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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


International dishes may become the rave from time to time but no cuisine reigns more supreme for us than Filipino food. With that, MARCO POLO MANILA, Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star awardee, invites you to celebrate the awesomeness of our taste with "From Palette to Palate!"

From August 22 to 31, 2017, our very own Chef Ramon Antonio will show how Filipino food is like a work of art -- literally. The world-class chef is known for sketching his dishes and bringing it to life for his diners. With "From Palette to Palate" you will experience first-hand a feast for the eyes AND for your insatiable hunger at CUCINA for as low as P1,500.00!

Check out my date with the Chinese Dimpol as we enjoy Chef Ramon Antonio's beautiful and tasty dishes at CUCINA, in MARCO POLO HOTEL Manila!

ERICJAZ FOODIES are going to have a date night with Chef Ramon Antonio's creations! 


Too bad we were not able to attend the launch last August 22, 2017 but we were still able to see Chef Antonio's sketches displayed throughout CUCINA!

I wasted no time and immediately went for the specials of Chef Antonio in the CUCINA spread!

CUCINA Appetizers station...


I love how Chef Antonio draws up his dishes as if he's doing a design on a wedding gown.

Of course, the end result I feel is more beautiful and mouth watering!

Kinilaw na Bisaya!

The fresh cubed fish was complemented with the sourness of the mangoes and nuttiness of the wansuy leaves. 

Cavitenong Kulao!

I had a slight crunch with the thinly sliced pork ears and enjoyed the contrasting taste of the sauce. Believe it or not, the dish was still light amidst the "heavy" ingredients.

After getting my fill of the appetizers, I went straight ahead to the signature dishes of the night.

CUCINA Adobong Imus!

CUCINA Inun Uman Nga Apahap!

CUCINA Kalderetang Baka!

CUCINA Humbang Baka sa Sioktong!

For soups, they were serving 2 viands that night.

The CUCINA Ginarep -- a dish similar to a corn soup but with a clear broth and the addition of clams.

CUCINA Binakol!

I loved this more because of the creaminess that had a slight sour bite in the end. It was so flavorful that I was so tempted to eat it with rice.

CUCINA Bugas Mais!

It was my first time to encounter ground corn cooked in squid ink. It was like a very fine paella with fresh seafood as toppings. 

The Chinese Dimpol was late so I was initially by my lonesome with all the mouth watering food.

It's okay. MORE FOR ME!

Kalderetang Baka with Bugas Mais!


And my menage-trois of appetizers!

For drinks, we got CUCINA's special house iced tea (P250.00)!

Something tells me that this is NOT your ordinary bottomless iced tea! He he he he he!

And rightfully so!

The Chinese Dimpol finally arrived and guess what he went straight for in the buffet???

Piping hot bowls of Chef Antonio's made to order soups!

La Paz Batchoy.

Batangas Lomi!

I had the La Paz Batchoy since it has always been my favorite among Filipino noodle soups.


We enjoyed our La Paz Batchoy and Batangas Lomi with a goblet of red wine because that's how we roll.

If Chef Antonio is an artist, then we are abstract. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Chinese Dimpol had seconds of the Bagnet.

He loved how it was still crispy even if the slab of meat has been on the buffet even before I arrived.

For dessert....

CUCINA Tablea't Luya!

My attention however went for the CUCINA Napoleones Pandan!

I loved the light crust encasing the creamy pandan custard. 



Of course, when in CUCINA, though shalt not forget their other specialties that are worth saving tummy space for!

Hello there my big friend!

I had my small fill of sushi from their cold station. I always have sushi in every buffet I go to!

A familiar sight in CUCINA is their fresh seafood! Don't forget to fill up a plate and have it baked or fried when you're there.

I never miss having some Roast Beef too when I'm there!



The Chinese Dimpol also had some grilled pork and squid.

He finished this all by his lonesome.

After I got my fill of Filipino food, I got meself some Pasta Pomodoro, Cheese, Bread, and more wine!

After we wiped off all the food, we finally had some dessert with coffee.


The Chinese hub was still having MORE wine!

Huli ka balbon!

Oh I'm kidding. The wine is for me. I'm feeling kinda like Cersei you know. Tee hee!

What a great date night with the Chinese Dimpol to feast on Filipino food made more beautiful by Chef Ramon Antonio.

You only have tonight and tomorrow to enjoy these works of art by Chef Antonio. Make your reservations ASAP in CUCINA!!!

24th Floor, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, 
Sapphire Street Corner Meralco Avenue, 
Ortigas, Pasig City
02 2469069 ext:740



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