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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I have always declared that breakfast is my weakness. Even if I'm controlling my carbs, just present me with coffee, eggs, garlic rice, (my favorites) and I become powerless. I don't know what but there is just something about breakfast that makes my tummy a bottomless pit. I NEVER get full when I'm wolfing down my usual "silogs" no matter what time of day.

So imagine my glee (with a matching yipee) upon discovering EAT O'CLOCK in THE NORTH HIVE FOOD PARK. With the growing popularity of food trucks in the Metro, it's great to know that one of them is serving the type of food I will never mind going back for.

And I'm sure that after one taste of it, the all day breakfast food at EAT O'CLOCK is something that you'll be craving for again and again.... 

It's a Friday night and we're in NORTH HIVE FOOD PARK!!!

Food parks are certainly the place to be in these days especially if you're in the mood for a variety of dishes in a very casual, no frills setting.

There are actually a lot of mouth-watering stalls in NORTH PARK FOOD HIVE but we only got our eye on one place...


EAT O'CLOCK is owned by my former boss, Ms. Grace Esquillion. She said good bye to the world of Broadcasting and went to the direction of her true love -- cooking!!!!

She invited her TAPE Inc., gang to try out her new baby EAT O'CLOCK. And after learning that it serves my favorite breakfast food, I didn't mind driving all the way to Visayas Ave, QC!

(Actually my husband did the driving, but it's okay. We're going to eat anyway.)


Tita Grace and my arch enemy, Tita Flory doing the heart sign K-pop style!

Her cutie daughter Alyanna and Tito Ton!

Tito Rey and Yub!




EAT O'CLOCK menu 1...

EAT O'CLOCK menu 2!!

EAT O'CLOCK menu 3...

Wohoo!!! Food is here so it's time EAT!

Tita Grace ordered the EAT O'CLOCK Open Faced Wagyu Beef Sandwich (P189.00)!

I don't know if I'm just getting older but this sandwich is good for 2 people!

For only P189.00, you'll get a board with bread topped with meat slices of juicy Wagyu in black pepper gravy.

It is then drizzled with melted cheese and gooey egg for that extra tadaah!

This is yum on so many levels!

Another sandwich that you should definitely try is the EAT O'CLOCK Torched Cheese Sandwich (P149.00)!

You'll be served with toasty bread filled with adobo flakes, mayo, and veggies. It is then topped with grated cheese.

Lo and behold, the sandwich will be torched right before your very eyes!


What you'll get is a sandwich so oozing with cheese that it's definitely going to be a mess to eat.

Besides the creamy cheese, you'll have paprika potato chips to munch on!

Sandwich innards!

The Chinese Dimpol and I feasted on "silogs"!

BUT, these are obviously not your usual sinangag and itlog!!!!

I got the EAT O'CLOCK Tender Beef Wagyu Tapa (P229.00)!

A big mound of special buttered garlic rice topped with fried fatty chunks of Wagyu fried in garlic.

It is then served with two fried eggs with sauteed onions and tomatoes. Instead of achara, you'll have thinly sliced cucumbers with olives and vinaigrette!

I don't think I need to tell you how great this was!

As for the Yubhub, he got the EAT O'CLOCK Hickory Smoked Homemade Bacon (P179.00)!

We were not used to thick bacon but we were glad to try out this big slab of tender pork.

Besides the special garlic rice and cucumber salad, we also got fried eggs with buttered garlic and fried marble potatoes!


Even the eggs are so good with the special fried rice!

I was taking a picture of the food but my two officemates thought kasama sila.

Sige na nga!


Yehesss!!! Breakfast is served!

Too bad that EAT O'CLOCK cannot serve coffee because in Food Parks, only certain stalls could sell drinks.

The liquor stall near EAT O'CLOCK sell big goblets of drinks!

You could opt for something non-alcoholic too!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with TAPE Inc. friends in EAT O'CLOCK!!!

For dessert, we had the "BBFTT" or the Banana and Blueberry French Toast Tower (P259.00)!

Now this is HUGE!!!! A group of 3 or 4 could enjoy this full plate of bananas, blueberries, buttered fried bread, chocolate drizzles, and torched marshmallows!

Burp!!!! Woah!!! What a delicious feast of breakfast food for dinner. This is certainly something to go for when you're in the Quezon City area!

Thank you Mam Grace for having us! We will definitely be back! 

North Hive Food Park
Don Faustino St. (near corner Holy Spirit Drive)
Quezon City, Philippines
0917 357 3134


  1. Wow ang mura nung meal at mukhang masarap! Sana meron din sa south!

    1. Hiya dear Erika! Mismo! And servings are big!!! Hahaha! Sana nga! :) Mwah!

  2. All day breakfast is LIFE!...It's my most fave meal of the day! Silog is LOVE LOVE!...Toasts are also to die for! I'll surely try this food haven in QC! Thank you Ms.Jaz! You're finally back!

    1. Hi dear Dave! I agree! I love breakfast food! Feeling ko hindi ako nabubusog. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Do try it. I wanna go back din soon and try the other dishes. Take care always God bless you. Mwaaah :) Thanks also for always being there. :)


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