craving Japanese that time but he got his way since I chose the movie...

hence, the "kankunis". Ha ha ha ha!)

I ordered the Panchito which was the spiciest 8 CUTS burger I had so far! No need for tabasco!!!

I loved the hot fiesta going on bite after bite! Just wished they added more cheese because I could never have enough of the gooey and smokey scamorza!!!!

The Chinese Kankunis got again his usual 8 CUTS with crispy bacon.

THAT'S WHAT YOU GET for giving me a deaf ear when I said "Japanese!"

Oh well..... Good thing I loved my burger. I'm craving for it right now!

And were done!

AND just when I thought I've had too much beef in 8 CUTS BURGER BLENDS, in comes Bradley Cooper and his big "guns".

Tee hee!


Check this out!

Level P1, Rockwell PowerPlant Mall, 
Plaza Drive, Makati, Metro Manila


  1. Although a bit more expensive than 8cuts, do try out Teddy's Burger at either Shangrila mall or Greenbelt 3!

    1. Hiya Bap! Lapit lang kasi ng Powerplant samin but yes, we'll give that a try. Sama kayo oara may models pa kami hahahaha

  2. -aha! Sa Power Plant pala Saturdates niyo... alam ko na kung saan kayo i-stalk, hahaha...
    -I love 8 Cuts, I love their burgers, I esp. love their Bleu Cheese Barjer... pero hindi ko talaga gusto ang Rockwell Branch nila. First, wala sila nung mga "combo meals" available in other branches; second, kailangan kang pumila for your order (kahit na sandamakmak ang waiters nila dun na nakatunganga lang); third, may 10% service charge pa din kahit self service! Kaya The
    Partner and just go to their other branches if we have an 8 Cuts craving.
    -wahahaha... talagang pinilit yung Q sa Qumberbatch =D
    -Imitation Game - ooooohhh yeaaaaaahhh!!! Buti na lang di na crime ang homosexuality sa UK, otherwise ang mga crush mo - Luke Evans aka "The Bowman," Richard Armitage, and Lee Pace (kahit di siya brit, hehehe) - ay ma-chemical castration din, hahaha
    -mahilig din si TP sa Onion Rings nila, at yung Jalapeno Fries din
    -wow! Your burger looks great!
    -hahaha... "super wimpy" talaga ang peg mo sa barjer ni Eric
    -ay naku, si TP din kahit anong angle fuge parati sa peechur, hahaha...
    -oh yeah! eating burgers with your hands is the only way to go!
    -akala ko ba iced tea favorite mo?
    -eeeeek! Ang bill! Di ko kinaya! Sobrang mahal! (kailangan may ganito na tuwing mag-comment ako, hahaha)
    -huwaw! Nakakagutom yang bacon cheeseburger ni Eric, pero mas masarap pa din ang barjer mo
    -kankunis? di ba yun yung pampa-jebs? (excuse my french, hehehe)
    -spicy is the way to go!!! must get panchito next time

    Ginutom ako at 2am! hahaha... Have a teriffic Thursday Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!! HALA!!!! Hahabulin na ako ng fans kong si Benedict, Thor, Lee Pace, at Luke.... AHAHAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Sige istalk mo ko tapos diretsho treat mo kami sa MAMOU! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Kidding!

      1) Yes I noticed din na medyo different ang menu and found it weird that it's a semi-self service but all's good pa din with us because we luuuuurvvvvv their burgers. Konting tiis sa sarap. ha ha ha ha ha! Hayaan mo na! Yakang yaka mo ang 10%!!!

      2) We he he he he! I'm the queen of pilit! (Ay Princess lang pala ako).

      3) OO grabe dati no? Pero great thing that Alan Turing got royal pardon na.

      4) I haven't tried their jalapeno fries sige will try it!

      5) YES! All of my burgers were so yum!!! Im excited to try something else next!!!!!

      6) Iyun ata ang title niya ha ha ha ha ha ha

      7) AY OO NAMAN!!!!

      8) Ang hirap nga lang kagatin kasi ang kapal!

      9) Hindi coke zero talaga pero super nakakataba na ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      10) CHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      11) In fair, masarap naman burjer niya pero mas feel ko lang ang different toppings.

      12) BWA HA HA HA HA AH HA AH AH AH HA!!!!

      13) It's not UBER spicy pero sarap the jalapeno maanghang talaga pero kayang kaya natin!

      BWA HA HA HA HA! Ay ako din!!!! Hope to see you soon dear Niel and cutie Partner!


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