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When we were plotting our itinerary for our US trip, we decided that since we'll be going to LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA, we should be dropping by SEAWORLD too. So that meant that we needed a place to stay for 3 days and 2 nights!

We knew some people in San Diego but we didn't want to impose on anyone. Besides, we may even be too tired to chat or do the usual niceties that it would indeed be better if we just stayed in a simple and safe hotel by our lonesome.

With that, I remembered the last time Mati and I were in Minnesotta, we stayed at DAYS INN AND SUITES. We had a very comfortable experience there that I immediately checked it out. I found the place perfect for us because not only did it get some online raves on comfort and cleanliness but it was also situated in a safe neighborhood that was near SEAWORLD!

So in an instant, I clicked, I booked, and I paid. Hopefully the DAYS INN AND SUITES in San Diego will give us a wonderful stay such as in Minnesota. 


future shot

When we got to DAYS INN AND SUITES, Yub checked in at the lobby for us as the kiddies were already asleep in the car.

When you're checked in at the DAYS INN AND SUITES, parking is free. The front desk will give you this yellow slip to tape on your...

Sorry I don't know what the front mirror in a car is called. 


Oh well... You get the picture.

DAYS INN AND SUITES have roving attendants to check if your car is authorized to stay in the parking area.


Of course, just because your car is parked at the DAYS INN AND SUITES area, you should still be vigilant about your belongings.

I apologize if I was not able to take pictures of our DAYS INN AND SUITES room when it was all fresh and  housekeeping approved. But we spent the whole day in LEGOLAND WATERPARK doing a lot of swimming and walking that we all wanted to plop ourselves on the bed and pass out. 

We got the DAYS INN AND SUITES double standard room at P5,000 per night. 

This DAYS INN AND SUITES room may not be as spacious as The Ritz but it had a fridge, a microwave, coffee and tea making facilities, free wifi, and free breakfast!!

I think that's a pretty good deal right?

Good thing we packed some popcorn and drinks. We were able to have light snacks of microwave popcorn and soda!

We also bought some extra drinks and snacks at the vendor machine near our DAYS INN AND SUITES room.

Like in almost all hotels that we stayed in, there was an ice cube dispenser for all the free ice that we wanted but it was in the second floor.

Bed side table!

An old but functional aircon!

Simple DAYS INN AND SUITES toiletries.

That's all for ME.


Like I said, the boys were so tired. I forgot what restaurant we ate in but after our quick dinner, the boys immediately snoozed. 

The next day, we were up bright and early for our trip to SEAWORLD.  The dining room was not in the other DAYS INN AND SUITES compound so we crossed over to the other side for breakfast!

From what I remember, DAYS INN AND SUITES cooks up a very hot and filling breakfast. I was really looking forward to what we will be having as we entered this little room that served the food.

The room was quite small but it was clean and had a selection of satisfying breakfast grub.

Cereals by Kelloggs!

Hot quaker oatmeal!

Runny eggs and fluffy pancakes!


An assortment of bread.

.... which you could toast at this corner then top with butter and jam!

Plus yoghurt and fruits!

Get the food you need and enter DAYS INN AND SUITES' mess hall! He he he he!

Just sit anywhere!

DAYS INN AND SUITES dining area also has wifi!

Hot coffee and tea are available at this corner.

Plus fresh apple and orange juice. Sweet huh?

Andrei : Mommy let's eat na!

I loved the pancakes in DAYS INN AND SUITES because it tasted so similar to my favorites Pancake House and Mcdonalds. The thick syrup made everything oh so nummy too!

I also got a bowlful of DAYS INN AND SUITES runny scrambled eggs then topped it with hot sauce because that's the way I roll.

Breakfast for growing ladies like me! Ha!

My little guys!!!

The Chinese Adonis kept on munching at one toasted bread after another that I asked him to get me a piece.

Aaaah.... breakfast is bliss!

After our breakfast, we went straight to SEAWORLD for a fun day with sharks and Shamu!

Blogpost soon to follow!

For our very late dinner that night, we went to IHOP since it was the only one open at that hour.

I was TRYING to diet so I just had the side salad which came with our order of fried chicken.

We had the kidde meal for the boys. But poor Andrei was so sleepy and tired to eat anything. Of course, Mati happily took his food.

We slept in the next day and for the first time I went out for breakfast still in jammies and a severe bed head!

Yohoo! Made it before 10am for our DAYS INN AND SUITES breakfast!

What's for brekky?

Mati helped himself to some fruit loops.

While I will wait for this lady to plate up these pancakes hot off the griddle!

I actually got out of bed and went straight to the dining area of DAYS INN AND SUITES for their pancakes! Har de har har!

Andrei feels the same too!

Eating with my little lords!

Oooh... these DAYS INN AND SUITES pancakes were as buttery and creamy as they were yesterday....

Of course, the eggs won't be left behind. I'll be scooping you into my mouth later.

All filled up with breakfast, we went back to our room to pack up and get ready for our trip back to Las Vegas.

I wasn't able to take a picture of our room door the first night because we were so woozy from being sleepy.

Yeaaah... Room 121!

After the little lords took a bath and dressed up, they went out to look around at DAYS INN AND SUITES!

They each got sodas too while they're at it.

Andrei asked if I could include this in the blog since he wanted readers to think his Kuya Mati was underwater.... 

So cute!

DAYS INN AND SUITES was simple and clean.

What makes DAYS INN AND SUITES more attractive for groups with kids is that they have a pool!

It was just too cold during that time so DAYS INN AND SUITES closed it up.

This is the second time I saw a sign like this (the first time was in LEGOLAND WATERPARK). You mean to say, there was REALLY an actual case where someone with diarrhea went in the pool for a swim then had a messy accident?

Hmmmm... I'm going to hide my pudding now.

During our stay, there were no rowdy neighbors or people drinking their hearts out. 

Rooms are not that sound proofed since I could sometimes hear the laughs from another unit but it was not that bothersome. Maybe they were just THAT loud.

There were elevators at each building of DAYS INN AND SUITES for the guests checked in on the upper floors. 

Our stay in DAYS INN AND SUITES was very relaxing and comfortable. I would definitely check in my family here again if we're looking for someplace affordable, clean, and safe.

Going back to the room, somebody was staring at his new lego toy while I was packing.

After I finished, here comes our traditional YAP FAMILY CHECK OUT pics!

Andrei was so engrossed with his new Shamu bubble toy.

Hmmm.... Suddenly it feels like we're under the sea!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords at DAYS INN AND SUITES!

Andrei asked me to take a picture of his new toy.

I told them not to touch the box until we get back to Las Vegas. Imagine my surprise when I was reviewing the pictures and saw THIS.

Sneaky little...

As I finished packing Mati suddenly opened the leftover chicken from IHOP and started devouring it. 

We were all done with everything and so ready to check out. But we still waited for somebody to finish his chicken. 

... and he was taking his sweet chicken time.... HA HA HA HA HA!

Time to go! Yellow hampy is waiting outside.

When Mati was FINALLY finished with his chicken, we went to the DAYS INN AND SUITES front desk to check out.

The DAYS INN AND SUITES lobby was quiet with a little touch of simple homeyness there. 

Of course, Andrei had to disturb the tranquility of the place by letting out one big burp. Everyone laughed in the room then.

Andrei: "Excuse me!"

Yub was in a hurry the night we were there so he was not able to look around. But when you are at DAYS INN AND SUITES, check out their special promos for some tourist destinations.

Feeling lost? Get loads of help from their free pamphlets which also carries suggestions and special deals on tourist sights!

You could also go online for free at DAYS INN AND SUITES computer.

Of course, the DAYS INN AND SUITES guest officers will always be happy to help you out to make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing. 

Hmmm... Why don't we relax right now???

Front shot!

Me with my little lords.

Of course, Yub won't be left behind.

I reminisced how 7 years ago when we stayed in DAYS INN AND SUITES while we were in Minnesota!

Awwwwww!!!!! This was me and Mati then!

Of course, Andrei wouldn't have it and really included himself in what was supposed to be my "flashback" pic. It's okay. He makes everything cute anyway.

If you need "just for the night" accommodations since you'll be touring the whole day, check out DAYS INN AND SUITES. Rooms are clean, complete with necessary amenities, and very affordable. Such a big factor of course that it's family friendly in a safe environment!


3350 Rosecrans St, San Diego, 
CA 92110, United States
+1 619-224-9800


It's time to go back to Las Vegas!

And Mati is already on his second box of IHOP leftover fried chicken.

Guess why we're such in a hurry to go back to Las Vegas?

Because my dear Kuya Nap whipped up a special Shabu Shabu dinner for us!

He he he he! Yep! Just that's just how my foodie family rolls!!!



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