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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I read the sad news that after 3 years, NOMAMA in Scout Tuason Quezon City branch will be closing its doors. Though their Capitol Commons Branch will still be open to the public, I still feel a certain twang of glumness when a restaurant closes especially one that has been a regular "go to" place for us in Quezon City.

I was not really planning on making this post anymore since I've already made 2 entries about NOMAMA.  But then we celebrated dear Albert's birthday there so I felt that it's just fitting to make a last entry about NOMAMA Scout Tuason. Besides, it was a wonderful night filled with great food, friends, family, and singing! Now who wouldn't want to forget about THAT?

Well certainly not us as we hold NOMAMA Scout Tuason so dear.


Albert reserved the long table where we first met in NOMAMA one year ago!

The group is almost complete!

Abel and Tobey!

His loving wife Chel and Tiana!

Michael and cutie pie Ashley!

Birthday boy Albert with wife Suet and their lovely daughter Nicole!

Golden couple Jun and Gail Campo!

Our very own John Lloyd and Drew Barrymore, Jonas and Ann!

Some kiddies!

And a baby!

The Chinese Adonis and the future President of the World.

Cutie Pie Andrei and the future President's first lady!

Ha ha ha ha! I WON'T let him date. EVER. 


Everything was such in a rush since I'm really more focused on talking and talking and talking plus more talking that I was not really that OC in taking pictures of our food. But still, I was able to catch some before it was devoured to kingdom come!

Oh yeah I rhyme!

Yub and Andrei shared an order of NOMAMA All Shrimp Tempura (P360.00). My husband said between munches that their Tempura was really good!

Andrei definitely agreed because he eagerly ate all by himself and did not want me to "force feed" him.


His best friend Sasha, who was also a picky eater, liked NOMAMA's Tempura too!

Mati and I shared a NOMAMA RAMEN (P375.00) because I was still full from somebody's treat at the office. 

Their ramen is good and a delicious slurp during cold nights!

Somebody ordered the NOMAMA Squash Blossom Tempura (P275.00). I forgot who...

NOMAMA Prawn Ramen (P445.00). I had this before in NOMAMA CAPITOL COMMONS and I distinctly remember the strong shrimp fat taste in the broth.

NOMAMA's famous Beef Cheek Ramen (Junior P360.00) which receives a lot of raves among the foodie community.

NOMAMA Thai Green Curry Ramen (P355.00)!

NOMAMA Mushroom Teppanyaki (P275.00) was savory sweet and slightly spicy that made it perfect with white rice!

NOMAMA Pork Gyoza (P155.00) was very moist and meaty!

I asked Albert's favorite waiter if we could have a little something for the birthday boy. And NOMAMA generously gave us a slice of their flourless cake!

Plus a song from the staff!

Because Albert and family almost eats there everyday! Ha ha ha ha!

Happy Birthday to Albert and also to cutie pie Ashley!!!

Sorry for my shaking hands... Ha ha ha ha ha!

We sang another HAPPY BIRTHDAY to baby Sky who turned 2 years old recently.

Always a fun time when our families merge up!

All done!

Our NOMAMA bill!!

NOMAMA lovers everywhere are heartbroken that its Scout Tuason branch is closing. But to cushion the blow a bit, NOMAMA will be having a special promo that'll go from August 11 until it's closing on September, 2014.  Order a regular sized bowl of ramen and get a second junior sized bowl for only P3!!! It's almost like a buy one take one offer! 

Such a sulit deal right? 

THAT is NOMAMA's last hurrah for its Scout Tuason friends! Wopeeh!


After NOMAMA, Albert invited us to his house for some coffee, dessert, and our favorite...


I think we need more space plus tables and chairs... He he he he!

I bought Red Ribbon celebration cake for the birthday celebrants.

There were wine and drinks too.

Mareng Gail brought our favorite Tacos and fried wantons!

Uh kiddies, could you get out of our stage so we could start singing?


Me doing a Chinese Lady voice : "Yuuu peek one noh? Vely vely plitty! Dey hav big bottoms fow meyking beybees!"

He he he he!

Yub was the first to sing... 

I forgot what it was but his voice was NASTY! Ha ha ha ha! Kidding.

Our very own OLD DIRECTION! 

The birthday boy belted out a beautiful song.

"Never knew that it would go so farrrr... When you left me on that boulevard..."

Everyone was listening especially Jonahs.

Either that or he is waiting every second for his turn.

The supportive pretty mommies!

Yub took a break from belting out his favorite HAGIBIS songs and ate his favorite tacos.

Yes. These were SERIOUSLY delicious!

Of course our videoke king Jonahs would always sing BE MY LADY for his lady love Aning.

Ewww. He has been singing that song since we were in College!

Ha ha ha!

Then it was mareng Gail's turn to sing.


I think Jun stepped out the room during this song. I don't know how that was possible because the room is SO big.

Kidding! Love you mareng Gail!

The videoke guys and their wives!

While we were singing, the kiddies watched TV and played in Albert's other room.

Yes. The boys were just hanging.

Andrei on top!

The dalagitas exchanged tales too.

Whenever we're hungry or thirsty we just got food from our long snack table.

Andrei and best friend Jelo playing.

As predicted, the guys won't stop singing their favorite tunes.

What the...????!!!!


I apologize for what's up ahead. Please be warned that there will be a LOT of pictures.

Yes. A lot.

The Pretty Mommies!

The handsome daddies and single guy Michael.

Group pic!

Wacky shot! Ha ha ha ha!

Team Virreys!

Team Campos!

Team Quitorianos!!

Me and lovely kumares Ann and Gail!

My little lords!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our main guys!

I hope your eyes did not get hurt from all the pictures! Don't worry. I'm sure you'll have sweet dreams because of it.



Ha ha ha ha!

Check these out!

Quezon City
G/F FSS Bldg, Sct Tuazon
Laging Handa, Quezon City
(02) 921-4913

Capitol Commons,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
02 5422558


  1. The best post yet! You keep on outdoinh yourself - biased kumare

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Well my posts are more "beautiful" with you guys around. He he he he!


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