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I remember that one of the "MUST TRIES" I listed before flying out to the US was to have a meal at their popular seafood restaurants where the the main entrees are served piping hot inside a plastic bag.

HUUUUWAAAAT? Inside a plastic bag??? How lazy could an establishment be???!!!

Hold on, wait a minute, just take your kapeng mainit... That is actually the beauty of these famous new restaurants! You pick the kind of seafood that you want (be it crab, shrimps, crawfish, etc, etc) and choose what sauce it will be swimming in (if there's chicken, will it do the "breast stroke"?? Teee hee). Then voila, these beauties will be served on your tables inside these special plastic bags where the seafood is all steaming hot and saucy.

Afterwards, prepare for an awesome kind of seafood carnage!

That happened EXACTLY after our fun Hollywood and Ripley's Museum trip (SEE HERE). We were supposed to eat at THE BOILING CRAB, another popular restaurant of the same theme, but the wait list was going for 2 hours and we were hungry. Luckily my hottie niece Gayle suggested that we try out KICKIN KASIAN which received a lot of good reviews and the wait was not that long. We were so thankful that we moved to KICKIN KASIAN because after our meal, we were all licking our fingers from all the buttery sauces and heaving wonderful sighs of happiness. Such gluttony bliss!

DEFINITELY worth heeding the call of all that hype! Can't wait to get my hands dirty like this again! 


Let's go! We're hungry!

KICKIN KASIAN was still jampacked but at least we were only like 5th or 6th in line. Even if we're already hungry, we were willing to wait it out since the food cooked in the kitchen smelled amazing!

Service was rad at KICKIN KASIAN (do people still use that word?) but they were strict about reservations and would only seat parties/groups when everyone has arrived. 

KICKIN KASIAN was very simple and casual. There were no decorations of comical seafoods mounted on their walls nor pictures to further entice the diners.

The walls at KICKIN KASIAN were just painted with plain gray and they only have television sets to keep the diners entertained while waiting for their order. 

The chairs and tables were nothing short of ordinary too. At first glance you would even think that KICKIN KASIAN just opened and their interior decorators ran out on them!

You could even say that KICKIN KASIAN's bar has more color and life in it!

But I guess the reason behind all this simplicity is because when you go here, your whole focus will be on the food, and nothing else. So why waste money on useless adornments??? Why huh???

We finally got a table at KICKIN KASIAN! Here's my hottie niece Gayle, her Mom and my cousin Ate Baby, Gayle's husband Rob, and my cutie god daughter Alique!

Master Mati (with his favorite cap), Gayle's daughter Hayley, and THE MOST INSANELY BEAUTIFUL PERSON THERE IS IN THE WHOLE GALAXY!

Sorry I'm hungry. :P

There's also Tito Albert (Kuya Nap's childhood friend), the Chinese Adonis, and a very busy Andrei.

Time to order!

KICKIN KASIAN meynuh one...

KICKIN KASIAN meynuh two...

While waiting for our food at KICKIN KASIAN, party girl Gayle ordered some beers for her and Tito Albert!

While me and the MATster were happy just to wear our plastic bibs!

The tables at KICKIN KASIAN were all adorned with special clean white papers. If you are gonna ask for plates, the server will probably answer that you're looking at it. Everything is laid out here and you either eat it using your hands or plastic utensils.

But where's the fun in using corny spoon and forks??

First up on our KICKIN KASIAN table were mounds of lemon wedges that comes free with the seafood entrees.

Then.... the PLASTICS came. And no, I don't mean Regina and her posse from Mean Girls...

First up are a pound of KICKIN KASIAN Shrimps ($12.95)!!

Hello there! Gayle got the KAsian flavoring with no spice. I tell you, when she opened the thick plastic bag my fat nose got a whiff of all things garlicky and buttery inside. My mouth then instantly produced like a cup of drool afterwards. Not a lovely sight but you get what I mean. 

2 pounds of KICKIN KASIAN Snow Crab Legs ($14.95 each) 

KICKIN KASIAN Mussels ($12.95)!!!

Fresh and plump mussels soaking up the Kickin Mix sauce that had that lemon pepper seasoning... Oh so loverly!

Ate Baby also got some KICKIN KASIAN Crawfish ($14.95) in scrumptious Kickin Mix with no spice! 

For extras we got some KICKIN KASIAN Fried Okra ($4.95) with an addicting mayo sauce!

Mati was in love with oysters these days and asked for the KICKIN KASIAN basket ($10.95)! These were also very delectable with the crunchy breading and juicy oysters!

Ate Baby may have ordered some fried fish for the kiddies but this KICKIN KASIAN Catfish Basket ($10.95) was a hit for everyone in our table!!

Crispy on the outside yet soft and succulent on the inside KICKIN KASIAN Calamari ($10.95)!

Of course, what to use to mop and sop all that buttery sauces with? Steamed white rice of course ($1.95)!!!

Yoohoo! ERICJAZ FOODIES with the fam at KICKIN KASIAN!

Wait! Ate Baby's not looking!

Take two!!!

So now... LET'S EAT!

Wohoo! Let's go Ate Baby!

After giving the children their KICKIN KASIAN grub, I piled on different seafood on my mound of white rice.

Yep! I think I added more of the butter sauce after this picture was taken because it was just heavenly! Imagine butter infused with lots of garlic, cajun spices, and the right amount of salt that makes it all the more perfect with spoonfuls of rice! Superkaduperohmygoshness delicious!!!!

If THE BOILING CRAB is better than KICKIN KASIAN's savory seafood sauce then I don't know how good THAT is! What we had at KICKIN KASIAN is already seafood perfection in itself!!!!

I told Tito Albert that as much as I wanted to help myself to some crawfish, I often have a hard time taking the meat out of its shell.

He said it was pretty simple! Just remove the head and squeeze the tail part until you disjoint the meat from the shell.

With that, give it a soft push.... 

And TA-DAAAH! A nice bite of juicy crawfish with meat similar to a leaner shrimp!

Thanks to Tito Albert!  At least NOW I know how to better handle these little lobster-like babies!

In to my big tummy you'll be...

The very happy Chinese Adonis! He LOVED the food at KICKIN KASIAN and cannot stop eating!

I reminded him though that it's bad manners to wear a hat at the table while eating. He played deaf and ignored me explaining later that he had the worst "cap" head ever known to man. 

I did not mind him that much because I was so happy to catch Andrei eating the KICKIN KASIAN Fried Catfish with mucho gusto!

He finished a half cup of rice all by himself! Yey Andrei!!!

Same goes for Master Mati who attacked on KICKIN KASIAN's Fried Oysters, Mussels, and Shrimps!!!

Our very full table at KICKIN KASIAN!

Now you see it... 

Now you don't!

Wohoo! As usual, when everybody was done at KICKIN KASIAN, I was STILL eating!

HA! Last woman standing! 

Ops! I forgot about Rob and how he was really scraping off all the corners of that Snow Crab Leg!

Gnarling like Rocket Raccoon!

HA! Two could play THAT game!

The KICKIN KASIAN Crab Legs were really meaty!

I didn't mind pulling and breaking the shells apart just to be able to get that succulent flesh. I give it an extra dip in the butter sauce too!

Dear Rob does the same but gives it first a spritz of the lemon. He really LOVED those Crab legs that he was willing to finish everything. 

I surrendered after 2 or 3 big pieces as my fat stomach had already grown an inch while eating. He he he he!

I only have 1 tummy to give to my countwy after all!

Uh oh... Somebody got Yub's phone! Me guess this is Andrei-cam!

Done!!! Our KICKIN KASIAN carnage.... 

Oh the "shell-manity!"


Thank you so much Ate Baby and Gayle for the treat!!!


We stayed for such a long time at KICKIN KASIAN that I already gave birth to a baby!

Kidding! That's wishful thinking for you. Check out Yub who seems to be saying:
 "Don't even think about it... HA HA HA HA!"

I sure hope that the seafood restaurants here with the same serving style is as delicious as KICKIN KASIAN! I want to stuff myself and pig out like this again!

So. There.

9545 Reseda Blvd, Suite 19-20
Northridge, California
+1 818-280-5563

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