Friday, March 17, 2017


I am so in love with Boodle Fights these days.

Yup. I am very obsessed right now with this famed Filipino way of eating barbecued and grilled meats that you can't guess how low I could go.

Well for one, I always watch mukbang videos in Youtube now of families eating Boodle fights. One time, I got so into it that I even watched this group of irritating girls eating with their mouths open and talking loudly (you know, the works). But I still beared it because I was so drooling over the food!

That's why when the the Chinese Dimpol was on his way back home from a business trip in Indonesia, I asked my Mom if we could do a Boodle Fight for our Sunday family lunch.|

To think that we always have 2 or 3 grilled entrees for Sunday lunch anyway...
To think that clean-up will be so easy peasy with Boodle Fights...
To think that we are going to do this for her FAVORITE son-in-law... (sorry Anthony!!!)

Yep! We're going to have a Boodle Fight and it's going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Sunday family BOODLE FIGHT!!!!!!!

BOODLE FIGHT is the Filipino Military style of eating where food is served on a common long table using banana leaves as cover. There are no utensils nor plates used so you'll be eating with your hands. When in a real BOODLE FIGHT, you get and eat what you can from the pile of food lest your seatmate gets it from you, hence, the (food) fight. 

This is fast becoming a popular way of eating Filipino food in homes/restaurants both here and abroad. And I am not surprised why people from all around are attracted to this communal way of eating.

My Mom cooked up the food while I arranged everything.

My picky eater Andrei can't wait to get started!!!!

Now let's EAT!!!!

For our BOODLE FIGHT that Sunday, we had Pancit Bihon, Grilled Liempo, and Grilled Tilapia.

We also had Shrimps with Vegetables in Coconut Milk on top of the rice and Mango Salsa with Bagoong!!!!

Of course, BOODLE FIGHTS are MORE delicious with the addition of dipping sauces. We always have soy sauce with calamansi, onion, and sili!!!!

Besides that, Vinegar with Garlic and Sili is perfect too!

I was not able to take a picture but I also LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Bagoong Balayan! Even if it made my hands smell deadlier. I don't care. When I start eating THAT with rice, I swear, I fall into a robotic trance that makes me eat more than I should, ten times fold.

Sorry Yub. I know you missed me a lot but your wife will smell like Bagoong Balayan the whole day! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

Auggggh! that Grilled Tilapia was sooooooo good! Besides being juicy and fresh, my Mom stuffed it with chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic, and wansuy! This was so perfect with the saucy rice and a few dips in the Bagoong Balayan!

Even if we already had Bagoong and Tomato Salsa in the fish, the Mango Salsa Salad was also very appetizing with the steaming hot rice.

When taking a break from the Liempo or Grilled Fish, I'll mix the Mango Salsa in the white rice and it would get me eating some more!

Welcome back home Yub!!!!! Do you like our Sunday feast for you??

Oops! Andrei is really hungry na! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Ngasab)! (Ngasab)!

Galit, galit muna!

We only had utensils for serving since we know we cannot finish all of this. Beyond that, it's Kamayan all the way!

My view!!!!

Mommy's view!!!

The little lords don't really know how to eat with their hands but they still had fun making a mess of themselves. After loading up on extra rice and meat, they became experts in eating au naturel!


My sister finally arrived! Yey! She was able to catch up with our Boodle Fight!

Even if the Chinese Dimpol arrived that morning, he was still raring to go out for a movie! Yup! We were not able to go out on Saturday that's why Sunday became our date night that week. And, thanks to the BOODLE FIGHT, we were still so full that we only had fries and Jamaican Patties for dinner.

BURP!!! BOODLE FIGHTS are so fun, delicious, and just PERFECT with the people you love. The only thing I hate about it is that I tend to eat double, no triple, than what's good for me.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha!



So what are your plans this Sunday?


  1. Boodle fight is LOVE LOVE! Awww...nakakagutom!

    1. SUPER right??? Yun lang napapadami ang kain ko. I think I would normally have 2 cups of rice kapag boodle fight....huhuhu!!!



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