Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It's Andrei's birthday staycation at NOBU and we are at our second day. Now if yesterday was any indication as to how the second part of our staycation will go, then I'd say it's going to be another awesome one!

Because really, why wouldn't it?? The Chinese Dimpol even has a flower tucked behind his ear!!!

Tee to the Hee!



Good morning Manila!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH slept really late last night but it was still like a loooong, sound, and deep sleep.

We had such a comfortable rest that we woke up happy and ready.

Check out my helmet hair!!!!!

We enjoyed our breakfast at NOBU very much!!!

Blogpost coming soon!

The NOBU restaurant were so nice with my request and gave Andrei a birthday plate complete with origami!!

Afterwards, it's time to swim again!

The NOBU pool!

It was slightly drizzling, but remembering the fun we had in CANYON COVE, we still went for it!

At first, my bunsoy Andrei stayed by the steps.

As for Mati, he ventured far away.

While swimming, it's nice to be surrounded by the golden buildings of CITY OF DREAMS.

Here's my NT (New Teenager) again!

My bunsoy didn't want to leave his staircase.

But there's nothing that a little hugging can't solve!

Swimming in the rain!

The water at the NOBU pool was not heated and was actually quite cold. But after staying submerged for some time, your body will adapt to the temperature.

That's why we swam for a looooooooooong time!

There is nothing that we can't handle!!!!

After an hour, Andrei was the first to go...

Master Mati, the very dependable kuya, stayed with his baby brother.

Now that leaves me and the Chinese D, all alone in the pool!

Well sorta!

Like how I'm hiding part of my big forehead??

It also gave me and my fatness time to contemplate about life!

The Chinese Dimpol was playing with this Iphone pouch that we bought in a tyangge for only P100. For the price, it was so sulit because it protected our camera from the rain AND was able to take videos and pictures underwater!

After swimming, the Chinese D went to the shower room to wash up.

The NOBU shower room was complete with bath gel, shampoo, and conditioner so you don't need to bring anything really!

They have warm towels too!

Now what do I need a sterilizer for?

And the YAPPY BUNCH is done swimming!

We're all for one, one for all... in the coldness. Ha ha ha ha!

On our way back to the room.

Don't you just love Master Mati's black robe?

After we dressed up and packed, we still had a lot of time left before check out so we decided to just HANG.

As for me, I was chatting with some friends of FB and sending them pictures of my weird self. He he he he he he!

(True story. I love shocking my friends that way)

While we were busy doing our techie things, poor Hampy was lonely and staring at the window.

I think she saw our car!!!

And then it was check out time!

With that, THE YAPPY BUNCH did the usual pictures around room!!!

Our favorite drunk shot!

By the cabinets shot!

On the bed shot!

Andrei getting "shot" by Kuya! He he he he he!

It's always a lovely sight for me when the boys are playing. They fight and tease each other most of the time that's why moments like these are priceless!!!

And then it's time to go.

Bye room!

Thanks 7518 for "taking care" of us!

I always feel an instant connection with a room.

Hallway shot!

Squeezing in the elevator!

When we got to the lobby, there were also many people lining up to check-in!

Good thing that NOBU Front Desk officers were so efficient that we were checked out in no time!

For our late lunch, we decided to go for the fast food lane and eat at Jollibee!

Woah! The wifi of CITY OF DREAMS was so strong that we could pick it up from here!

We love you so much dear Andrei!!!! Now off to our next adventure for your birthday!!!!

I'm glad that even though NOBU HOTEL was not in our immediate plans for Andrei's birthday celebrations, we were able to come upon it and had a fantabulous weekend. So thankful that we are including this awesome staycation for Andrei's birthday memories. My bunsoy said this was his best birthday ever and we're all so glad!!!

We LOVE you dearest Andrei!

We L-O-V-E you too NOBU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Entertainment City, Parañaque, 
Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines, 1701 
+632 800-8080.

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