Saturday, January 10, 2015


Like I said in my Facebook status, I will bombard you all first with CHRISTMAS posts since lazy me took an extended vacation and just stayed in bed while eating.  

Yes. That's me. I blame Santa for not passing by and giving me the gift of diligence. Instead, he gave me the gift of "song" to make my husband (and everyone in the household) suffer! Tee heee!

Anywho, like what we always do, we went to Rockwell Tent to attend our late night mass with the family. Afterwards, we were supposed to all go straight home to start cooking the food for Noche Buena. My family went ahead since they didn't want to keep the beef and seafood waiting.

I, however, wanted to have more pictures with THE YAPPY BUNCH outside near the ginormous Christmas tree (I could cook my pasta in less than 30 minutes anyway) My little Andrei though was panicking because he heard the priest say that there will be some fireworks later on. I assured him that we will just have a quick picture and then leave in the guise of the Road Runner.

Such was really my intention when we got to the ginormous Christmas tree. However, luck was NOT on Andrei's side because as soon as we stepped there, we were all greeted with THIS.

Background music: "Just hear those sleighbells jingling-ringting-tingaling-tooo....."

"...come on it's a lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you...."

Mati used to HATE fireworks ever since he got traumatized in Disneyland California. Good thing he's all grown up and has overcome that "bang bang" fear. Now, he's more appreciative of the lovely sights. 

The same could NOT be said for Andrei who got so upset and kept on jumping up and down in anger. He really doesn't like fireworks and covered his ears all throughout.

Poor Andrei :(

I promised him that I would ride the scary ferris wheel when we go to Star City if he just bear with the fireworks for just a little bit.

Good thing he still managed a smile.

And finally the LAST firework!

Amidst the tears and sniffles of little Andrei, I asked if it was okay to have one more traditional picture by the Powerplant Mall mirror wall. Good thing my boy agreed.

Here we were two years ago! Huhuhu!!! My boys grew up so fast!!!!

When we got home, the table was already set up!

MY table setting!

Kudos to my sister and aunt who pimped up our dining table.

I saw my sister and the little kids practicing for their presentation later. My oldest brother thought of whipping up something different for our Christmas night and have a little program. 

Time to cook up my dish for Noche Buena!!!!!

My pretty sister in law Karen prepared the salad. 

While my brother started to slice up his juicy roast beef!

As usual, my big boy Mati asked when dinner was going to get ready since he was already hungry!

Of course, before we started anything, we offered a short prayer of thanks. 

Judging from where my Dad is looking, I'm sure you could guess who was expected to lead. He he he he he! 

My little man actually made a short but very touching prayer. Besides thanking the Lord for the meal and family togetherness, he also gave thanks that our aunts (my Dad's sisters) were here to celebrate Christmas with us. 

Of course, that made my Dad happy!

10 points to THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now it's time to eat our Christmas 2014 Noche Buena!

Karen's Mandarin Salad!

We got my favorite Caviar Pie from THE PLAZA! Yum!!! So perfect with the white wine!!

Believe me when I say that I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!! So creamy yet appetizing with the caviar and melba toasts!

My carbonara!

Fried Buttered Shrimps!

My Mom's special Morcon with hearty gravy. She cooks this only during the holidays!!!

Our Christmas 2014 roast beef... 

Yummmmmm.... So tender and packed with rubbings! Just the way we liked it!

Buttery Mashed Potatoes!

Steamed corn on the cob!

Time to eat!!!!

Of course, Mati was first in line and immediately helped himself to some meat!!!! 


ERICJAZ FOODIES and family for Noche Buena!!!!!


 The Chinese Adonis and I offered to eat in the kiddie table but my Kuya Jay and Karen volunteered to stay with the little critters.

Good thing too because Andrei, who is so scared of his Tito Jay, was extra behaved during our Noche Buena!


My first of MANY plates of the caviar pie!!!! OMIGERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


My plate!!! My anti-rice but filled-with-2 kinds-of-carbs kind of plate!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved my side salad with a cob of buttered corn!


My view during Noche Buena!

Hmmm... Everybody seems to be so serious with their food.


The kiddie table was actually more rowdy! He he he he! 

My brother let Mati and Andrei try some white wine and they hated it! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Hmmm... Looks like the Chinese Adonis plans to get drunk tonight! Will I finally get lucky and score?



A toast for a happy Christmas! Rejoice for the Lord is here!!!!!!!!!

So much food!!! Even if we already helped ourselves to seconds and thirds plus gave some to our help and people outside, there was still a LOT of leftovers.

Wohoo! More for us tomorrow!!!!


After dinner, my brother thought of having a small Christmas program. My sister started the show with a dramatization of the journey towards the Nativity of Jesus. 

Dear Mati will be St. Joseph and that small white inflatable is his trusty "Donkey".  

The story begins with Mother Mary accepting the blessing from the Lord.


St. Joseph and Mother Mary travel to Bethlehem in search of a place to stay for the night.


Finally a kindly man let them stay in a stable and Baby Jesus was born!

If it's not obvious, that's Andrei portraying a very big and happy baby Jesus.

Great drama kiddies!!!!

Next, it was my turn to lead the singing of Christmas songs. 


My brother chose the "12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS" for me to lead.

Yep! It was during THIS time that Santa's gift of song came in handy. Tee heee!!!!!

 My dear niece Rocio then played a Christmas song with her violin. 


Now THAT musical performance, my family enjoyed. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Then, Mati took the "stage" to make everyone laugh with his Christmas jokes! He he he he!

He he he he! He had a VERY appreciative audience!!! 


After all the "laughs", we were all hushed down with Rocio's declamation of her favorite verses from Hamlet. 


Everybody was all ears....

and eyes.... 


I was too engrossed that I forgot to be lady like. Ha ha ha ha!


Andrei made a special appearance in the end. He he he he he!


This performance deserved an Oscar believe me!


My Kuya Jon then gave a toast and well wishes for everyone. 

Since we didn't feel like washing our used wine goblets yet, we just got some ice cream cups and filled it with Mountain Dew. Ha ha ha ha ha! Really, it's the words of the toast that counts!!!!!!


Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Uh... Yes. I could have sworn that's Mountain Dew. For the life of me I don't know why I made that pose.


We officially ended our Christmas program with a "Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit!".


Headed by ME again! Yep! I DID receive the gift of song!!! Tee hee!!!

Wait.... Wasn't that from Sleeping Beauty? 


And it's time to open our Christmas gifts!!!!

We actually wrote down what we wanted from each other for the exchange gift so here's hoping my family followed my wishlist!


Yub and I gave Cio some painting materials. 


Andrei got a Lego Star Wars toy.


Mati received the same plus a DIARY OF A WIMPY KID hardbound book. 


I gave my Mom a blouse from Details. 

My brother gave me an accessories' box!

 I gave Ate Jit a necklace!


Wohoo! Andrei received a Spy Gear Walkie Talkie!

More DIARY OF A WIMPY KID books for Mati!


Andrei gave gifts to everyone from Marks and Spencer. He gave his Tito Jay a small can of Portugese Sardines. 

My little guy did it as a joke but har de har har, my brother loved it. So sorry Andrei!!!!!!




ERICJAZ FOODIES with the GATDULA FAMILY doing the wacky!!!!!!


The Seniors with the Juniors!


The Seniors!


The Seniors photobombed by the Juniors, and one Single Lady. He he he he he!!!!



Mom and Dad with the apos!


This is US trying to recreate this Christmas photo we did decades ago. 


The photo I'm referring to. 


Did we do it right???


We just realized that we looked so goofy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

To think in this portrait you got two Doctors, an Engineer, an International Lawyer, an Animator, and a Beauty Titlist Holder. I think it's so cool that they're recreating the picture above for fun!!!

Oh and just in case you're wondering, the Beauty Titlist Holder is ME. 

Okay I'm not being entirely truthful there. Let's just say, I joined for Little Miss Philippines in Eat Bulaga when I was seven. 

Okay fine. I only auditioned.

AND did not pass. 



YES. Seriously.


Okay. So here's the one that we all loved!!!!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from my GATDULA family!!!!


Mati with his equally wacky cousin, Cio!


My little lords!


Okay now it's our turn!



(a belated) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For breakfast next day, Ate Jit brought out this holiday cake that we forgot to eat the night before.

EVERYONE was extra happy that Christmas morning!

Will share the reason soon!!!!!!!



(still in vacation mode).


  1. Yey! Buti may internet na kayo sa bahay at nakakapag-blog ka na ulit. =)

    -kawawa naman si Andrei! He must've been really upset with all the fireworks.
    -what a beautiful and elegant table setting!
    -buti ka pa nakakapagluto kahit bihis na ng pormal... I'll be sweating buckets if I did that and my whole attire will be ruined! hahaha
    -si Andrei nag-lead ng prayer? Awwwww... so adorable!
    -caviar pie! I have got to try that one of these days
    -ang sarap naman ng carbonara na yan! Bacon, pancetta, or guanciale ang ginamit mo?
    -MORCON!!! YUM!!! And that roast beef! Ang gAling ng pagkakaluto, still pink. Wow!
    -nyahahaha... behaved si Andrei dahil sa Tito niya. hahaha...
    -natawa naman ako dun sa "anti-rice but with two kinds of carbs" comment mo, hahaha
    -soooo... did you get lucky nga? masusundan na ba si Andrei? hahaha
    -ang cuuuuuute naman ni Mati in costume, tapos inflatable yung donkey!!!
    -ahhhh, baby Jesus pala si Andrei dun sa play, hahaha... imperness, di nga halata, hahaha
    -dapat mag-labas ka ng video sa youtube nung pag-lead mo ng 12 days of Christmas =)
    -ice cream cups filled with mountain dew! winner!!! hahaha
    -ibang klase talaga mga pose mo, hahaha
    -wow! a walkie talkie! I've always wanted one of those as a kid.
    -mukhang mahilig si Mati sa Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    -I would've enjoyed getting a can of portugese sardines from M&S as well =)
    -delikado pala talaga di nagbabasa ng blog mo... kawawa si ate mo, hahaha
    -grabe! para talagang si Susan Roces ang mom mo, mas lalo na nung bata siya
    -are my eyes deceiving me, or does Andrei look like your Kuya Jay when he was younger?
    -nag-audition ka talaga sa LMP??? That is sooooo cool!!!
    -anovah! Tapos na Pasko at Bagong Taon, kahit Three Kings tapos na... dapat Happy Valentine's day na, hahahaha


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! Naku last night wala pa! I did it in Yub's laptop!!!! Nagtiis ako kasi I really wanted to finish my Christmas edition!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH!!!

      1) Yes super!!! Andrei doesn't like fireworks talaga pero nagkataon lang that when we went outside, nagstart na agad. We feel that we should watch it since we're already there. He DID get angry pero nahimasmasan when I told him I'd ride the ferris wheel (na takot din ako).

      2) Thanks! I'll tell Doc Jojit and Tita Melda! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) Naku malamig naman ang panahon during Noche Buena! PLUS! I don't get sweaty agad. Pano I don't exercise. He he he he he!

      4) Si Mati naglead. And yes soooo adorable!!!!!

      5) YES PLEASE DO try the caviar pie of THE PLAZA! Super sulit! Very delish and perfect for potluck!!!

      6) For my carbonara, ordinary SNR bacon lang. Medyo nagreact nga my sis because I was only supposed to use the swift bacon. Pang Christmas breakfast daw kasi the next day yung SNR niya. he he he he he he!

      7) YES! My brother is an ace when it comes to roasting meats!!!!! PERFECT medium rare!

      8) At first behave tapos later on kwento na ng kwento si Andrei and giggle giggle na. Ha ha ha ha ha! But he DID eat with my Kuya's watchful eye.

      9) WALA! Ayaw nga niya sundan si Andrei! HMP!

      10) Bwa ha ha ha ah! Mati and my Ate Jit thought about the costume.

      11) Naku I'm sure magcrash ang internet if you heard me singing. Raspy and pitchy!! EK!

      12) bwa ha ha ha ah ah! At least nagpapapkatoo kami and not pasosy! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      13) WHAT A WEIRD POSE!!!! I don't know why I did it! ha ha ha ha ha!

      14) Yes they loved the walkie talkie!!! Ngayon nga lang nawawala na isa. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      15) YES! Mati loved reading the DIARY OF A WIMPY KID series. He reads it every night before going to sleep.

      16) My brother loved the portugese sardines. Dunnow if he really loved it or inaasar lang si Andrei.

      17) BWA HA HA HA AH! See they haven't read it yet! No reaction pa din e!

      18) I know! My Mom is SUPER PRETTY and when you meet her, very mahinhin and lady like. Everyone I know love her! Suki sa ninang sa kasal!

      19) Hmmmm... Many say ako kamukha ni Andrei when he was younger. Si Mati daw ang kamukha ni Kuya Jay. He he he he he he!

      20) YES! i AUDITIONED IN LITTLE MISS PHILIPPINES and did not pass!!! bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Di man lang nakaabot sa elimination sa show!!! Oh well! Pero naman, now I'm working at EAT BULAGA! o di ba? meant talaga1

      21) hay nako!! Madami dami pa akong entries on Christmas and new year! Buong Jan eto ang feature ko! NagChristmas vacation kasi ako e!!!! I hope you don't mind :(

      Thanks again so muchos Niel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy weekend too! mwaaah!!!!


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