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Friday, February 10, 2017


Growing up, Sundays are precious because it is when we celebrate being a family with FOOD. Don't get me wrong. My family and I were already close to begin with and my Dad, the original foodie, loved taking us out for simple dinners and memorable getogethers even during weekdays. However, Sunday became our "commemorative" family day especially that we go to morning mass together. When we go home, my Mom would start heating up the sizzling plates and grill the steaks while my Dad will have Frank Sinatra blaring on the radio. My siblings and I would scramble to the table  because each wanted to be the first to get the good parts of steak or turbo chicken. Yes. As in AGAWAN! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Such happy memories!

Fast forward to when we are all grown up and had families of our own. I'm glad that my Mom still cooks up a storm for our Sunday Family Lunch that the tradition is rubbing off onto the little lords. Since the delicious food and togetherness really gave me unforgettable times growing up, I still held the day sacred and I would always tell the boys so. As a result, they too now consider Sunday Family Lunch to be something that we should always do at my home. Sure we would have other plans from time to time but those are rare as the priority is always Sunday lunch with the family.

I guess my dedication to it is rubbing off on the little lords because one time I asked Master Mati if he wanted to eat at our favorite sushi restaurant one weekend and he said "But it's Sunday Family Lunch!!! We should eat with everyone at home!!!!!!"


Well I don't blame him because the chika and the Sunday food? REALLY GOOD!!!!!

Here's a compilation of our recent Sunday Family Lunches so that you'd get an idea why we're so obsessed with it!


Sometimes, the "fun" extends to dinner! He he he he he he he!

Sometimes, we cannot have enough pork in our system! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I remember this lunch making me get MORE extra rice!

Check out Andrei imitating a herobrine from Minecraft! He he he he he he!

Seafood and Barbecue Galore!

(Just in case you're searching for my Dad or my other family members, sometimes they don't want to join the picture!!!! >:( )

Did you see the Shrimp Fra Diablo pasta in the upper left? I made that for Sunday lunch!!! The recipe was from Rachel Ray!!!


I love it when my mom makes her special home made pansit!!! So delicious with rice!!!!!

I also love it when my Dad has the same pose in different pictures! Ha ha ha ha ha! I swear I had to really check that it's two different pictures!

This may not be Sunday but it WAS Andrei's birthday and we had dinner at home because it was his exam week!

Family Sunday Lunch with Kuya Jay's family!

Kuya Jay and his family lived in Antipolo and would usually drop by on Saturdays. It's rare that they go down from their mountain on Sundays kasi. He he he he he he!

I guess the bright red colors says it all!

Yeah!!! Crab and corn!

I made the pasta again! He he he he he he!

Oooh! Shrimps and Crabs galore!

For this Sunday lunch, too bad my brother's not with us because our homemade mami buffet is his favorite!

One of my family's favorite is BARRIO FIESTA and having their Kare Kare and Crispy Pata for lunch is ALWAYS  a treat!

YEAH!!! Love fried Talangka when it raids our Sunday lunches!

Because we could never have enough noodles! Ha ha ha ha ha!

My sister and Anthony just got married two weeks before!

On another Sunday Family Lunch, we had different types of crabs again and our favorite Sinigang sa Miso!


For Sunday family lunch, sauteed beansprouts may be simple but it's my favorite!

Just want to share one time I cooked Chow Mein for my family when I got home from work. It's not Sunday Family Lunch but it still involved food for the special people in my life. He he he he he he he!

For Mother's Day!

For my brother's birthday, one of his wishes was for Sunday Family Lunch!

This year, Valentimes fell on a Sunday but we were not able to go out because Andrei was sick. I'm putting this in because it's still a Sunday and it's a special occasion.

For my sister's birthday, we had a simple  but delicious lunch prepared for her too!

We sang her birthday song in my parents room!


For one Family Lunch Day, we had our favorite barbecue in Antipolo!

For another Sunday lunch I cooked some Korean grub!!!

For Master Mati's birthday weekend, we cooked up the food that he liked!

Including this bad-ass Wagyu Steak from KITAYAMA!!!!!

When the Chinese Dimpol returned from a trip in Indonesia, we prepared a special boodle fight for him!

If you look at the food closely though, it's still some of our usual Sunday family lunch dishes but this time, "ala boodle"!!!!!

Thanks Mommy for cooking this up for the Chinese Dimpol!

As much as we love eating at home for our Sunday Family Lunch, we would also have occasional meals outside especially if there's no one to clean the dishes. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yeah. THAT could be our deal breaker when eating at home. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


So that's it. That's a mini-compilation of our my special Sunday meals with the family. You may notice that some getogethers doesn't necessarily fall on a Sunday nor is it at home, it just goes on to show of course that it doesn't matter what or where you eat, as long as you are with your family.

It wouldn't hurt of course if the food was EXTRA, EXTRA, EXTRA delishes!!!!!




  1. Awwww. We used to have Sunday lunches with the whole fam, kaso more than 3/4 of them went to the US and Canada na, tas my grandfather passed away na nung 2015 so kanya-kanya na kami at lunch. Haha

    It's a good tradition, and I look forward to the time when your boys will be the one to prep lunch for you guys naman someday :)

    1. Hulloooo dear Yanna!!! Di ba?? It's not really the food... It's not really the place... But more of it is the togetherness! I mean, my family could eat spam or tuyo but as long as we were complete, ang saya! Good thing that my Mom and I love to cook kaya we really try to make our Sundays more unforgettable with the dishes. He he he he he he!!! Awwww... I'm sure there will come a time you guys will be together pa din. Maybe you could do it for your grandfather? I'm sure he'll be happy that you'll do so in his honor.

      Me too! I hope so and look forward to that. Kahit itlog masaya na ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks again dear Yanna! Have a great Sunday! Mmmmwaaaaaaaaaah!


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