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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


ERICJAZ FOODIES suddenly forgot the weekday diet and trooped on over to NANBANTEI OF TOKYO to savor once more our favorite Japanese Yakitori.


This popular restaurant from Tokyo, Japan has been serving it's mouth-watering Yakitori's for over 40 years with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China.  In the Philippines, NANBANTEI OF TOKYO already had branch in Makati and the Fort. Now it just opened its doors in Alabang!!!

I have yet to visit the Alabang branch of NANBANTEI OF TOKYO. For now, we're settling in their home in the Fort.

Good thing too because the traffic situation is so unpredictable that night and I'm coming from Quezon City!

Let's check out the NANBANTE OF TOKYO menu!

Menu 1...

Menu 2...

Menu 3...

Menu 4...

Menu 5...

Menu 6...

Outtadaway thumb!!!!!

Menu 7...

Menu 8....

Menu 9

Menu 10!!!!!!!!!

We settled in our seats and waited for our Yakitoris to arrive.

EGAD! The aroma of roasting meats is making me crazy!!!

Our simple table setting!

If you're wondering about that small dollop of sauce over there, that's the dip for the appetizers!

Diners of NANBANTEI of TOKYO always get free appetizers of vegetable sticks!



These may only be the initial wave of food that was served to us that night but dangnabbit it already brought tears to my eyes and drool in my hungry mouth!

What should I rip apart first???

Negima (Chicken meat and leeks - P130.00)!

Namajake Sumi Yaki ( Salmon with Bacon - P300.00)!

Pork Garlic Yaki (P130.00)!

Leba Yaki (P80.00)...

My favorite! Bacon with chicken liver! YUMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS with a capital Y!

Kawa (Chicken Skin - P75.00)!

Skewered Shrimps (P110.00)!

Another instant favorite for me is the Shiitake Maki (P260.00)! You could never go wrong with shiitake mushrooms wrapped in juicy grilled beef!

So tender and just flavorful! I know I shouldn't but I'm suddenly craving for rice.

Beef Garlic Yaki (P195.00)

Tebasaki (Chicken Wings - P120.00)!

Tsukune (Chicken Meat Balls - P120.00)!

Skewered Prawns!

Enoki Mushrooms wrapped in pork (P150.00)!

Corn on the Cob (P80.00)!

Aspara Maki (Asparagus wrapped in Pork - P110.00)!

When you're in NANBANTEI, do try the Bonjiri (P110.00).

It is also known as chicken tail...

or chicken pwit.

Believe me. You'll savor the light crunch of the skin that has that appetizing charred and salty flavor. You would keep on biting until HELLO, butt is gone!

If you feel that you're going to wipe out a LOT of Yakitori (and I'm sure you would), the Yakitori Special (P895.00) would certainly give you more bang for your buck!!!

This plate of grilled goodies is enough for about 3 pax!

There was also an order of Spicy Tuna Maki (P210.00)!

And my new favorites, Aburi Shrimp and Aburi Salmon Sushi!

Half cooked seafood topped with torched cream! So ultra perfect at every bite.

And Yaki Onigiri (grilled riceballs P85.00)!

Besides the Yakitori, we also munched on some fried Karaage!

Crunchy, juicy, and not greasy at all! The meat was already so flavorful!

Of course, the meal will be more enjoyable with NANBANTEI OF TOKYO'S cool special cocktails!

For dessert, we got the new Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream!

And the Avocado Ice Cream!

Of course, I cannot end the night without a cup of hot coffee.

What a super fun night poking meat (tee hee) with my favorite foodie group, THE KAIN TULOG GANG!

We were all laughing, eating, chatting, when I suddenly saw my long lost twin sister across the room.

Tee hee!

Oh well.... That DOES usually happen to me!

Something tells me I should've just sucked it out and went to their Alabang branch instead.


I'm kidding!

Food and company were just sooooo great that night that I would probably mope about it a good 12 hours later.


Thanks so much Laine and NANBANTEI OF TOKYO for catering to our Yakitori craving tonight. The people at Alabang are now so lucky to have you! Will probably drop by there VERY SOON!


Bonifacio High Street Central, 
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:273

Corte de Las Palmas,
 Alabang Town Center, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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