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Friday, August 30, 2019


My YAPPY SUMMER 2019 feature was supposed to be one looooooooooooooooooooooooong excruciating post but then I took pity on my one or two readers (icharge pa sakin ang pagpapagawa ng salamin  nila) that I thought of just making it a two-parter. Tee hee!!!

Yeah... I know... I know that I could get a little bit too detailed in my blog posts but it's because I consider times with my ugly husband, my boys, my family, and my few close friends to be the best experiences of all that I don't want to miss out on anything (even if it's just a very minute detail of like, let's say, cleaning the bathroom... I SWEAR). So sorry na lang kayo that I'm sharing it with you. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Here's part TWO of our YAPPY SUMMER that, even if we had three months of school break, it was still OH SO bitin for all of us!!!

Enjoy.... at your own risk. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It's JUNE and the Yub and I attended another KALI session with the Master Mati!

My big guy said that it's okay if we don't accompany him anymore. When I worried that nobody will take his pictures in my absence, he let out a happy and knowing smile.

GRRRRRRRRRRR... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

That night, we treated the Mommers out to our favorite THE GRID FOOD MARKET!

YUM!!! My Mom and I shared the Lechon Manok Rice and each a Tuna Tostada! 

Now this really gave us full tummies as we watched ALADDIN!!!!

I really love THE GRID FOOD MARKET that on our next date night we ate there again! Afterwards we watched The Dark Phoenix (which was not so bad... he he).

The little guys asked if they could have a sleepover with tito Jay. We agreed at first because they said it will be only for 3 days. Aba, biglang nagextend to 2 more days then more!!!


With that, we did what they would NEVER want us to do when they're away -- go to tita Aning's place.

HA! So there!!!!!

We even made this fake post for Sunday to make them angry. Ha ha ha ha!

In fairness the reason why they love going to Antipolo is that the place is quiet and they get to go around the street with the dogs (something they cannot do in busy Mandaluyong).

Plus, my brother and family would always take them out. They have the best of times with them.

ABA humihirit pa!

Tee hee...

I think "I" am the reason why the kiddies don't want to go home na. 

June 4, 2019
The boys FINALLY returned to us that Sunday, when Ate Jit treated us to ALBA for her birthday! The prodigal sons!! GRRRR! I didn't blog about it because my siblings don't like it when I take a lot of pictures.


And hay naku, hindi pa umiinit ang pwit ng mga boys at home, Mati asked for a sleepover again with his Ninang Ann!!!

GRRR! Okay fine!!! I only allow them of course because the Virreys are already like family to us.

My big guy was excited to spend the night with his best bud!

The next day we fetched him, aba, extension na naman daw! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When the boys are at home it's not all fun and games -- they do chores.

Of course, we could do the house work ourselves but we want to teach them about responsibility and hard work. 

Andrei is the one in charge to give his dogs their baths. 


Awwww... Little Cable is sunbathing.

I also taught them how to clean the bathroom and vacuum upstairs.

What I am so proud about my boys is that I NEVER heard violent complaints when I ask them to do this and that. They would always follow (sometimes eagerly, promise no joke) and get the job done!

Yup! Even with plates!!!

Come dinner time, they take turns in washing and cleaning up the table.

Of course, boys will be boys, they would be in a hurry to finish that their chores that sometimes I would have to ask them to repeat it. But what's important is that they know of their responsibility and the importance of helping out at home. Little by little they are learning that haste makes waste because I REALLY make them repeat the whole thing unless it's squeaky clean. Ha ha ha ha ha!

During summer, the Yub and I had more date nights!

North Park!!!

North Park part 2!!!!

Yang Chow...




I thought that for summer, we'll have more night outs with the little boys. As it turns out, they would rather stay at home with their Lola OR go with their Tito Jon in Powerplant Mall.


I cannot really impose on them because I get out late and they're wawa when they have to wait up for us.

June 17, 2019 
To continue teaching the little guys about RESPONSIBILITY, they were the ones who enrolled for themselves in school. Our Dad's secretary went along to just guide them (and make sure that they don't make out the check to A MILLION) but the little lords did most of the work themselves.

Here they are filling out forms.

And having their new ID pictures taken.

Mati whatta smile!!!!

Yun lang we would really have to check up on them especially Andrei because he made some errors in the form (ha ha ha ha). It's okay. Practice makes perfect!

For Daddy's birthday, the family went out for mass and lunch. 

GRRRRRRRRRR.... No consideration for those who are NOT professionals and have office work (huhuhu). Ayan tuloy... Kami lang ni Yub and hindi kasama. 

I was ready to make tampupurot but when I got home my Mommers got a whole bucket of Kentucky, Pansit, Tinola, etc etc. all waiting for me. 


My Mommers is usually motherly like that but something also tells me that Daddy "gave" her the idea because he knows how bratty I could be. Ha ha ha ha ha!


The next day, I went to APT studios because my boss had a meeting. Before leaving, I left strict instructions to my officemates NOT to touch my table.

Syempre they did. AND sent me the MANY pictures how they violated my table!!!


I'm so loved I know.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


That night, the Yub treated me out to TORI TORI because we enjoyed our first meal there at their Ortigas branch.

June 22-23
On the third week of June, the family went to Subic with our Bawal Panget Family.

We're lucky to have found a resort that catered to our budget but still offered comfortable accommodations. We all had a great weekend!

Unforgettable too that it was Andrei's first time to experience driving. Don't worry this was in a BIG vacant part of the beach. 


It was fun to go out of course but we don't need to go far to have a great summer.

Ate Jit gave the Androse this Pie Face and it gave us many days of messy good time!

It was extra cool of Andrei to think of shooting slow mo videos when we get "blasted" with whipped cream!

Even my Kuya Jon joined too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yun lang ANG HIRAP magligpit afterwards because it got so sticky everywhere. Ha ha ha ha ha!

For the Daddyowzers death anniv, we went to his hometown to visit him.

We also had a simple yet super delicious lunch where we ate with our hands! Yup! Just how Daddy would like it too!

We were supposed to go home but it was SOOOOOOOOOOO traffic! We went straight to Powerplant Mall to hear mass.

Ate Jit arranged for Daddy to get prayers for that anticipated mass.

Afterwards, the Yub and I treated the family to GANSO SHABUWAY!! Yum!!! Sarap!

The next day, Master Mati went to ToyCon -- he has been excited for this for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time!

The Yub accompanied him and attended the forums that Master Mati wanted to watch. My big guy even asked questions during some of the talks.

Yep! He was enjoying every minute of it! My guy even bought some toy collectibles!

And posters!

At that same time, my bunsoy baby went with his Ninang Jojit to Lucena and then stayed with his  cousins Isha and Hiley!

Hay naku! They never stopped playing!

Like Master Mati, he was enjoying every minute and (I'm sure) didn't want to go home agad. ha ha ha ha h!

Team Yap even took him out for a Japanese dinner -- Andrei's wish for the night.

And yep!! Like I guessed, he's asking agad when he could go back to Lucena. Grrrrr... Why do you want to leave Mommy always??? WHYYYY???!!!

He he he he he!

Since I was all alone, I just had lunch with the Mommers and Tito Jon that Sunday. He he he he...

(Okay lang pala na wala sila... Yayyyy)


And here's JULYYYYYYYYY....

Yep. Let me greet the 7th month of the year with MORE useless activities. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Dear Johans stayed with us again that weekend and we all had a fun family Saturday night!

We saw SPIDERMAN II and wohoo! It was grrrrreat!

At home, the boys' PS3 time was limited but they didn't mind because they had their own project -- building Gundams!!!!

July was the last month of the boys vacation and with that, I thought of having movie nights every night with them. 

I really enjoyed these movie nights because I was also able to share with the little lords my favorite movies as a kid. The best part too is that they loved it all as well.

It became a sort of tradition for us that July that the Yub and I would really rush home early (no gimiks with friends) just so that we could have the scheduled movie night!

Here are some of the movies that we watched and loved. Note that most of them are classics! He he he!


ANCHORMAN! He he he he!






My favorite! 

he he he he he he!

Mareng Gail called me one night asking for help and you know me, ALWAYS the dutiful friend, so I went to her "aid."

While listening to her problems, I got to feast on this delicious hot plate of noodles from BANANA LEAF CURRY! Yum!

We had a VERY productive next day as the Yub and I had our passports renewed THEN had a meeting with our real estate agent. The looong day was capped off with dinner at Romantic Baboy then Starbucks.

The whole day may be tiring but I could always pull an all nighter when it's with my family. He he he he!

Yep. Even if hindi na TUGS TUGS!

Even if we all love being with our family and friends, I also look forward to gimiks where it's just the 4 of us, THE YAPPY BUNCH, for that extra bonding moments.

With that, I treated my guys to a staycation in ANYA TAGAYTAY!!!!

I was right: we all had an awesome time!!! It's great that we had this weekend just to ourselves.

The Yub agreed as well as the boys even if they didn't say so. Ha ha ha!

The following week, we fulfilled our promise to Andrei to treat him to a movie in the Director's Club!

His requested movie? YESTERDAY! Yup! My bunsoy is such a BEATLES buff (like me and my sibs) that when he learned that such movie will be showing soon he really asked to watch it in the Director's Club.

And he really enjoyed the experience!!!!! Though I personally found the facilities were better in Podium, my bunsoy still had a lot of fun. I told him that we'll watch in Podium soon if there's an upcoming movie that he'll want to watch.

Time was limited so we got a quick dinner at the food court before proceeding to the theatre. Deliciously tipid! Ha ha ha ha ha!

That weekend, we had our yearly family check up c/o Yub's company.

And since we're at BGC, we ate in our family favorite -- GENKI SUSHI! We always treat the boys here too at important times in their lives (birthdays, start of summer, and end of summer... ha ha ha).

And our dreaded moment has come (for me and Andrei anyway)....

Time for the little boy to become the tuli boy! Ha ha ha ha ha!

My little guy was understandably nervous of the upcoming operation but later on he was such a trooper. I for one got sooo sad that he's officially not my baby anymore.

HMP! I don't care. Basta he'll still be my bunsoy forever!

July 27, 2019
ACKKKK! School starts next week and we haven't done any shopping yet! Since Andrei was "healing" at home, the three of us went to Galleria to buy what we needed for the schoolyear.

Afterwards we had a VERY enjoyable lunch at PANCAKE HOUSE. Grabe. I always have Pancake House for meetings and snacks but this is the first time in a loooong time where I had pancakes here again. OMG ang sarap talaga. For me I really think it's the BEST pancakes there is forever and forever.


When Andrei felt better, we went out with his Best Guy Pal Pao Pao and Team Mina!

That Sunday, we didn't go out and opted to just have cheap pizza with some leftover homemade Mami. I tell you, I had a warm feeling inside because even if we had such a simple meal, I felt the strong bond of family there. Enjoy lang kami chomping on the pizzas, slurping noodles, while having light and funny convo. Saya lang! 

At the end of July we celebrated EAT BULAGA's 40 years anniversary!!! Woah would you believe that???

UP YOURS other channels!!! We've got the looooongest running noontime show here. Just bow on your way out.


Kidding!!! EAT BULAGA is all heart that we wouldn't be mean to our competitors. 

Maybe that's why we always receive many blessings?

That weekend, we attended Sky's 7th birthday party where it featured a fashion show theme.

Andrei is sooo good and did his part so well. He was pure confidence all throughout.

Look at me semi-hosting at the back. Good thing the Yub had a video of dear Andrei's walk!

And he was awarded Coolest Outfit for his Autumn get up! Yayyyy! Ahem ahem... My bunsoy really has good taste because he was the one who picked what clothes he'll be wearing. 

Classes were supposed to start that Monday but because of the typhoons, their school re-scheduled the first day to be on Wednesday instead.

YAYYY! That means we have one more "schoolnight-free Sunday". With that, we had an impromptu family night with our little guys.

Dinner was at their new favorite Bon Chon...

Then movie Hobbes and Shaw (their request) afterwards.

Yohooo! It didn't matter that the Yub and I had work the next day. Having night outs with the little guys are something that we would really stay up late for. 

And finally it arrives... The END OF SUMMER.

Back to waking up at 5:00am...
Back to making a weekly menu...
Back to cooking breakfast and cleaning up afterwards... 
Back to helping out kiddies with their schoolwork (even if we don't understand it)...
Back to insta-pabili ako school supplies...
Back to calling them up at 4:30pm (when they get home) to ask what happened to their day and they would usually make an excuse to put down the phone as soon as they answered it...
Back to WANTING to go to bed early but in the end, will watch something in Netflix to keep us awake till 12:00am...

(Dryly) Yipee... Hello school.


Seriously though, even if it meant ending our movie nights or gimiks during the weekday, we were all looking forward to the challenges of what the new school year may bring. I'm sure there would still be the usual cramming, reminding, forgetting, love-letters (teacher's notes) in the diary, etc etc but we would always have SUMMER of 2019 to remind us that as every day goes by...

SUMMER OF 2020 will come!!


Till next summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





  1. Bestfriend Im back! Haha.

    Hello Ms.Jaz just finished reading ur 1 month posts.

    Korea Trip looked super fun. The Yappy Summer series you do every year favorite ko din yan kasi compact yet detailed.

    So Glad that nothing happened 2 ur property. God (& possibly ur Dad) protected it from da fire.

    Ur from Mandaluyong Plainview? prang na miss ko yata yon. Been reading ur blog for da longest time akala ko taga Makati ka hahaha.

    Had no plans of visiting ur site today but Ive been sick for 3 days kaya total bedrest me dahil siguro sa nonstop hustling & rakets haha. I feel better na so Ive been devouring books & blogs reading as much as I can since Friday.

    Dont like watching TV & I am not much of a movie geek except when it's Marvel made. Even then choosy pa din sa papanoorin. Dont like wasting time kasi & easily gets bored.


    1. Huloooooo Best Friend Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How are you???? Mishoo na!!!!

      Sorry I wasn't able reply ora mismo. It's hard to reply using the mobile phone and our PC got dodgy this week. Got so excited when I saw your comment kaya so sorry wasn't able to answer agad.


      YES IT WAS! Even if our time was limited because of the planned tour, ang saya pa din. It was extra fun too since we did it with my friends. We hope to have another one.

      Ha ha ha ha! Sometimes I ask myself if I still need to do a SUMMER SERIES pero it's my way to give a more detailed look of summer vacation without inserting it into the annual compilation of our activities. Thanks so much! Medyo mahaba nga talaga siya ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      I so agree. Thank God and to my Dad talaga. Did you see his figure? We really believe that that he's there with the family too.

      Yehessssss!!!! Ha ha ha ha! kasi we're always in Powerplant Mall that's why you'd think we're in Makati. he he he he he!

      Grabe sarap naman ng rakets!! I hope you're okay. If youre sick for more than 3 days please have yourself checked na. Naku may mga dengue dengue na ngayon. Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for reading. I'm sure it helped you sleep (ako minsan ganon... BWA HA HA HA HA)

      Guess what? I'm watching AVENGERS ENDGAME again! I did another Marvel Marathon kasi and it ends with it. Ang ganda pa din niya. Ha ha ha ha ! I only watch kasi when I go to and from work kaya I didn't get to finish it all. Mamaya uli.

      Thanks again dear Kyle! I hope you're feeling better na. Take care of yourself always! Mwah mwah mwah!

    2. Yep I saw da figure & it gave me chills. I suddenly remembered my favorite Tito in da whole wide world. He died a long time ago. I mentioned him to you after your Losing Roger post. Dat was da first time I ever commented in your blog. Our very first interaction haha.

      Yep you guys are always at Powerplant Mall especially on ur Christmas & New Years posts.

      Great news Im fine now! Wasnt dengue at all. More like overfatigue & stress combo with very few sleeping hours everyday ng para sa ekonomiya hahaha.

      Sleeping was a huge help tlaga & resting & chilling. Sadyang workaholic kc ako & I really need 2 enjoy myself more yung work-life balance.Im here at Starbucks Megamall right now taking it easy after just meeting with a client.

      Avengers Endgame again? There will come a time masusuka ka na dyan LOL. Baka memorize mo na lines ni Black Widow LOL.

      Thanks Bestfriend!



      Before you get turned off (ha ha ha ha) that's what I usually greet my friends. I love doing jeje texts too just too just to irritate them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      Di baaaa? Buti you saw it agad. My sister had a difficult time seeing the figure. It's just very comforting. OO nga no??? Thanks! He he he he! Your comment really lifted me up back then.

      Mismo! It's my favorite mall because not only is it not as big as Megamall, but there's less people too. I like the homeyness of it and that mostly families go there. So yay Rockwell!!!

      Uy thank God it's not Dengue! There are so many victims now. Consider yourself blessed. Oo nga you're working yourself too much to the bone sobra. Hindi pa naman kami magpapalibre sa Spiral. Kidding! Ha ha ha ha ha ah! glad you're better.

      Ha ha ha ha! I want to watch it again nga e. I'm sure I will throw up at the mere thought of it after watching it like 10 or 20 times so now I'm still enjoying the ride. He he he he he! Hindi ko pa memorize lines ni Black Widow but I still cry when she dies!! HUHUHU!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks also dear Best Friend! Glad you're better! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!


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