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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Just in case you plan to eavesdrop in my conversations with Manong Fred and Best GalPal Mariane (because you have nothing more pathetic to do)  you would soon see a pattern in it...

"You're going to treat for your bday? Let's do PEKING DUCK!"
"It's Friday!!!! Treat us to PEKING DUCK!"
"Nang-indyan ka sa gimik? TREAT US TO PEKING DUCK!!!!"
"Awwww... You have a wart? TREAT US TO PEKING DUCK!!!"

The PEKING DUCK at PEKING GARDEN is such a delicacy for us four that it has already invaded all senses of our consciousness. It's like EVERYTHING has to be about PEKING DUCK and we won't shut up about it until this deep craving has been answered. The last time we all had it was during Manong Fred's birthday dinner for his Mom, and life was not the same ever since.

Finally when Manong Fred was deciding where to have BGP Mariane's surprise birthday party, PEKING GARDEN'S name came up. It should really be a natural choice since it IS my dear friend's favorite and therefore so perfect for her 40th birthday dinner. Besides being excited for my best gal pal's special day, we were all ecstatic that we are going to have a night with our favorite PEKING DUCK.

Ah yes. And life is beautiful again.

And crispy...
And fatty...
And meaty...
And juicy....
And just perfect.

Oh PEKING DUCK! Why can't we quit you????


PEKING GARDEN didn't have function rooms that night so we would have to contend with their tables in the dining area.

I hope BGP doesn't see this... He he he he he he!

Thanks to College bud Michelle Mendoza for the decors!

Cutie pie balloons!

Hay... I wonder what the Yubhub would do when I turn 40 years old?


The early birds waiting...

This looks like a portrait of a La Buena familia in a telenovela. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Now that's more like it!

The birthday celebrant is here!!!!

SURPRISE BGP Mariane!!!!

She was surprised to see some of the guests!

She thought that only her family and THE YAPPY BUNCH are going to be there!

Pao Pao was surprised too and was so happy to see Best Guy Pal Andrei!

Table number one....

Table number 2!!!!

Tee hee! We cut Manong Fred's face on purpose!

AC friends!


Mareng Donna and Pareng Mike!

The latter wants to go to the bathroom... pronto. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Me and Marie!!!!

Me and Mike Tan!

Ika-6 na UTOS! YEAH!!!!!!

My bunsoy Andrei chose to sit with his BGP PaoPao!!! He insisted on staying with him. He he he he!

These two are the guy versions of me and BGP Marian. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And the of course, BGP Marian and Manong Fred!

To officially start the dinner, PaoPao led the opening prayer.


PEKING GARDEN Hot Prawn Salad (Large - P1,360.00)!

Fat prawns fried up in light batter and tossed with creamy sauce with chopped fruits.... It's heaven on a plate.

It's... Just... So... Beautiful....

PEKING GARDEN Sliced Beef with Oyster Sauce and Brocolli (Large - P880.00)!

Uber tender thin slices of beef with very flavorful sauce. The steamed Brocolli was also very crunchy and complemented the richness of the beef.


PEKING GARDEN Braised Efu Noodles with Seafod (Large - P1,040.00).

The seafood was fresh and firm! 

I know  that eating noodles during birthdays is somewhat obligatory (for longer life). But I won't have any problem slurping on each flavorful strand coated with delicious sauce!

And even if there are noodles already, we cannot NOT have Fried Rice (Large - P760.00)

And of course... the piece de resistance....

PEKING GARDEN's Peking Duck (Whole P2,600.00 / 2 ways = P400.00)!

Just look at how crisp that golden brown skin is. 


Only the PEKING GARDEN Manager could cut this exquisite bird...

The pink meat was such a lovely sight!

My hat's off to the PEKING GARDEN Manager who was able to make the perfect thin slices of the PEKING DUCK' fatty meat.


Just look at the layer of fat, flavor, and skin on that one!!!

He then chops up the meat and tops off the plate of the "first way".

The Peking Duck is served with warm flour tortillas, Onion Leeks, and Hoisin sauce.

THIS is how you prepare it....

And THIS is how you eat it...

With a wide mouth and smile! He he he he he...

Oh wow...

Words could not express how happy a bite of Peking Duck makes me feel...

A mouthful of the tender meat of the roasted duck just goes so well with the crunch of the Onion Leeks and sweetness of the sauce. I could have 10,000 servings of THIS!!!! It's just too delicious to let go!

If you're going to have Peking Duck at PEKING GARDEN, always have it 2 ways... You'll thank me for it.

The "2nd way" is just too awesome to comprehend. One bite of the crispy meat on-bone that is both salty, spicy, and flavored with garlic, will blow your heads off.

I swear you'll go "Where have you been all my life???'

"With your extra cup of rice that's where!!!" 

Ahhh... It's my soulmate... I knew it!

And just like that, I suddenly forgot how I was initially enjoying my first plates of food...

Almost done.. But I don't want to stop yet!

As this was BGP's surprise birthday party, Manong Fred had the cake brought out...

Team Mina!!!

We lit up the candles and sang to our beloved BGP!!!

Happy Birthday to you....

BGP Marian said she was so happy to be surrounded by the people she loved....

Wait... Where am I in the pic????

I'm taking the picture kasi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Make a wish BGP!

Look at my hub! GRRRRRRRRRR!

The cake looked so luscious and creamy that somebody couldn't resist to have an early taste.

Slicing the cake!


A little later on, another College friend arrived..


Yey!!! Assumption girls unite!!!!

Missing the others who were not able to make it... But it's okay because...


After a very heavy and delicious dinner, we still had the energy for MORE at CHILI'S!!!

For a moment there, I forgot how much I was still obsessing over the delicious Peking Duck!!!

Happiest of birthdays dearest BGP! I'm always thanking God that he has blessed me with a beautiful best friend who ALWAYS got my back. I will love you forever and forever! Don't worry. You could ALWAYS count on me too!!

And now let us profess again our love for Peking Duck.....

Tee to the HEE!!!

Don't worry. With the amount of Duck we ate that night, it'll be a looooong time before we eat in PEKING GARDEN again.


After a week, Manong Fred cancelled on our supposed to be outing.


It's on FACEBOOK so it's binding Manong Fred!



Level 4, Greenbelt 5, 
Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
02 7290820 / 02 7290567


  1. Happy Birthday the beautiful Ms. Marian.

    Manong Fred was not covering his face hahaha very good! very good! hahaha...

    Happy birthday!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Nahuli ko sya ngayon dear Christine!!!! Pero nasira ata camera ko nung nagpakita siya ng mukha. Kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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