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Ever since PEPPER LUNCH opened in Power Plant Mall, the boys have been regular fans. Don't get me wrong, I like their food too but not as much as the little lords. Whenever I ask them where they wanted to eat for our family night outs it's always PEPPER LUNCH this or PEPPER LUNCH that. Heck, Mati even said that he was so in love with Beef Pepper Rice that he was willing to marry it (yup, THAT and a packet of Jollibee criss cut fries)!!

So for one of our YAPPY family nights, the kids once more pleaded that we have our dinner at PEPPER LUNCH. Normally the Chinese Adonis and I don't have any problem with going for what the children wanted for dinner. But COME ON! I'm sure you'll understand our hesitation given that the little lords already ate there last weekend and even asked for additional take home for their school lunch. In the end, even if I could still remember vividly the taste and smell of everything, my husband and I agreed because the kids' appetites seem to double whenever a plateful of Beef Pepper Rice is in front of them.

As for me and my hub, to even up our "ordeal" of smelling like beef teppanyaki barbecues, we're just going to blog about it.  I remember the last time I wrote an entry on PEPPER LUNCH, Andrei's tummy cannot yet handle its peppery meat. He he he! Yep! THAT long  (SEE HERE)!

So see? Everybody happy always at PEPPER LUNCH! 


Check out Mati and Andrei's happy smiles!

Hmmmm... I'm so tempted to make them cry by saying that PEPPER LUNCH has run out of Beef Rice! 

ELOL (Evil Laugh Out Loud!)

It could get pretty crowded at PEPPER LUNCH in Power Plant Mall. Good thing that when we were there on a Holiday weekday, there was a table already available for us!


PEPPER LUNCH meynuh... 

The other half of the PEPPER LUNCH meynuh... 


PEPPER LUNCH bonus meals and dezoyts!!!

PEPPER LUNCH afternoon delights meals!

Tee hee!!!!

For those who haven't eaten in PEPPER LUNCH yet (where have you been, duh), they use this special ultraelectromagnetictop... este... heated plate straight from Japan to cook and warm up your food!

Ordering up!

PEPPER LUNCH has a semi-self service thing going on. You order at the counter and then the waiters deliver the FOODS (sorry Vhong Navarro) to your table. 

If you want water, you could ask one of your little kiddies to get some from the dispenser.

As usual, Andrei drinks from every glass before he delivers it to our table. Ha ha ha!

As much as I love Andrei and want to be supportive of all his "antics", I HATE it when he flicks his eyelids inside out. It just scares the bejezez out of me! I also find it a bit gross... Ha ha ha ha ha!

He loves doing it now since he knows I'll give him a violent reaction!

Andrei finally stopped when food came!

All hail Beef Pepper Rice (P198.00)!!!!

Mati was so excited to dig in but prefers to eat his food on a separate plate. Me suspects it's so that he could eat everything immediately because it cools down faster that way. 

Here comes Andrei and Yub's food... Sizzle... sizzle... sizzle... 

Yep! Andrei and the Chinese Adonis are both on a diet (kidding on the former) that's why they're just going to share one order of the heavenly PEPPER LUNCH beef specialty!

As for me, I wanted to try something new at PEPPER LUNCH so I ordered the Curry Beef Pepper Rice (P225.00) with cheese on top.

As I mixed it, the exotic aroma of curry crept into my senses. I guess the same happened to Mati since he kept on asking for a bite from my PEPPER LUNCH order.

(Grumble... grumble... isusubo na lang e kukunin pa...)


As I further mixed my Curry Beef Pepper Rice, the cheese melted into a lovely gooey finish.


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in PEPPER LUNCH!

Somebody was panting like a wolf before eating... Ha ha ha ha!

Like I said, one of the strongest reasons why the Chinese Adonis and I are fine with PEPPER LUNCH is because our little finicky eater Andrei could finish a whole plate of food here just by himself.

He just loves the Beef Pepper Rice with a LOT of Honey Sauce.

My little Andrei doesn't like corn though. He picks out each kernel (hence the additional waiting time for us) and gives it to his Kuya. 

We could pick out the corn for him but my husband and I are trying to make them eat vegetables. Our motto now is if they don't want to eat something on their plate, they should just remove it themselves. Sometimes our technique works in making them eat veggies (especially with finely shredded pechay into their rice) but sometimes it doesn't. 


Oh well... at least I'm not force feeding Andrei to eat his dinner here. 

And by "force-feeding" I meant spoon feeding. Ha ha ha ha!

Would you believe that one time, he was so lazy to eat by himself that he told me he'll only eat if I "force feed" him??

All done!

As usual except the cutie patootie Andrei. He finished about 20 minutes after this picture was taken. Ha ha ha ha!


On a TOTALLY different note, I would just like to share my sons' cute outfits for our date that night. I don't usually do OOTD's (That's Outfit Of The Day) but I just found the 2 so adorable with their shirts of choice.

Yup! They choose their own clothes now. 

This is Mati's favorite t-shirt that we bought during our staycation in GOLDEN NUGGET (SEE HERE) because he was able to swim with sharks. Yep! You gotta believe it.

While this is a gift for Andrei from his last birthday. He kept on reading the text "Mommy's Little Heart Breaker" and was amused at the though that he could be like the evil queen in Once Upon A Time (yes we're watching that now) who could literally take out hearts. 

He he he he! I made a better explanation for him afterwards of course.


Check this out...

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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number
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