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The Chinese Dimpol had his big 4-0 this year and even if I told him there won't be ANY sort of celebration (because he didn't do anything when I turned 40!!!!), I wasn't able to resist and gave him a LOT of birthday gimmicks! I figured, he may not really be into grand gestures but he shows us everyday how much he loved us by being the most dependable and loving husband, daddy, son, brother, and son-in-law, there is. That's why I was glad when we were planning his birthday getogethers, I didn't have any problems with guests' participation -- the ones who mattered really partied with us.

So let me share with your how we celebrated the 40th birthday of our one and only Chinese Dimpol! Why? Because you guys are also VERY special to us!




HAPPY 40TH BDAY our dearest!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol got a super early birthday greeting during his getogether with childhood friends.

For that very fun meet-up, they greeted all of the March celebrants!!! Yep! They were a LOT in the gang and they were all turning 40!!!!!!!!!

That was a wild night! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

His first (un)official birthday celebration started with a dinner treat with our Quezon City friends at SHANGRILA WEST!

Why unofficial you may ask? The Chinese Dimpol had a surprise birthday dinner with his friends that Saturday and to throw him off, I maintained that it was still MY birthday week. Even if my friends were asking if they could sing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband, I said no because I didn't want him to get any feel of it for his birthday. He should remain clueless all throughout. I figured, the surprise will have more impact if everybody was dedma about his special day! 

However, I wonder why he didn't get an idea of it because the spread at SHANGRI-LA WEST that night seemed like a party already!!!!

Century Egg (me and Mati's favorite)!!!

Birthday Noodles (Hint! Hint!)!

Beef with Brocolli!

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet!

Sweet Pork (Yub's favorite!)!

Shrimp Balls!


BFF's Dani and Tiana!

My inaanak Jelo and BB Aning!

Me and my naughty bunsoy!

Master Mati with best bud Johans!

Team Quitoriano!

Pareng Jonahs and Johans!

Me with the birthday boy!

A happy secret birthday Yub!!!!

It's always fun with the gang!

That Saturday, THE YAPPY BUNCH went to our favorite HOUSE OF WAGYU STONE GRILL!!!!

It's also the first time for the little lords so I'm doubly excited for them. 

Yummm!!! Cream of Mushroom Soup!!!!!


Check out our blogpost HERE!!!!

Our HOUSE OF WAGYU lunch was supposedly part of my 2 week birthday.

Yup! I said SUPPOSEDLY!!!

Because really, it's a joint celebration! It's just that I don't want to get ahead of the surprise later on so again, this was his "secret" birthday! He he he he he!

That night, Yub's childhood friends from Lucena, his brother with the wife, BGP Marian and Fred,  and I, gave him a surprise dinner party at NONNA in Solenad, Nuvali!!!!

There, we savored the gooey and cheesy pizzas made in the restaurant!!!!

The mushroom chicharon was something too!!!!!!

It was really a fun and successful evening!!!!

My birthday yubhub was REALLY surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!!

For that Sunday, my Mommy whipped up a special family boodle fight feast for Yub and our Mandaluyong friends!


We had a special set up for the kiddies too!!!!

It was a suuuuper delicious lunch that got us all full till dinner time.

Check it out on our blogpost HERE!

That night, the eve of Yub's actual birthday, the little lords whispered that they wanted to give an early surprise song before they go to bed (they still had school the next day).

Andrei and I made a fake fight and when the Chinese Dimpol heard our shouting, the boys surprised him with THIS!!!!

Was he SO surprised!!!!!!!!


My brother joined in!

Andrei saved his allowance and put some of it in an envelope. He said it's so that Daddy could buy the thing he was saving up for. 


Yub said that he'll not spend the money and save it as a remembrance of Andrei's thoughtfulness. 

Awwww... My thoughtful little lords!!! I'm so proud of them!!!!!!!

On Yub's actual birthday...

Here are the top news!

That Monday night, Yub's birthday, my Daddy (RIP) treated him and the family to the birthday boy's request...

Chinese food in MONGKOK!!!!

Master Mati, Kuya Jon, and Mommy!

Bunsoy Andrei with his Lolo!!!!

(He took this selfie!)

Me and the birthday boy!!!

My plate filled with noodles, dimsum, sweet and sour fish, and century egg! Yum! I think I had 3 servings of the noodles!

When we got home...

We sang to him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

We don't need a posh setting or an expensive cake.

What matters is that we're crazily happy together!

After the birthday song, the Yubhub wanted his birthday kisses.

After Andrei, he went for Mati.

And attempted to get one from me but the hand says it all.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Yummmm! That was a real great cake!!!!!

Later that week, I was supposed to treat the Chinese Dimpol to CHILI'S when we bumped into THE FOOD ALPHABET family! As birthday gift to the Chinese Dimpol, they got the bill for us. Wowwww! Thank you sooo much!

Magkumare talaga kami ni mareng THE FOOD ALPHABET!!! We are always drawn to each other.

We are drawn to our beauty AND the delicious food at CHILI'S!!!!

More on blog post coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday, I treated the Chinese Dimpol to his craving that night...


He was drooling for some of his favorite Chicken Wings!!!

My happy celebrant!

As for me...

I didn't mind his PHO HOA choice since I had something HOT in mind too!

We also got Spring Rolls!

Happy 40th my love!

(Blech! Hindi ata bagay sakin!)

Egad! My bowl of Pho was soooo spicy!

But I still finished it!

That Friday, the Chinese Dimpol fetched Master Mati from school and they picked me up from work.

And when we're from my office, you know where the next stop will always be...


The Chinese Dimpol is obsessed with Dimsum so it's just fitting to include CAUSEWAY in his birthday celebrations.

(Aba! Nakadila pa!)

I'm sure you'll agree with us why.

I mean, how can you resist that? Especially on a birthday???

O kay sarap ng may birthday! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

That Saturday, the Chinese Dimpol chose again where we're going to have our family dinner...


Master Mati chose the best dish for the night!

Dinner certainly made us extra excited for our movie later on!!!

(Andrei wasn't able to join us because he had cough. He didn't want to risk getting sick by watching a movie so he just stayed home.)

Blog post coming soon!

And for that Sunday... the piece de resistance!


Celebrations are indeed MORE fun in HOUSE OF WAGYU! Their food and service are just extraordinary!

Indeed, a great ending to Yub's 1 week birthday celebration!!!!

Again... Blog post coming soon!

Our trip may have been 2 weeks after his birthday, but of course, time spent with the Chinese Dimpol's family is already a celebration in itself.

Ate Jojit and Anthony were able to join pa!!!!

And when we're in Lucena, we would always eat at the Chinese Dimpol's favorite restaurants such as CAFE ANTIGUA!



It's great that the Chinese Dimpol was able to bond further with his family and kiddies by being the faux coach during our bowling game.

Yep! Faux because he always says "TIRAHIN NYONG MABUTI AH!" to everyone! 

But when he showed us how to do it, NADULAS SYA AND FELL ON HIS BUTT!! Ha ha ha ha! Like sa movies!!!!!!!! 


Sorry it was just so funny.

It just made the Lucena weekend more memorable!


Thus ends another birthday for everyone's favorite Chinese Adonis/Dimpol...

Thank you Yub for always making sure that our future looks bright...

And for making sure that our little family sticks close together no matter what. 

Thank you for marrying me...

Because not only did I get a boyfriend for life...

But I also got somebody whom I will be crazy with forever and ever.

We did laugh about it, but really you are our coach who gives strong encouragement in our everyday endeavors! 

And for that, we are always thankful to God for you and promise to be behind you all the way.






  1. Welcome back!!! Namiss ko magbasa ng mga blogpost mo. this year I am turning 30 na sana may ganitong pakulo din husband ko haha!!!

    1. Thank you dear Erika! Ha ha ha ha I missed reading your comments din. I wasn't supposed to, but I thought ang dami kong posts ready for publishing naku sayang naman. He he he he! Memories din yun.

      Ha ha ha ha! Pabasa mo sa hubby mo. Kahit naman simple kain sa labas basta kantahan ka niya with candle sweet na sweet na yun. Kiligations na. Uuuuuy!!!! Advance happy birthday!!!!

  2. Long and lasting love naman talaga <3

    1. Hi dear Yanna! Minsan oo minsan hindi! Ha h ah ah ah ah ah ha! Kidding!


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