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Monday, March 6, 2017


It's been a looooooong work week for me and the Chinese Dimpol with deadlines, out of town drives, memos, meetings, and on top of that, rushing home to help the little lords with their school work. We're not complaining of course -- we're thankful for the opportunity to have the jobs that we love and to help out our boys any which way we can. But of course, sometimes, it's just nice to stretch out, relax, and somehow get away from it all on a Friday....

And on top of that (pun intended), have some chilled red and white wines while we're at it!

The Chinese Dimpol and I escaped from work because we felt that we deserved to have some of MARCO POLO HOTEL's APERITIVO in VU'S SKY BAR AND LOUNGE!

What's an APERITIVO you might ask?

To put it simply, it's pre-dinner drinks and appetizers like in Italy. But of course, knowing how they do it in MARCO POLO ORTIGAS, we enjoyed THAT and a lotta more!


VU'S is MARCO POLO HOTEL's party stop at the top floor.

In case you're in the mood for some cocktails, music, and yes, even delicious food, go up to VU'S!!!

VU'S Sky Bar and Lounge is a great place to hang out with friends and office mates especially if you're in the mood to let your hair loose. 

Colors are vibrant and energetic. You'll surely get into the weekend vibe PRONTO!

The music inside the VU'S lounge may be very entertaining, but the Chinese Dimpol and I were in the mood to have a quiet night together with THIS on the side.

If you ask me, if you plan to have a night-out at VU'S, make sure to check out their sky bar.


It would be cool too to reserve a table by the view!


For only P899.00 per person you have unlimited glasses of Red or White wines!

Plus, plates upon plates of their mouth-watering appetizers from their buffet filled with Tapas, Cheese, Croquettes, and many more!!!!

VU'S special APERITIVO is on from 5:00pm to 8:00pm from Mondays to Sundays. So really, you don't need the weekend to enjoy this lovely spread. 

When you're in the mood to chill out with your favorite companion before having dinner, then APERITIVO is the way to go!

Here's a toast to the beautiful view of the Metro, our fruity wines, our drool-worthy appetizers, AND the fact that we were able to make it before 8:00pm! He he he he he!

Ooooh la la! Good thing we were able to get a full plate of the Italian appetizers before they removed the buffet at 8:00pm!

I'm not sure if the Chinese Dimpol will like it but I'll be stuffing myself with stinky blue cheese tonight! This is so my favorite with crusty bread and wine!

The cured meats were a treat too! Each fatty sliver was not salty but was still flavorful with a mild brininess into it. So addicting!

This cold salad certainly was a refreshing break from the meaty Tapas!

I really enjoyed the freshly baked Cheese Quiche with Artichokes and Sun-dried tomatoes. Again, so perfect with our wines!

My happy APERITIVO plate!

Here's a toast to US! KAMPAI!

My Chinese Dimpol said this could be our "datey" celebration for my 2-week birthday. Since we're having a memorable time already, I don't mind agreeing to THAT!

After we've had our fill of our pre-dinner appetizers, the Chinese Dimpol and I decided to have dinner. But guess what we had?

APPETIZERS pa din!!!! 

And yes, VU'S really does make it right because these were soooo delicious, we had it as mains!

VU'S Beef Salpicao (P350.00)!

So tender, buttery, and garlicky!

Oh yeah! So perfect with garlic rice!

The Chinese Dimpol also thought of having some fries!

And also some crispy and saucy VU'S Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese (P350.00)!

These finger lickin' delicious babies were doused in sweet spicy barbecue sauce!

My very happy date!

Since VU'S is famous for their drinks, I had a fruity cocktail!!!


FINE! Sharing is caring.


Our pre-dinner and "dinner" of VU'S APERITIVO certainly gave us happy tummies and big smiles!

Indulge in chilled wines, specialty beers, plus a buffet of antipasti and various appetizers at VU'S Sky Bar and Lounge from Monday to Sunday 5:00pm-8:00pm at only P899.00 net per person. Trust me, you'll have an enjoyable time! I'm not really a drinker, but this somehow soothed me after a grueling day at work and got me ready for weekend of more fun! 




45th Floor, Marco Polo Hotel, 
Sapphire Street Corner Meralco Avenue, 
Ortigas, Pasig City
02 7207777

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