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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic......

For my birthday week many, many eons ago (tee hee), my favorite foodie kumares/friends and I planned to have a weekend getogether because we haven't seen each other for so long.

Finally everyone was available for Saturday and when it came to deciding where to eat, it was suggested that we try out UNO SEAFOOD PLACE because they had this eat-all-you-can promo.

Hala! I also have a buffet dinner tonight pano yan??

Well!!! At least I could afford to eat "onti lang" because of the promo so I won't be so "hinayang" about it. I'm sure I could control myself from eating too much food.

Or so I thought. Tee hee.


The Yub and I arrived extra early and we're the only ones in the restaurant.

Halaaaaaa... I don't remember that guy in red standing there before!


Our big table!

The plan here is that for P598.00 you could order all you can from the menu provided.

It's just weird though because they claim that it's P598.00 nett then at the bottom it's 10% service charge (will be) applied. Ha ha ha ha ha! So parang all in all it's really P630.00.

Oh well.... Everything will still depend on the quality and taste of the food. So let's see!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mareng Joan let's cmowwwwwn naaaaaaaa! The food is flooding our table na!

The FOOD SCOUT and hub!!!!



Yayyy! Mare is here na!!!!

Ang ganda namin grabe!

Hmmm... The table setting reminds me of a mitre or the hat of a Pope. He he he he! 


WOHOOOOO..... Food is coming. FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First to arrive were the dimsums!

Spare ribs... Siomai... Seafood roll.

Servings depend on the number of people in the table so since it was just me and the Yub who ordered, they just gave us about 2 pieces each. 


Garlic Spare Ribs!


We got several platefuls of this! So fresh, deliciously firm, and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eto pa lang sulit na sulit na our P630.00!

Beef with Brocolli!

Beef hot pot!


Oh these were sooo good. I think I finished almost everything on this platter. Even the noodles were yum. 

Fried Pork with Pineapples!

Seafood with Noodles in Sate Sauce!

Egad this was my super favorite of all! I really enjoyed slurping on the greasy and flavorful chewy noodles.

Fish in Black Bean Sate Sauce.

Chinese Style Fried Chicken!


Steamed Lapu Lapu!

I swear with the freshness of their Lapu Lapu, you already got what you paid for tenfolds!

Of course, we cannot eat all that food without some fried rice!

This is the Yang Chow.

With our favorite KTG foodies in UNO SEAFOOD PALACE!

Nom... Nom... Nom...

Could we finish all of this???

Will try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For dessert, we got some UNO Fruit Salad!

Plus cakes and their just-cooked Buchi!

The latter was very addicting!!!

Afterwards mareng Joan took out the cake she brought for the occasion.

Awwwww... Thanks mareng Joan!

Mareng Franny naman game these luscious ensaymadas! OMIGERRRD! They're like cakes na e!!! Thanks mare!

Ayan, totoong edad tuloy na-flash ko when they sang to me.

Le bill!!!!

We were KKBs. He he he he he!

Thanks dear foodie friends for this getogether. My birthday certainly became more fun because you guys were with us.

Mwah mwah!!!!!



43 Annapolis Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan City



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