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Monday, July 4, 2016


It was Father's Day last Sunday and although I treated the family to a dimsum breakfast at GLORIA MARIS, the day was really for my Daddyowzers since it was also his birthday. The Chinese Dimpol, being the very "unexpecting" and carefree guys that he is, didn't mind at all. He was very respectful that it was my Daddy's celebration and didn't try to steal his thunder.

Now that I think about it, maybe the Chinese Dimpol was fine as long as he gets free food!!! Tee Hee!

Juuuust joking!

Anyway, my husband really didn't ask for anything but I still felt that we should give him a treat to acknowledge how he is a very dedicated and loving father to the little lords. Also, since it is very rare that we make him feel special (tee hee), we decided that Monday night will be HIS night.

At first the Chinese Dimpol didn't feel like going out since it was a school week and he had to tutor the kids. But I insisted that we should have a YAPPY BUNCH date for HIS Father's Day celebration. As for the kids, I didn't need to coax them because if given the choice, they'd go out everyday if they can, no matter what the event! He he he he he he he!

FINALLY, after everything was set, the Chinese Dimpol agreed and his choice for the night was something that he has been craving for in a long time....


We went to the Wilson, San Juan branch of ALEX III since it was nearer to the place we lived. Comparing it to their other branches, this one had a more formal setting and their dishes were more expensive.

We were there past 8:00pm and almost had the place to ourselves.

Service was just okay. I guess it had something to do with the lateness of our dinner?

We sat near the window because the view seemed nice!


Me and Master Mati!

The Chinese Dimpol and Andrei!

Yup! Andrei didn't finish his homework because he was waiting for his Daddy. So they brought his homework to the restaurant. THAT'S how patient and helpful he is to the boys! Goodness knows that tutoring is not in my list of strong points. It's one of my least favorite things to do (besides studying ha ha ha ha ha!) that's why I'm so thankful that the Chinese Dimpol is so willing to do it.

Even Andrei wants to give up na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Now THAT'S my talent.

I guess the reason why this ALEX III branch is pricier is because of their extensive menu. Here, they also offer Japanese dishes. And even if it's not famous for it, the Master Mati and I were craving for sushi so much that we ordered their Tekka Maki (P299.00)!

We got 6 pieces of the tuna handroll with some pickled appetizers on the side.

Yummmm... Mati and I will be sharing these!

We've had better Tekka Maki of course, but THIS certainly answered our longing for tonight!

And in a few seconds, TADAH!!!


For our main grub, the Chinese Dimpol ordered the ALEX III 3-pc Chicken Barbecue!

I'm limiting my carb intake during the weekdays so the Chinese Dimpol and I will only share the rice.

We're so excited to eat because the barbecue chicken looked and smelled so appetizing!!!!

As for Mati, he went for the ALEX III Pork Barbecue (P229.00)!

The pork seem tender and very meaty. For those who are looking for fat, you may be disappointed to discover that there is none of that in ALEX III. You'll get the real deal here -- no "extenders"!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in ALEX III!!!!!

The Chinese Dimpol was excited to eat because he's been drooling for this the whole day!

As for Andrei....

THIS is what he did when I told him  it was time to study if he didn't eat his food. 

He he he he he!

The ALEX III Chicken was so juicy and so flavorful with the marinade and barbecue glaze. Now THIS is how chicken barbecue should be!!! Truly one helluva delicious comfort food!

Mati was also very happy with his pork barbecue!

He amped up the flavor factor by mixing his Java sauce with hot sauce!


My ALEX III bill!!!

I guess one of the reasons the Chinese Dimpol picked ALEX III is because he didn't want me to spend too much!!!

And as expected, somebody was last in eating again.

As usual, after eating the boys rushed over to their Daddy for some hugs and kulits. They really do this everytime we finish in a restaurant perhaps to let them play PS 3 later...

Or maybe they just love their Daddy very, very, very, very, VERY much and love to express it always!!!

I'm guessing it's the latter. :)


 Wilson, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila
(02) 724 0882

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