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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


When we were in the US for Andrei's 7th birthday, the original schedule was to just see his idol Jaws in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD then go to the happiest place in the world, DISNEYLAND. But then dear Mati saw that there was a LEGOLAND in California that we just HAVE to go to. With that, we changed our itinerary in an instant.

One of the great things about our trip to LEGOLAND was that the weather was very cloudy and quite cool. In addition to that "plus factor", there was not a lot of people in the theme park (possibly because we went on a weekday). Because of that, we all walked comfortably without getting bumped on and had many repeated rides because the lines were not that long.

So yes, we were all glad that we made this little change in our US trip. The kiddies swore that this was the best place ever that my husband and I couldn't be more happier for them.

Oh and everywhere we go, whenever we get to talk to somebody, we would always say,  EVERYTHING IS AWESOME (coining the famous phrase from the Lego Movie).

And you know what, because it really was.


It's a dream come true for my little lords!!!


LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA is not as big as Disneyland nor Universal studios. But I'm sure there's still a lot of attractions that would get the kids so excited.

Of course when we got in, little Andrei was all too eager to express his love... even on LEGO figures.

Check out my boys' outfit of the day: Mati really chose to wear their favorite Ninjago t-shirts!!!

Like I said, there was not a ton of visitors that day in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA. There were still some guests yes but at least we were able to take beautiful pictures with no accidental photobombers. 

Everywhere you look there's always something to see made out of LEGO... Like this storybook!

On our way to LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's driving school, we saw the Waterworks. 

It's a place in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA where kiddies could play with fountains and other H20 induced fun. 

Andrei loved fountains and he really checked out this one. 

Look at Andrei staring at the LEGO fountain!

When you step on the circle flooring, a corresponding instrument from the fountain plays a song.

If there's a lot of you stepping on the "music activator", you will playing such a fun symphony!

Also in the Waterwork's area, you could find THE LEGO MOVIE display!

Ha ha ha ha! Here's Mati imitating the usual look of the LEGO characters.

Hmmm.. That looks like Mario Brothers though... 

We all loved THE LEGO MOVIE so we were quite excited to see what's inside. 


The LEGO MOVIE EXPERIENCE shows part of the set. If you remember, this was the wooden stairs daddy Will Ferrel went down on to check on his models. 

There was also a display on daddy Will's work station for his LEGO. 


Do you know that LEGO MOVIE actually used computer effects and not stop animation for the film? I actually thought it was the latter. They just used these LEGO sets for the live action sequences. 

The space world!

Behind the scenes at THE LEGO movie!

There's Lord Business chasing after Emmett and Wyldstyle!

On one wall they mounted the different LEGO MOVIE characters.

Could you find Emmett?

There he is at the middle!

The cast of THE LEGO MOVIE actually went here!

Going out, Emmett said good bye to us... He he he he!

What do you know? He's there again! I guess he cannot get enough of the JAZZLE DAZZLE! Ha ha ha ha!


My little boys were big enough to not play at the Duplo Playtown in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA! He he he he!

What they were so much excited for was LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's Junior Driving School!

It's a big driving area for kiddies complete with streets and traffic lights.

And of course, LEGO people!


Go Andrei!

The race track was not as big as the one they drove on in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS but they enjoyed that there were a lot of LEGO touches here and there. 

The Driving School ride was done in a blink. But if the lines are not that long, you could go again!

Mati and Andrei were so happy to get their "driving license" from this LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA ride!

Like in DISNEYLAND, they would have models of the ride for you to take pictures on. 

Of course in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA, it was still made with LEGO!

It was time for lunch and since the weather was cold, hot soup was in order!

Mati and I ordered the LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA ramen while Yub and Andrei shared some teriyaki chicken. 

Their ramen was just EDIBLE. It was not good but still I was able to eat it. 

Mati agreed with me on this and like me, he just finished it but was not happy.

The next ride that the little lords rushed to is the SKY CRUISER!

This LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA ride is like a "manual rollercoaster" where you pedal on steel railings that gives you a wonderful view of the park.

So sad that there was quite a long line on this one. We'll just go back later on.

The kiddies then went on to LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's Kidpower Tower!

There was not much of a line on this one!

You could even say there was not really a line at all!

Yub and Andrei went together.

Mati asked to be alone on this ride, a decision he later regretted because he had difficulty pulling himself up.

HA! That's what you get for forgetting your Mommy! Kidding!

Maybe it's a good thing for me because Yub afterwards complained of achy brachy arms!

What a wuss! Ha ha ha ha!

Hmmm... Where to next?

The little lords wanted to try LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's Sky Patrol. Yub complained that he was tired from all that pulling (wuss!) so he asked if I could take the kids on this one. 

Could you tell that I was sort of nervous going onto this ride?

Andrei wanted the red helicopter!

Egad! We were so high!

He kept telling me "Don't be scared Mommy. I'm just here!"

Awww... My boys know how much I hate heights!!!

Even if it was not really THAT high! Ha ha ha ha!

Finally it's done!

After our ride we strolled around and go to this LEGO town.

Halt! Who goes there???

This town actually leads towards the LEGO FACTORY tour.

What's amusing with the LEGO FACTORY facade was some of the sounds you'll hear as you pass by.


Of course, this was for kids!

Good thing that it was interactive!

I'm sure this is just a replica of their actual factory. The boys enjoyed this nonetheless!

While in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA, I also bumped into my classmate from St. Paul who was visiting from the Philippines. Cool huh?

Next up for us is SKIPPER SCHOOL!

Ha ha h ha! I love Andrei's face here.

Since they were big already, I let the boys go out and each have their own boats.

That is, so that me and the Chinese Adonis could have some "alone time"... He he he he!

Either that or I thought there might be some pedalling going on that I was too lazy to do by myself. 

It was really just a ride going around the waters.

Mati loved it and treated it as a race.

As for me and Yub, we treated the ride like "bump boats" and always got Andrei!

We then checked out LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's Fun Town Stage to watch a show.

They featured lessons on how to keep safe.

It was very funny and the kids learned a thing or two about safety.

They definitely did not stop laughing! Ha ha ha ha!

When the show was finished, the little lords got a picture with one of the main "kooky" characters.

He's kinda cute too don't you think? Ha ha ha ha!

At the time of our trip, there was also a LEGO STAR WARS exhibit!

Andrei's favorite character!

They made LEGO models of some of the most memorable scenes from the franchise.

With matching side effects too! Ptooh! Ptooh!

Luke Skywalkers hometown.

It's the Millenium Falcon!

We were all STAR WARS fans and we truly enjoyed this display!

We also looked at the other replicas of famous landmarks in LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA!

Chinese Mann theatre!

I forgot what place this is... Ha ha ha ha!

The LEGO guards were also moving!

Washington DC!

The boys later on tried LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's Project X ride which had that high drop.

Hey they are as they were about to go down!

I was so proud of little Andrei and Mati who did not get scared at all!

A mummy statue made out of LEGO!

We were also set on riding The Pharaoh's Revenge!

The Pharaoh's revenge is a ride inside a maze filled with mummies and egyptian relics!

You should then shoot the mummified "baddies" for points!

Everybody was a winner here! 

Andrei also saw the PHARAOH'S SLIDE and went for it!

Even if it was just him and Kuya Mati, they went on the slide again and again!

Mati afterwards coaxed me into trying it saying that it was so much fun!

But it was still so high! Ha ha ha ha! Look at him checking up on me. My sweet master Mati!

But he laughed so hard after because I was screaming like a crazy person! Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei rode on it many times!

He also asked his Daddy to go with him. 

Ha ha ha ha! That was fun!

Andrei got curious with LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's Royal Joust. 

While he went on the ride, I had some pretzels while Mati and Yub got some drinks.

None for you Andrei... Bwa ha ha ha!

There he is!


Our last ride for the day was LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA'S Coast Cruise!

I love Andrei's face here. He he he he!

It was a 10 minute boat ride going around LEGO versions of famous sights!

Like the Eiffel tower... 

... and Mount Rushmore!

The Big Apple!

San Francisco!

Ha! That's for being naughty!!!! Kidding!

We went back to the LEGOLAND HOTEL afterwards to rest, swim, and eat!

The next day....

We got in before opening time because that's one of the perks of being hotel guests!

Wohoo! We were first in the SKY CRUISER ride! (The one we were too impatient to line up for yesterday... he he he!)

Mati chose to ride with me this time.

Like my bed head? He he he he!

Little Andrei asked to ride with his Daddy.

Ha! We're first!

I'm not really sure if you could race here though. Ha ha ha ha!

We officially ended our LEGOLAND tour that day with a visit to the BIG SHOP!

Since they have been very behaved boys, we each bought them a LEGO toy of their choice!

Like we would often say... 



After our LEGOLAND WATERPARK day (BLOGPOST COMING SOON), we were missing Las Vegas already that we passed by LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA's display of Sin City!

What happens in LEGO Las Vegas, STAYS in LEGO Las Vegas!

It's the Mirage and Andrei's favorite volcano!

Treasure Island!

MGM Grand!

I was impressed with their attention to detail!

New York Hotel! This was were we had our first staycation in the US!




Check out our other LEGOLAND experiences!

 1 Legoland Dr, Carlsbad, 
CA 92008, 
United States
 +1 760-918-5346


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