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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


My dearest Master Mati just turned 13 this year and while we were all prepared to do his usual 2-week birthday celebration, I was thinking: What else could we do to commemorate his arrival to "teenhood"? I have to bear in mind that this is something he has been waiting for a looooooong time (most probably because he wanted to get into PG-13 movies... Tee hee!). That's why we know turning 13 is not just significant for us but it's also a monumental event for my boy. So even if foodtrips, staycations, getogethers are already fine with him, I want to give him something more...

And that's when I thought of giving him a surprise birthday party!


Our venue for Mati's surprise birthday party was going to be in THE METROCLUB in Makati City. BGP Marian's dad was a member and he was able to endorse little ol' me for the use of the facilities. 

We chose THE METROCLUB because not only for the delicious food and exclusivity, we love the fact that it's just in front of Powerplant Mall -- so near to our house.


I reserved the Titanium 1 room in Metroclub which was good for about 20 people. So perfect for my little birthday party.

Why little? We thought of inviting the people (besides family) who are close to dear Mati. Good thing that he has been bugging me since last year to invite THE BP GROUP for his birthday (to which I answered that they can't because of work). At least I know who he would want for his party besides his best friends from school. (Although I was a little heartbroken when I gave the fake excuse at how our friends were "busy").

I'm sorry but I do have to point out that this MATI'S SURPRISE PARTY was my idea alone. At first I wanted to include the Yub but when he kept worrying about how much the gastos (aka his share) would be to the point that he said the guests shouldn't see the menu (para di umorder) or have drinks other than water. OMG!!! Nakakahiya!!!!!!!!! Nagparty ka pa????  That's when I said, "Grrrr! Fine! I'll pay for everything!!!"

Aba! At pumayag naman!!!!

Me thinks it's his "means of escape."


Buti na lang lovable at pogi ka!!!!

Though he didn't share in the finances ( che again!!!!) my husband was very helpful in other aspects (e.g. transportation for us and the celebrant, cake, balloons, music-set up, pictures, etc. etc.) so he was somehow forgiven.

And also, lovable at pogi nga siya!

I asked help from the BP Group for the set up and was happy that TEAM QUITORIANO, headed by dear Chel, showed up early!!!

Yey!!! Thanks dear Chel!!!!!

Her daughter Tiana said that this is the first time that they were early. I told her that they were also the first in our other parties. Yuh-uh!!! Team Quitoriano may be late in other gimiks but at least, they're the first ones around when the day is important and we need their help. That's such a big deal to me. Yup!! That's proven  many times!!!

Love you Chel!

I was not really good with artsy fartsy stuff that's why dear Chel was a big help!!!!

I printed some kiddie pictures of Mati and Chel arranged it in front.

Fixing up the place!

That looks great!

While we were putting up decorations, I asked Tobey to write a birthday note for his Kuya Mati. Everybody's going to write on it as remembrance for this day.

Manong Fred (of Team Mina) arrived and he too helped with the decorations. Yey!

Lance, one of Mati's best friends from school, is here!!!

People are starting to come!

Team Virrey!

Mati's best friends from school, Josh and Lance!

Sasha, Dani, and Tiana!

and Team Campo!!!!

We had 2 tables arranged for the party...

Here's the kiddie table...

... and the not-so-kiddie table!

Time to order the food!

Everybody's ready!!!!

Time to call the celebrant!!!

My bunsoy was initially acting all jelly-welly (even if he had a party of his own) but later on he was able to get out of his "tampo level" and have fun. 

We didn't tell him about the party because he loves spoiling things (yup! Like how Han Solo died in the Force Awakens level). So I guess that was partly the reason why he's bummed. He thought my "secret" was something else. He he he he he he!

So the story that day was Team Mina will be treating Master Mati for his birthday at METROCLUB because it's what they've been doing every year. Andrei and I will just go ahead because we have a dentist appoint (???) so we'll just follow for lunch.

Dear Mati didn't suspect anything (because I doubt if surprise parties are a regular thing among 13 year olds... He he he he he he!) so he just agreed to go to METROCLUB.

When the Chinese Dimpol and Mati arrived at METROCLUB, they went straight to the restaurant where Manong Fred and I were waiting. If you're looking for Andrei, we thought it was best that he stayed with my friends because he might spoil everything.

When Mati arrived, I told him I'm going to show him something in the other room.

And when he entered....



Mati was so happy to see the BP Group!!!! He went around to say hi to everyone.

To best buddy Johans!!!

Best friends Josh and Lance!!!

Hi to the ladies!

Hi to Team Quitoriano!

Hi to Team Virrey!

and to Team Campo!!!

Baby Soleil was with us too!

Yey!! Tita Gem was able to catch up!

Yey! Fritz and Jeorgina are here too!

Dear Chel made the opening prayer to thank the Lord for all the blessings and for Mati!

It was a beautiful prayer!

Now it's time to EAT!!!!

We ordered about 2 or 3 servings each of the dishes below.

METROCLUB Golden Fried Chicken (P170.00)!

Everybody loved this!

METROCLUB Crispy Pata (P665.00)!

It may not look like it but the skin was so crispy while the meat was juicy.

Of course if there's Crispy Pata, there should be KARE KARE (P170.00)!

Thick and "peanuty". I will never get tired of KARE KARE!

METROCLUB Pancit Canton (P170.00)!

So saucy and nummy! I ate it with rice! Ha ha ha ha ha haa!

We all wolfed down that delicious food with garlic rice!!!

For the kiddies, I ordered a different set of dishes. But of course, they could still get food from the not-so-kiddie table if they felt like it!

METROCLUB Carbonara (P165.00)!

METROCLUB Pork Barbecue (P2 pcs P170.00)!

METROCLUB Cheese and Garlic Pizza (P225.00)!

I also ordered French Fries for the kiddies which they finished even before I could take a picture of it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The older kids went for the not-so-kiddie food!

They loved the pizza too!!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES in the not-so-kiddie table!

LET'S EAT from the kiddie table!

My plate! My very modest plate! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When everyone finished eating, I read out my long message for Master Mati!

I'm glad that he listened all throughout my "nobela".

And now, it's time for the cake!!!!

The kiddies may be so raring to swim but they're going to sing to Mati first.

My New Teenager was so happy that the kiddies that he loved were all here!


And of course, we cannot miss the sparkling candle!


Birthday songs are more fun with sparkling candles! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And as usual, Andrei tried to blow some candles for himself.

Cutting the cake!

Even if they so wanted to swim already, they made time for the cake.

The cake may just be Red Ribbon but it's so fudgy and chocolatey. They all loved it!

Afterwards, I treated the kiddies for some METROCLUB swimming (P120.00 per person).

There was a total of 3 pools in METROCLUB but it was best for them to just stay in the lap pool.

The kiddies knew the protocol and took a shower without being told.

And now let's swim!!!!

The kiddies were having fun swimming in pool that was only 4-feet deep. Even if we could see them from the function room, the Daddies and Mommies took turns in checking on them. 

There was also a lifeguard on hand.


Mati's surprise party became a swimming party! It's great that the kiddies had the pool all to themselves!

Same goes for Sasha in the kiddie pool!


It's great that even if it was January, the sun gave us perfect swimming weather.

The kiddies cannot stop splashing around!!!

Their excitement was indeed a sight that's better than any box-office movie!

Inside, the girls were making chika!

After the kiddies were finished swimming, they got hungry again.

When the birthday boy finished dressing up, he joined the "men"!

Afterwards, I gave him this special scrapbook that I created just for Master Mati.

When Mati asked me what it was, I told him that while I was pregnant, I already wrote him letters. 

Besides that, I added monthly Mati trivias, news clippings, his cards, and everything that I could collect when he was a baby.

Then my boy choked up...

Awwww... He's crying!!!

When I asked him why, he said he was just so happy. He's so happy about the party and he was so happy with the scrapbook. My birthday boy got overwhelmed with it all that he just teared up.

With that, my bunsoy asked when he's going to receive his own scrapbook.

I told him when he's 13 years old na. Yup! He has his own scrapbook waiting for him.

My METROCLUB bill!!!!

Hindi talaga ako hinatian ng asawa ko!!! Grrrrr!!! :) 

Okay fine. It's my idea anyways. He he he he he he! No shopping for 2 months!

Yihii! What a super great day!!!! We are so thankful for everyone who was able to join us for Mati's surprise party to celebrate his 13th birthday!!!!!!

Honestly though, nothing could match how much you made us so happy master Mati! Hopefully this party would somehow give you a picture of it!!!!


WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Ma'am,

    May website po ba si Metroclub? Open po ba sa public or may membership siya?


    1. Hi!! Yes, METROCLUB has a website and it is by membership. If you know somebody who's a member, you could ask for them to give you authorization to use the facilities.


  2. Naiyak ako sa part na binasa ni Mati yung letters mo sa kanya at naluha sya! He's still a baby! Awwww ❤

    1. Me too! I'm happy that he felt all the love that we had for him and got overwhelmed with emotion. Normally kids his age wouldn't care but I was so touched that he did. Mmwaaaaah Erika!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Mati!

    Ako din natouch din ako nung makita ko si Mati crying... I also had a scrapbook done by my mom, She kept my first hair cut, my umbilical cord, our first pictures, my hospital tag and her letter for me. She gave it to me when I was a teenager na din. Kaya lang nasunog yung scrapbook na yun 19 years ago nung masunog bahay namin. Iba talaga ang nanay eh! Iba talaga tayo Ms. Jaz hehehe...

    Anyways, Good job sa surprise party! Ang galing galing, hindi kasi ako magaling sa ganyan lol, kasi sa sobrang excitement ko nasasabi ko dun sa magbbirthday yun plans hahaha... wala na basag na! hahaha...

    Happy Birthday Mati!

    1. Hiya dear Christine!!!!!

      Thanks! When he cried I knew he appreciated all our efforts in a different level. I hope he doesn't forget that wonderful day. That's so sad naman what happened to your own scrapbook :( Your Mom seems like a wonderful woman. She really loved her kids too. Parng rare sa mga people before to do a scrapbook kasi ngayon lang yan nauso. Correct! Iba tayo! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha! Thanks! Naku pang 20th surprise party ko na ata to kaya kabisadong kabisado ko na ang drill. Pero still nandon pa din yung excitement and happiness at seeing the celebrant na gulat na gulat and so excited. Ha ha ha ha! I'm sure kaya mo yan! Isipin mo na lang mas matutuwa si celebrant kapag magulat siya. Konting tiis!!!

      Thanks! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwaaaaaaah!

    2. I think din na rare noon, yung scrapbook na gawa ni mommy noon medyo maliit lang kasing laki ng notebook na may spring sa taas bigay ni MeadJohnson sa mga taga nursery noon hehehe hindi sya yung kasing laki ng mga albums ngayon. Tapos nakapag resign sya ng di oras kasi nagkasakit na sya so siguro past time nya yun noon na magcompile ng mga memorabilia hahaha... I'm sure Ms. Jaz itetreasure ng bongga ni Mati yung scrapbook na yun, ako nga noon nakalagay sya sa bookshelf ko noon tapos binabasa ko sya from time to time. Bakit nga ba hindi ko naisave yun hehehe... katabi lang naman yun nung picture ni Nick Carter (BSB) na naka frame, pero yung picture ni Nick naisave ko pero yung scrapbook ko hindi hahaha... sorry naman, nataranta lang lol.

    3. Awwww... Your Mother's love talaga. Even if it was not in the rage before, she really did it so that you'd have a glimpse of how special you are to her. I really do hope Mati treasures it kasi iba ata ang sentiments ng lalaki sa babae. But let's see. Sayang ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well... At least memorable sayo lalo si pareng Nick. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awwwww, Mati <3 Boys at that age ngingisi-ngisi lang, pero naiyak talaga siya <3 <3 <3 Belated happy birthday to the young man :) Wag muna mag-girlfriend. Hahahaha!

    1. Hiya Yanna!!!!

      Di baaaaaaa??? That's why parang ako din medyo naiyak at seeing how happy he was that day. And he really appreciated everything pa. Sabi niya outside, "Mommy thank you I'm sorry you had to spend a lot". Parang ako yung napaNGEH kasi nagsorry pa siya. I told him, "Anything to make you happy".... Huhuhu! H ah ah ah ah ah!

      KOREK! NO GIRLFRIEND UP TO 18 YEARS OLD! Kaya papa-braces ko talaga when he's that age na. H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

    2. Hahaha actually may kapalit yun, maghuhugas daw siya ng plato ng ilang linggo :) Hahahaha :D Pag dating talaga sa kids, no expenses spared --- anything to see them happy :)

      Hahahahaha braces = sabit. Ilang taon din yun. Hahahaha :)

    3. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Oo nga no?? Bakit ba hindi ko naisip yun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Exactly. Iba talaga feeling ng seeing your kids smiling and laughing. Although I'm doing my best not to spoil them with material things and gadgets. I really want to give them the happiest of memories.

      Korek!!! Great idea ba sa braces??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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