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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


These days, KOREAN food has been number one on my list because not only are there MANY buffet deals currently to tempt my sanity, but I'm now obsessed with two Youtubers who I follow religiously: SEONKYOUNG LONGEST (for her recipes) and MOMMY TANG (for her Mukbang)!!!!

With that, I was ALWAYS craving for KOREAN cuisine. Whenever the Chinese Dimpol would ask where I wanted to eat, I would answer Kimchi today, then Jajangmyeon the next.  So naturally if there's a cheap buffet promo, we are sure to go to it. KOREAN RESTAURANTS have a lot of that anyway.

Imagine my joy when I discovered that SODAM KOREAN BARBECUE was back with a vengeance AND a promo! I really thought months ago that the restaurant closed shop because the place was always dark when we would pass by it. The thought of SODAM not existing anymore sort of bummed me out because I personally found their buffet deal the most cheap and "sulit". For one, the dishes served were hot off the pans and newly cooked. And second, for the cheap price of P322.00, they already offered eat all you can Pork AND Beef barbecue.

Like I said, "sulit" right?

It was a happy day when I learned that they only transferred to another venue in San Juan and they place now had a brighter feel to it. On top of that, they had a promo at only P299.00 for lunch AND dinner!!!

Oh yes. Miracles do happen to the person who is so hungry for it (pun intended).

Now let's start EATING!  


The new location of SODAM is at the street after Serenitea. If you're coming from Wilson Street, just turn right at Alex 3rd and you'll see it after you go straight ahead1

Inside, SODAM has a new look! The lights are soft and they made their interiors more homey. 

Even if SODAM could get packed night per night, they still did not jam a lot of tables in the first floor so that there'll be a lot of space to move around the buffet for the diner!


SODAM soups!

The spicy one with soft tofu was my favorite!

SODAM'S Make your own Bibimbap station!

SODAM Bulgogi!


Mussels in Special Sauce!

Korean Noodles!

Korean Beef Rolls!

Spicy Calamari!

Simple Salad!

Fried Rice!

Steamed Chicken!

Fish in Oyster Sauce1

Fried Anchovies!

Beef with Oyster Sauce!

In SODAM, they are always cooking up new items for the buffet that when a platter is empty they will immediately refill it with ANOTHER hot dish. They never stop cooking and serving!



And the piece de resistance, stacked up boards of Beef and Pork for the barbecue!

Everytime you ask for the meats, they'll give you sets of pork and beef each. It cannot be just one type of meat.

Dessert is not included in SODAM but there are ice cream bars available for a price!

Now let's EAT!

My happy Bibimbap boy!

The Chinese Dimpol's first haul!

The Beef and Pork were sliced so thinly that it would fry up in seconds. That's just fine with us because we're so hungry already!

While waiting for the meats, I also helped myself to some SODAM Bibimbap and added a spicy condiment!

Second stack of meats for us!


The strips of beef and pork fries up to a crisp like bacon!

ERICJAZ FOODIES so happy!!!!

My very messy and unorganized plate!

Our 3rd serving of meat!!!!

My second plate of food BESIDES the meat!

My Bibimbap!

When I got back to the buffet, there was a platter of freshly cooked cheesy Rice Cakes!

And Sweet and sour Calamares!!!!

Finally we're done!

Our bill!!!!

Do check out SODAM KOREAN buffet if you're craving for simple, affordable, and super sulit food! They are now back to their regular price of P322.00 for dinner but for me, that's still the cheapest since Pork and Beef are included already in the selection.

If you plan on eating at SODAM, it is advisable to call and make reservations. The place gets pretty packed and you'd want to get a table at the first floor where it's near all the buffet action.

Would love to go back to SODAM soon!

Hope to see you there!!!!


17 J. Abad Santos Drive, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
02 2469069 ext:264



  1. Hi Ms. Jaz,

    Have you tried Matgalne in Ortigas? They are also offering unlimited samgyeopsal. Just a bit expensive than Sodam but the food is also good.

    I heard there is also a branch in Makati but I don't know exactly where it is. ^^

    1. Hi Christine!!! How are you? Naku JAZ lang please. Hindi bagay sa akin ang may MS. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ooooh! You know what I did hear about MATGALNE before but I haven't got around trying it. Really it's good? Sige will try it. I'll take your word for it!

      Thank you soo much for the recommendation. Hope to hear from you again. Cheers!


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