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Monday, August 11, 2014


While I was at LEGOLAND HOTEL CALIFORNIA, the kind front desk lady asked if we would like to get BRICKS' special package only available upon check in: $60 for 2 adults and 2 kids. The regular price for the buffet was around $25 each for adults and $15 for children, so this was a pretty good deal. At least we don't have to look for somewhere to eat in this unfamiliar part of California when it's time for dinner. 

So after getting settled in our pirate themed room, we went downstairs to have dinner at BRICKS FAMILY RESTAURANT!!!

There was quite a line during dinner time but we were seated after only a short wait. 

BRICKS FAMILY RESTAURANT was very vibrant and full of colors!

The restaurant was very family and kid friendly! There were no sharp corners nor bump hazards for little kiddies!

I even got this vibe that we were inside a toy house made out of wooden blocks!

Of course, besides the wide spaces and fun interiors, we had fun checking out the various models made out of, what else, LEGO BRICKS!

2 LEGO waiters mixing up a batter.

A LEGO waiter and a real live one!

A LEGO chef stacking up plates!

AND another LEGO chef this time slipping on LEGO banana!

And here's our table! 

Well, this was actually the second place for us because I found our first area to be too "busy" for our comfort. He he he he!

Like I said before about LEGOLAND HOTEL, kids rule here. So it's no wonder that they have their very own station in the BRICKS FAMILY RESTAURANT buffet. 

Don't worry, adults could still join in the fun of the BRICKS FAMILY RESTAURANT kiddie station. I know me and the Chinese Adonis did! He he he he he!

So here are the food at BRICKS FAMILY RESTAURANT Kiddie Station... 

Corn dogs and Mozzarella Sticks!

The BRICKS' corn dogs were SOOOOO delicious: the hotdog was very juicy and meaty while the breading had all the right flavors. I think I zoinked about 2 of them! I don't normally take food out of a buffet restaurant but taking out one corn dog to my room is a "worth it" offense!

BRICKS pizza!

BRICKS bread buns!

BRICKS hotdog for the buns.

BRICKS pasta!

BRICKS marinara sauce and meatballs for the pasta.

BRICKS version of Orange Chicken!

Plus steamed vegetables with dip and cottage cheese with fresh fruits.

Now, for the adults section at BRICKS!

The adults have a more, ahem, adventurous selection of food that attracted even my master Mati. Of course, kiddies are free to get from our section too!

BRICKS salad bar!

An assortment of ensalatas (tomatoes with mozzarela, and cucumbers with onions)... 

Fresh and crisp vegetables for your Do It Yourself salad plate.

BRICKS creamy salad dressings.

And 3 types of greens!

BRICKS Family Restaurant also had a Mexican station!

Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Zucchini in Tomato Sauce, and Carne Asado...

Enchiladas! Ole!

More Beef... Hot Avocado thingy... Green Chilis... 

More vegetables and beef... 

Plus a make your own Burrito!

BRICKS' pasta corner definitely served MORE than pasta.

Sauteed vegetables and pasta ala carbonara.

Penne Pasta and Beef Stew!

My utmost favorite (as usual) is the carving station!



3 kinds of gravy for the Roast Beef... 

Delicious sides!

Desserts at BRICKS were just okay, nothing special.

But BRICKS FAMILY RESTAURANT does have its own ice cream dispenser in 3 flavors!

There is also an abundance of drinks in BRICKS!

My guy Mati was happy with his tomato soup, macaroni and cheese, pizza, and corndogs!

As for me, I went right into the main food in BRICKS! I piled my plate with roast beef, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, then ladled on a LOT of gravy and horseradish cream!

Oh wow! I loved their food! The roast beef was so tender and juicy!!!! I cannot help myself but fork in chunk after chunk of meat in my mouth!


Like I said, I found the BRICKS Roast Beef so good that I got another full plate of it. THIS time my meat was medium rare! YUM!

Plus some Mozzarella sticks, my second corn dog, and pizza on the side. 

While the kiddies were having dessert, I was still on for some gyro!!!! He he he he!

Mati : "Uh mommy, it's time to stop already!"

As expected, Andrei loved the jel-o from BRICKS' dessert section.

He tried to eat it like jelly ace though so I gave him a spoon after this picture was taken.

When I was finally done with my food, I got some the BRICKS vanilla ice cream topped with brownies and hot chocolate fudge for dessert.

I capped my ultra delicious dinner with some BRICKS coffee. Yes this is also included in the buffet.

Aaah.... Life is good!

The little lords then went to bed with full and happy tummies!

The next day....

We up very early because we wanted to get a head start in LEGOLAND Park and of course, the breakfast buffet at BRICKS!

For our breakfast, we saw that you have a choice in BRICKS to stay inside our outside of the restaurant.

The al fresco dining area of BRICKS seems very comfortable too and appropriate for those who want their kids to just run around and be wild. Ha ha ha ha!

I'm sure they'll still be fairly entertained with the various LEGO models. We wanted to eat in this area at BRICKS but it was sort of far from the buffet line. Plus, weather was so cold that we may freeze before finishing our breakfast!

The breakfast at BRICKS is included in the room package. Again, there is a kiddie station and adult station. For some reason, my husband and I loved the kiddie section more! Ha ha ha ha!

The scrambled eggs were good but it was not as creamy or runny as I wanted it to be.

We got our BRICKS bacon from the kiddie station because their servings were crispier.

Country sausages!

BRICKS potato croquettes!


Hash browns...

Condiments for the BRICKS oatmeal.

Cereals for the kiddies!

BRICK desserts were more healthy with yoghurt, fresh fruits, and simple pudding!

Again, fruit juices, coffee, tea, hot milk, etc, etc, were offered at the dispensers.... Bottomless of course!

In LEGOLAND HOTEL by the way, I was able to see 3 celebrities....

1) Mayim Bialik (Big Bang Theory)
2) Jonathan Bennett (hot guy from Mean Girls)
3) Jadon Sand (the kid from the Lego Movie)

Sayang lang I was not able to take a picture of them. Believe it or not, sometimes I could be very shy. 

This was the best that I could do though -- Getting "Aaron Samuel's" back by the juice dispenser. HA HA HA HA!

Time to Eat!!

My husband's first plate of bacon, country sausage, and scrambled eggs.

The Chinese Adonis helping himself to some toast and sporting his "cap-head" look. Tee hee!

My little Mati got some grub from his daddy's first plate.

My little Andrei who seriously needed some fattening up!

BRICKS had these little signs on their tables. I think it's meant to signify you're still not finished with your food so that the server would not clear up your table when everyone is at the buffet line.  

This was my first plate at BRICKS!

Which was done in no time...

I saw some smoked salmon at the adult section and had a small serving of it. I also tried out some of BRICKS hot oatmeal since a lot of people were ladling it onto their bowls.

The BRICKS salmon was good but I did not fancy the oatmeal. Judge me all you want but I'm just used to the instant quaker ones with a bit of milk and sugar. Ha ha ha ha! So sorry but oatmeal with muscavado and honey does not work for me.  

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords having breakfast at BRICKS!

And in no time, we are completely and happily full! BURP!

And since we were hotel guests sporting VIP wristbands, we could get in early at LEGOLAND PARK for another day of awesome fun!


1 Legoland Dr
Carlsbad, California
+1 760-918-5346


  1. actually mas naglaway ako sa kids buffet hahaha!!! ;P Wow may lego land hotel na!!! I hope we can also tour someday soon. I super miss taking trips abroad with the family huhu. Thank you for sharing this. nakakatuwa! <3

    1. Ha ha ha ha! The same goes for Eric! Naku dun din siya sa kiddie station nagfocus at yun ang mga favorite food niya! You're welcome dear Sugar and Spice! Same tayo that we could never have enough family trips! Nakakaaddict!!!! Hope to see you soon! Miss you!!! :)


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