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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It was the last day of 2016 and my eldest brother invited THE YAPPY BUNCH out for lunch since he'll not be able to spend New Year's Eve with us. We were supposed to eat at home but he suddenly felt like trying out something new since we WERE saying goodbye to 2016.

And with that, he thought of THE HALAL GUYS!

I know what you're thinking: WHO CARES ABOUT HALAL GUYS?????

Well we do!!!

HALAL GUYS may have received a lot of flak since it opened in SM Megamall but personally, it's still a restaurant that deserves a try AND a return. Many complain that it is far from the US counterpart but really, we shouldn't just expect too much. If it IS different maybe it's because of cost reasons or other things, we don't know. Bottom line is, we have another choice when we're craving for gyro, falafels, or shawarma. 

And if we set all expectations aside and just douse everything with the white sauce, we will probably enjoy it!


Ordering up!

HALAL GUYS menu 1...

HALAL GUYS menu 2!!!

The HALAL GUYS in Bonifacio High Street is just a take-out counter. There are no airconditioning, and tables and chairs. It's really like ordering from a food truck.

Now they have 2 types of sauce in HALAL GUYS -- the ever famous white sauce, and the garlic sauce!

It was drizzling that day that we were supposed to eat somewhere else. Good thing that the skies cleared up just in time for us when arrived in BGC!!!

And our orders are ready!

And like how some people eat their HALAL GUYS food in New York, we searched for a spot in BGC and parked ourselves there.

It's okay to eat at any spot in BONIFACIO HIGH STREET as long as you clean up after yourself when you're finished.

Yohoo! LET'S EAT!

Master Mati got the HALAL GUYS Small Gyro Plate over rice (P229.00)!

It was actually served with tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, but my new teenager asked for his HALAL GUYS plate to be all meat!


As for me, I ordered the HALAL GUYS Gyro Regular with all the toppings. I got the bigger size since I'll be sharing with Andrei.

Before, I used to order extra onions for my HALAL GUY topped rice. Good thing that they included it now in the dish.

The Chinese Dimpol was on a diet and got the HALAL GUYS small Sandwich (P199.00). As usual he got this without the veggies.


Mati really loved the white sauce and the chili.

We laughed on the way home when he recounted our HALAL GUYS lunch and said "And that white sauce... OMAYGAAAAD!"

Yep! My son the cutie foodie. I'm so proud of him! He he he he he he!

Little Andrei was fretting over a drums set that he really wanted to buy.

I asked him: "How much money do you have now?"

Andrei: "P500."

Me. Okay you could cry.


Eating under the last day of 2016 sun!

Thanks Yub for including my fatness in the pic.


Rocio, Karen, and Kuya Jay!

Thanks for lunch!

We're going to FULLY BOOKED afterwards for coffee. Kuya Jay also promised to buy the little lords books and comics as his birthday gifts. But my slow eater Andrei was still in the middle of his food. I told them to go ahead as my bunsoy needed to finish his HALAL GUYS plate (he loved his food by the way).

We really had a good time with out HALAL GUYS lunch under the sun in Bonifacio High Street. Honestly, I enjoyed this meal more compared to when first tried it in the airconditioned food court in SM Fashion Hall. The key as usual is to just lose all expectations and just enjoy the blessings of food and the moment.

And for that time, we were enjoying delicious free food (YIPEEE!) and brotherly bonding time (yuck) for our last lunch in 2016.


 B6, Bonifacio Highstreet,
11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila
(02) 510 1710

Meanwhile in FULLY BOOKED STARBUCKS...........

Check out how I embarrass my handsome son whenever a name is required to claim your orders. 



  1. We tried it in ATC branch. Disappointed kami kasi di na mainit yung food since they are preparing your order agad tapos ang haba ng pila sa cashier. gusto ko pa bigyan ng chance kaso yung husband ko na nakapag Saudi na di ko mapilit kasi di daw talaga masarap.Nag expect din sya kasi mahaba pila. Til now di pa din sya maka move on!

    1. Hiya Erika!!! Ha ha ha ha ah! Food talaga has that effect on us. Kami naman if we ordered something that wasn't good na napaaaakamahal on the price, THAT'S what we will curse and not forget for a looooong time! We tried the Halal Guys take out on one dinner with friends, okay pa naman siya. But I do have to admit the taste is milder compared to other Halal cuisine. What we love about Halal Guys kasi is the white sauce and that deadly red chili. Grabe! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! The gyro is so flavorful din. OR baka naman mababaw lang talaga kaligayahan ng taste ko ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


  2. Hi Jaz

    It's Kat from Maryland! Can I email you; I have something to share with you. (Nothing creepy I promise, just a random comment that I don't want to post here!)


    1. Hullo Kat! Oh no that got me nervous!!! You could still share it on this post don't worry. But if you really want to email it, just click on the mail icon on the top right. BTW, if it's a large file, it might go straight to spam so tell me when you've sent it. Thanks!!!!!!


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