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Monday, August 31, 2020


It's Yub's birthday once again and even if he's not too much on grand celebrations, we still want to honor him and thank his ugliness for all the love and hard work that he has given us (I'm a bully I know. Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Well, as much as we want to make out-of-this world gimiks for his birthday, we didn't because of the following reasons:

a) There was an incoming pandemic.
b) He wanted everything simple.
c) He didn't plan anything for my birthday naman e so why should I plan anything for him??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Ignore the last one. Matindi ang hugot ng senior moments ko non! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, whatever the actual and pure reason, we did what we can to thank the big Chinese panget on his birthday. And based on his big smiles and thank yous, he's happy.

Syempre that made us all happy na din!

(Belated) Happy Birthday Yub!!! We love youuuuuuuus panget!!!!!!

We started Yub's special week with a pre-birthday dinner date at his YABU. He was craving so bad that night and remembered how it's been a long time since we ate there last so it was our spot after he picked me up from work. 

His tray.

My tray!

Let's EAT!!!!

The next day, the Yub woke to these headlines!!!

I had work (my second to the last before the ECQ) so it's just the Yub, my Mom, and the boys at home. 

As always, Mommy asked one of our helpers to buy a live chicken and butcher it for the Tinola. This is what we always believe to be "pamalit buhay" for the birthday celebrant.

At least masarap din ang kapalit! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Since it's my Yub's birthday, they had his his favorite Crispy Pata!

In less than 5 minutes.... Kekekwengggg!!!!!

Of course, whenever there's a birthday, Mommy also cooks up pansit!!!!

And somebody gifted the Yub with this creamy Mango Cake!! Yum!!!!!


He he he he he he.... Even if it's the Yub's birthday, Andrei didn't escape having to clean up his school mess. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That night, my guys picked me up from work so that we'll have Yub's birthday dinner at his new favorite, MANN HANN!!!!

Everything was SOOOO good!!!

When we got home, we sang to Yub a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

He doesn't like daw midnight salubong songs kaya sige, eto na lang. He he he he!

Make a wish!


Since it's the Yub's birthday, he gets to choose what we'll see for movie night.

He chose "Aladdin."

We somehow regret giving that "power."

He he he he... Okay naman pero Mati and I were not in the mood for fantasy that night. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The next night, we treated the Yub to some noodles at MENDOKORO RAMENBA!!!!

I think this is our last family gimik in a loooooooooooooong time!

Soooo good (I'm drooling now that I'm typing this)!

When we got home, we finished all episodes of KINGDOM! He he he he!

Crushes ko si Prince because I feel he looks like the Yub. Tee hee!

The next day, the Yub treated the family for Sunday lunch!

The Yub ordered from his favorite BUDDIES!!!!

We got Pancit Lucban!


Buddies Sisig!

Lumpiang Gulay!

I think we also got Pork Chops and Barbecue.

And since it's the Yub's birthday, we also got Crispy Ulo!!!

He he he he! Of course we still had Crispy Pata!

Yohoo! Let's EAT!

Nom... Nom...

Normally we're all chitty chatty during family meals but this time, galit galit muna. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My very full plate! 

Ate Jit gave the Yub coffee as birthday gift.

That's crappy!

HA HA HA HA! Kidding!

Afterwards Ate Jojit treated us to Macao Imperial for dessert! Yay!

Syempre I got my favorite Cheesecake Pearl Milk tea.

The birthday boy is happy!!! Nakalibre sa libre. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Though he was not able to go home to Quezon province to celebrate his birthday with his family, we were able to give the Yub the next best thing; a lot of love and effort to honor the ugly guy on his birthday.

(Baka nga mas maeffort pa kami... BWA HA HA HA HA HA!) 

So I guess that's what matters.

Anyway, you might look at this and think "MEH... yun lang??" Believe me, with the Yub, as long as we're all together, eating his favorite foods, and hindi siya napamahal sa gastos (yep, we're all proudly kuripot), he's so happy na. That's just the kind of guy he is. No pakitang tao, no need for expensive gifts, and just super simple.

Egad. My "revenge" for you not doing anything for my birthday backfired!!! GRRRR!


BELATED you big pangit! 







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