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Friday, July 15, 2016


Little Johans of Team Virrey will be sleeping over our house for the weekend and the little lords CANNOT be more excited. We have a lot of activities planned for him!!!!!

It's going to be an AWESOME weekend for Johans with THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!!!!

We met up with Team Virrey for our usual Fridate for coffee and chips!

That was when Johans went home with us!

Poor Johans was a bit sad going to our house. It was his first ever sleepover and I understand how he could get immediately homesick.

But all sniffs were gone when I allowed them to have a short game with our PS3!!!!

Yep! MINECRAFT to the rescue!

After hearing their laughs, I know that everything with be alright!!!!!

Afterwards it was time for bed!

Mati was so excited to show his collection of Pop Vinyls and Lego toys to his friend.

Mati kindly let Johans sleep on his bed while he fixed a small mattress on the floor.

The next morning...

Wake up guys!!!!!

It's time for our family Saturday breakfast!!!!!

We cooked up the kiddies' favorites!

Meat loaf!

Pork Tocino!

Fried Egg!

Garlic Rice!!!

We have a full day so we better load our tummies up!

After eating, we headed out to FLAIR TOWERS to do some swimming!

I told Johans that it always smell so good in FLAIR TOWERS because it was near factories of DUNKIN DONUTS and RICOA!

FLAIR TOWERS had 3 pools and we're glad that there were not a lot of swimmers that Saturday.

The boys almost had the pool to themselves!!!

Like the little lords, Johans loved swimming too!

The Chinese Dimpol joined them later on.

My happy boys!

As promised to his Mommy, Johans only stayed in the kiddie pool with Andrei.

The Chinese Dimpol would join the boys too in the kiddie pool!

They ganged up on him though and asked for piggy back rides all at the same time!!!

So cute!!!!!

When his Daddy is guarding Johans and Andrei, Mati would try it out in the lap pool!

My boy really loved swimming!

The Chinese Dimpol, Andrei, and Johans took a break from swimming and played basketball in the FLAIR court.

These guys really love basketball!

As for me, I stayed with Master Mati!

Too bad I wasn't able to swim. The upside was there was somebody to guard the bags and take pictures. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Later on my friend Tita Josie, the tenant of FLAIR TOWERS who let us swim that Saturday, went down to say "Hi"!

Her sister Tita Lita and their apo baby Xander passed by too!

Want to swim with Kuyas baby Xander??? You're so cute talaga!

Andrei saw Xander and suddenly acted all cuddly to his Daddy. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

He's still our baby pa talaga!

While Andrei was being babies by the Chinese Dimpol, Mati and Johans were horsing around.

Yup! Boys will be boys!

It was already waaaaay past lunch time and the boys still didn't want to go.

Finally I was able to persuade them to dress up.

Before leaving, the boys asked if they could have a short game of basketball!

Okay fine.

Later on, the boys played one on one at opposite courts: Yub vs Mati and Andrei vs Johans.

We all had a great time at FLAIR!!!!!

For our late lunch, Johans said he was craving for some pizza. So pizza it is!!!!

Here we are at JOEY'S PEPPERONI!


Like Andrei, Johans was a picky eater. That's why we were all happy that he finished his mushroom soup and had a lot of pizza!

Mati loved the pizza at JOEY'S PEPPERONI too!

Check out our blogpost on JOEY'S PEPPERONI!

While going home, the little kiddies were still so hyper and crazy!

Maybe because they were so raring to play with the PS3!!!

The boys played a lot of  Call of Duty!

I didn't have the heart to make them take a short nap because they were all enjoying the playtime. #badmommy

That night, we went to Powerplant Mall and had dinner in CHILI'S!

The Chinese Adonis and I are actually still full from our late lunch so we just planned to eat the kiddies' leftovers.

Andrei had grilled cheese!

Mati had calamares!!!!

This was so good with rice!!!!

Little Johans was in the mood for a cheeseburger and requested all veggies on the side.

The CHILI'S burger was so good that even if it was very big, Johans wanted to finish it at first. I guess later on he realized how big it was and said he couldn't eat the second half. It's okay. I told Johans that if he can't finish it, we'll just share with him. 

Would you believe that the Yub and I were still so full that we can't even finish that other half of burger???? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

THE YAPPY BUNCH with Johans at CHILI'S!!!!

After our dinner, we watched ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!

We all loved the movie! It was really something that the whole family will enjoy!

MIGHTY EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry if I have to include this but my boy was just so cute here!!!!)

While waiting for the Chinese Dimpol, Mati, and Johans from their trip to the restroom (he he he he he), my bunsoy asked me to do some selfies with him.

I hope even when he grows up he'll still ask me to do some selfies with him. HMP! I bet he'll forget me when some hussy comes along.


When we got home, the boys immediately changed into their jammies and drank hot chocolate!!!!

They asked for a short PS3 session. And since Johans was leaving tomorrow morning, I agreed.

When they went upstairs, they still didn't want to go to sleep!

It was adorable seeing Mati and Johans do some more bonding before bedtime!

And finally....

The next morning, I woke up the boys early because we were going to church.

It was also time for Johans to go home.

The boys were inseparable!

Waaaaaah! Don't go Johans!!!! 

He he he he he he he!

While in the car, Johans kept telling me to ask his Mommy when his next sleepover will be. Ha ha ha ha ha! So cute!!!! But yes, we had a great time with him and look forward the next time I'll have another boy in my brood!

Till next sleepover dear Johans!!!!!!!!!!!!


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