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Wednesday, August 19, 2020


When I was younger, I thought that 45 is somebody very old, knowledgeable about life, ladylike, well-behaved, and goodness would just flow through her veins.

Looking at the mirror I'm thinking... NAAAAAH. He he he!

Anyone who's close to me would assure you that I'm nowhere those traits above: I am still figuring out this thing called "life," I am still wacky and kenkoy, my voice is still very loud and I laugh with a guffaw, I could still be very mean, AND, I look 30.

I'm sure the last one made you gag. Ha ha ha ha ha!

What I did discover about growing old is that I got more emotional and became a crybaby. Yeah! Not just by watching movies ah (oh I love crying at movies) but my stone heart has finally melted (to think I'm the girl who was dedma with all the palanca letters from school retreats). I finally got why my Lolos and Lolas would suddenly burst out laughing when we're together. At this age I finally understood how unimportant material things are and that what matters most are the people around you.

In fact, I didn't expect gifts! When friends asked me what I liked, I would always say "Just promise you'll always be there for me" is my usual reply. (Of course Yub and the family are not included since I rely on them to buy new clothes or techie stuff. I don't usually have the budget to do so. #kuripot. Ha ha ha ha ha!).

Sharing with you my birthday celebrations this year when I turned 45! I know I say this always but, yep, it's still the best one yet. You may find my celebrations boring but I'm the type who values what I have now rather than reminiscing the days before or aspiring for what I will get in the future. Of course, like I always say (again), my birthday celebrations would be ultimo perfecto if my Daddyowzers was with us, but I guess celebrating with our loved ones and receiving blessings (that he initiated) is the next best thing.

So yay! Here's to me!! I'm 45 and super alive!


OOPS.. Sorry! Typo! I'm only 35 pala. He he he he!

My birthday celebrations started with a surprise treat by Manong Fred and BGP Marian's Dad in INENGS!!!!

Soooo yummmm!!!!!

Thanks BGP and family!!!!!

I always celebrate my birthdays with a visit to Daddy in his hometown in Cavite.

First we prayed the rosary for him.

It's always the first on our Daddy agenda.

Afterwards it's time to eat!

We had Adobo, Fried Chicken, Pancit Bihon, and Bicol Express!

Mom made Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu too!!!!

Pancit for long life. He he he he!

Mommy's Adobo is perfect with rice.

Thanks Mommy for preparing this all for us!

We don't have dining tables in the cemetery that's why Mom asked Kuya Jon to buy a set (just like what we used for the food).

Check out her makeshift table with Andrei.

My plate!!!!

Uuuuuy no rice daw.

After eating and while we were just talking around, I saw this majestic tree waving its branches at me.

This tree has been there for a loooong time I know but it's the first time I saw it without leaves. I suddenly appreciated it's beauty and strength that it represented given it's age and how high it's branches reached.

Syempre we went there.

The boys initially didn't want to go but when they did, they were in awe of the tree as well. 


If it wasn't too tall for it's own good, I might have invited the boys to climb it. Ha ha ha ha!

Bye tree!!!!

Visiting Daddy will forever be a tradition for me. He always made a big effort on my birthdays and so I will give it back to him. 


I love you so much Daddy! You're gone but NEVER forgotten. I'm healthy and happy at 45 because of you.

That Sunday night, we just decided to stay in and order take out while watching AUSTIN POWERS. Ha ha ha ha!

We had Chickenjoy and Taco Bell!!

Yep! Thank you Grabfood!

The night before my birthday, the Yub treated me out to dinner as a "pre"-celebration.

The Calamares was yum!

I got my usual order.

While the Yub had lugaw.

So romantic I know. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks Yub for the treat!

When we got home, we all watched DEAD POETS SOCIETY.

The boys loved it.

Oh Captain my Captain!

I wasn't really expecting anything (given the Yub's history... ha ha ha) so I was surprised that come 12:00am, I heard knocks on my door and was greeted with THIS!

Wow! I have cake and gifts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you my boys!!!!

For my actual birthday, I just want to lazy. That's why I really stayed in bed even up to 9:00am!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

It's my birthday and I'll hilata if I want to!!!

Wow... My first greeters for the day. Ha ha ha ha ha!

May google pa!!!!!!

I've had many greeters for the day but one of the most memorable is from my "frenemy" Tita Flory!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite naman would have to come from Master Mati!

I love the thought but can't he pick another picture??? Ha ha ha ha! Medyo dark e. Ha ha ha ha ha!\

Ze headlines....

I hope this virus doesn't get worse.

(Jaz from the future -- "Yeah right.")

That morning, we went to our family's favorite church.

(This was also where the Yub and I got married).

Ewwww... If only I could turn back time. Ha ha ha ha!

There was no mass that time so we just said our prayers.

The family that prays together, stays together.


Thank you for praying for me!

Lunch for my birthday was at our favorite KIMPURA!

I was so happy that everyone I love was there!

This and more!

My birthday song!

At one part I said "Awwww... Naiiyak ako!"

And that was true.

I suddenly choked up at the thought that I'm so blessed (sorry ha ha ha) to have everyone I loved in this room where they are all healthy and just happy.  Life is indeed short and I got so sentimental at the thought that our years of being complete is not forever (nawala na nga si Daddy).

As in naiyak talaga ako. I was just so grateful and appreciative that we are all here. I guess that's why the oldies cry during events like these. You just become so overwhelmed with love. 

Hay naku. I recounted these feelings to my Mom and NAIYAK na naman ako!

Hala! Tumatanda na talaga!!!! Ha ha ha ha! 

After lunch, we went to have dessert in my favorite, MACAO IMPERIAL!!!

Because our family doesn't run out of topics and stories to share!

OMG my favorite... Cheesecake and Black Pearl Tea!!!!

May biglang nagising.


Bye bear from Macao! He he he he!

When I got home, I got a sweet birthday surprise from Team Navarro!

Woah! This is so unexpected. Thank youuuuu Gem and Jojie!

That night we stayed home and enjoyed my Mom's traditional birthday dishes for dinner.

Pansit Bihon!


Chicken used was the live one killed by our boy (a tradition started by my Dad because he believed it to be pamalit-buhay).

For drinks, I got my second large cup of Macao Imperial Tea (Cheesecake with Black Pearl)!

I normally have only 1 sugary drink for the whole day but it's my birthday and I'll drink up if I want to!!!!!!

Hulooooo Daddyowzers!!!

I know you're not with us physically anymore but with the super special birthday traditions and memories that you gave us before, it became basis of how we make our celebrations today -- and it's always a blast!

Kaya really, as long as we are doing the things that you also did to us while we were young, we know that you are also joining us for our birthdays. 

That morning, I got gifts from my fam that I decided to open before going to sleep!

My gifts!!!!

A bag from Kuya Jon...

Handkerchief from Mati!


Cash and necklace from Mommy!

A necklace from Rocio, Karen, and Kuya Jay!

Lipistick from Ate Jit!

My birthday gift to myself is getting life and health insurance!!!!

Well actually, it's for the boys. Ha ha ha ha ha! I remember kasi when my Daddy passed, he arranged everything that we didn't have to worry about anything. I wanted the same for my boys. I don't want them thinking about where to get funds for when I leave for heaven. 

I tried my best to answer all of the greetings/comments I received for the day but FB stopped me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well....

I know that I could always just LIKE the posts but if they took time to greet me then I'll make time to say thank you as well!!!

The next day when I got to the office....

Awwww.... Thanks Mam Jo!!! 

Super love the jammies you gave me!!!! Mwah mwah! Love yewwwwwww!

My officemate Larlene and I share the same birthday so naturally we talked about combining our budget and just have one office treat.

While we were planning, another officemate celebrated her birthday and treated the office to pasta, barbecue, and cakes galore.

Larlene and I agreed to just ride on her "pamerienda" and got a make-shift cardboard greeting to be sure.

Ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! This is just Ate Haidees treat!

Now THIS is our real treat! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Welcome to our SUPER BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!

We got puto from my boss, Mam Malou!

Cake from Sir Levi!!!

Plus ice cream from Sales! He he he he!

Let's EAT!

My officemates were soooooooooo happy with our galanteng spread!

Everyone was so excited to eat!!!!

Happy Birthday to us!!!!!!!

Grabe after singing to us a Happy Birthday, nagwalk out lahat!

Galit na galit pa!


While getting food, my officemates were grumbling and swearing under their breaths. 


May nagrereklamo pa kumakain na nga!

Only Tita Flory was happy with our handa.

NOT. Ha ha ha ha ha!

She got hungry pa daw kaya she heated up a sandwich from the office merienda. Tee Hee!


O di ba? At least super unforgettable our office libre! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day, somebody offered to treat us for merienda following our disastrous celebration the day before.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! As in, awang awa siya samin!

Yeheyyy... Birthday celeb in TAPE part two!


Ayan... Medyo masaya na our guests!

Tita Flory said that if may isa pang manlibre, maiinggit daw siya kaya baka gumaya na daw siya. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ang mga galit yesterday, all smiles na!

Thank you Mam Zeny for treating us!

Kahapon ke susungit, ngayon...

Mam Zen also treated us to Magnum!!!!

The Magnum was distributed by our assistant, Marilou!

The next day... MERON NA NAMAN!!!!


We love their lasagna because it's super creamy!

My favorite is the Nachos though.


Tita Josie was the most angry from our "galanteng" treat that she exclaimed "Umorder nga kayo ng Lasagna! Sagot ko! Ke pangit ng meryenda nyo!"


Ay! Ha ha ha ha!

I took a picture of our happy guests and wondered why they were all laughing suddenly.

Turns out, my panty was showing because I lifted my arms to take their picture. Nakita tuloy nila my floral So En! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Ayan na tawanan na!

Tita Flory showed her panty din kaso may iba pa atang napakita. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That night, BB Aning invited The Yappy Bunch to their home for my birthday treat.


Let's eat!!!

The boys so didn't mind hanging out together because they're all buddies na din!!!!

We all loved the pizza, ambers spaghetti, barbecue, and sooo much more!

Love you muchos super duper dear Best Bud Aning!

Thank you also dear Team Virrey!!!!!! Ang saya saya!

The next day had a birthday meet-up with my super beautiful foodie friends!!!!


That night, had my birthday dinner with my BP (Bawal Pangit) Family!!!

Venue was at our new favorite -- ALBA!!!

Because really, how can THIS not be your favorite???

That Cochinillo is a winner!

Plus the Paellas too!


Master Mati so happy!

Pareng Jun and Mareng Gail!

Andrei and Jelo!

Team Navarro!!!

Pareng Jonahs and BB Aning!!!


This is my first plate...

Second plate!

Third Plate!

And my dessert plate!!!!!!

Andrei ordered the fried chicken (they recommended this for kiddies).

While the Yub had steak!

Pareng Jonas and his happy meal!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our BP Family!

We got the Mariachi's to sing and they started it off with a birthday song. 


These days I'm really serious with my wishes. For tonight, I wished for the health and happiness of my dear BP Family and that our friendship will go on forever!


Aba nagtakip pa ng dibdib akala mo naman may maboboso!

Afterwards, they sang our favorites "Bakit Ba Ganyan," "Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal," and I forgot. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yihiii! So happy!!!!!!

A toast for me as I am happy and alive, at 45!


I love you BP Family for ALWAYS being there for me and THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!

MWAH MWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayan na photo session na.

Had coffee and more chika in Estarbuko!

I usually have hot drinks. Tonight, I tried out something different: a (shudders) frappucino! Ha ha ha ha!

Kiddies had fun in their corner too!

Bwa ha ha ha ha! The buddies woke up at 6:00am kasi and had a very full day together (Jelo had a sleepover with us).

Yihiii!!!!! Thanks again for celebrating with me BP!!!

To officially end my birthday celebrations, my Mommers treated me to a budol budol lunch for Sunday!!!!!

Super excited to eat!

Master Mati is extra pogi here!


We have Inihaw na Tilapia, Inihaw na Pusit, Adobo, Crispy Pata, Sinigang na Bangus, and Manggang Hilaw!


Aba.... Hindi na ako pinansin!! I'm the birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My plate... este... my banana leaf... este... MY FOOD!!!!!

And that's it for this year! Like with my boys, it's not going to be a 2 or 3 week celebration -- it's quality time and togetherness now that I'm 45!


It may not be obvious in my case but yes, when you're older, you get wiser. You will do away with the trivial stuff and love for material things because you will value more what is important -- your health, and your family.

So really. I didn't receive a brand new car nor a house, but naiyak ako while being sang to in KIMPURA. It would have been SOOOO perfect if my Daddy was there (paying for it bwa ha ha ha ha ha... kidding) but his absence was indeed the reminder that life is short and there is that reality that our loved ones will not be with us forever.

So yes, every year that you share with your family and friends treat it as God's birthday gift for you. I've been receiving THAT (and more) for many years and finally saw it at 45.

Thank you everyone for giving me the best year ever!!!







  1. Hello Bestfriend!

    Belated Happy Birthday!!! I can see that you had a blast at sobra dami food ☺ Good for you.

    Dahan dahan lang sa pagkain para sexy pa din at iwas highblood haha. Meron ako crew/helper 30 plus pa lang pero he is already taking maintenance medicines na.

    Family & Friends is Life talaga.

    Its been a while since I dropped a comment on ur blog. Nag backread ako & ur not as active as before pero okay lang yan �� Im a firm believer of doing everything in one's pace. Do what makes you happy!

    Hope everyone is okay on ur side (Family & Friends) during this Pandemic.
    Ako? Im well & those people around me including my employees. Im thanking so much my younger self for saving & investing very early kya chill lang ako when it comes 2 money. As in I dont even think about it plus nkapag donate pa too various charities.

    Thanks Ms. Jaz & may all ur dreams/wishes come true on ur birthday.



      How are you?? I missed you!!!

      Did you see my long answer sayo sa COD blog? Sorry it was late ha pero mahaba siya. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      -- Yes... Yun lang naman din love language ko... Food, Family, and siguro trip. Ha ha ha ha ha! Since tipid din kami puros food muna. Promise, no bull that during that Kimpura birthday song naiiyak talaga ako kasi I was just overwhelmed with the thought that life is short talaga and I'm so grateful that we're all together. Pag tumatanda talaga, yun lang masayang masaya ka na.

      - ARAY KO! ha ha ha ha! I'm doing intermittent fasting though and even if I don't show it often sa blog, I really eat a lot of veggies. So proud that at my last blood test mababa lahat -- cholesterol, sugar, etc etc, etc... kaya kain ulit! BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Thanks for the reminder though. Minsan talaga din I forget when food is the subject. He he he he he!

      -- Mismo! Sayang nga sana ikaw na din kasama. Naks!

      -- Hay naku! During kasi the ECQ, our househelp got stuck in their homes (they're not stay in) kaya I did most of the cooking and cleaning at home. My MOm was willing to do so pero don't want her to get tired kasi sumasama pakiramdam niya if she works too hard. Nung bumalik na our help, parang nasanay na din ako with our routine. ha ha ha ha ha! I got many pa naman waiting to be published (gawa na ha, publish na lang). Pero inuunti unti ko na din. Thanks! You're right.

      -- Super thankful that everyone's doing okay during this pandemic. Hay kaya talaga we always pray daily for guidance and protection din.

      WHAT ABOUT YOU??? KAMUSTA?? I've always wondered about how you were doing and your businesses doing this time. Hows your family?? Your employees??? I hope that your businesses were not too affected by this crises. E magpapalibre pa naman ako dapat sa SPIRAL pano ba yan, hindi na pwede?!?!? KIDDING! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Ang galing... please teach me naman to invest and what business to start up. I really need extra raket. I really don't know where to start.

      Open minded ka ba? JOKE ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thank you again dear Kyle! Hope we could meet soon! Take care always and God bless to you and your family.

      Read my long comment sa COD post ha

  2. Done replying 2 ur COD last message Bestie haha eto nman.

    Food & memories talaga dats what u'll carry with you. Maalaka mo gano kasarap ang pagkain & how much good time u had spending it with family & friends.

    Ako I always set time or make time for people I care about or cant live without. Sabi nga people you accomodate in ur life shud bring value 2 u as a person. Pag walang kwenta & negativity lang dala sa buhay mo... Cut them loose you dont need them. Konti lang oras ntin so better soend it with people we love & who loves us.

    I was depressed for a 2 weeks up to a month when every single business had 2 close. I relied on self help books 2 bring me up. Pano ko sasabihin confide 2 friends "ah poor me all my biz shut down" when I have millions in da bank? Nkaka hiya pra sa mga nag i struggle including some of my friends & relatives.

    I never felt so alone in my entire life but I came through to the other side much stronger than I once was. Nkaka praning talaga first time ko yon ma feel ever. Ngaun ko na realize anv importance ng self help books haha.

    Sige we can meet up for coffee talk about stocks, bonds, bitcoins, business basta all about investments. Dont worry wala ako ibe benta sayo tapos mag a ask "Open minded ka ba?" sabay benta ng insurance or networking scam LOL.

    Libre na kita Bestie i charge ko na lang sa expense account ko haha.


    1. Hullooooo Kyle!!!!!

      I agree. The taste... the aroma.... even just the process of cooking it sometimes bring back loving memories. Naku even just the taste of the pansit I used to eat in SM Hypermart got me in tears one time because it's what my Dad would bring us pasalubong before. Hay naku!!!!

      SO TRUE. Me I drop talaga everything for those who I really love. I agree with you. Now talaga at this age (AT THIS AGE DAW O!!!), I've come to a point in my life if bad vibes that person, I won't waste my time with him/her. Ok nang mawalan ng kaibigan basta yung true naman ang matitira. I'm not so showbiz talaga grabe.

      AWWWWWWW...... Alam mo you should've sent me a message. I swear. Sometimes din kasi we need just somebody to listen to us. And I get the sadness. We all have our reasons. Nobody has the right to judge. Hope you could include me in your ranting list next time. Though I hope there won't be a next time din. Message me lang in FB. Feeling close na din kami sayo. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      :( Alam mo me din I was recently soooo down. As in very down. Ewan ko ba. Menopausal na ata. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero you know what? I don't know if you believe in them pero I prayed to my guardian angels. I was like, please cheer me up. I'm just sooo sad. Help me. The next day, while I was washing dishes and Cable (my dog) was with me, suddenly the song L-O-V-E by Hi-5 came up (i added sa spotify kasi its the boys' favorite song when they were kids and I listen to it for sentimental reasons). Natuwa ako! And Cable was like so lovingly looking at me. I guess it's my Guardian Angels at work. H ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Nakakatuwa lang.

      Hala! Ako sana magaalok non e!!!!

      Nakash!!! Totoo yan ah????

      DON'T ANSWER NA. It's okay!



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