Monday, July 11, 2016


Even if we could actually go out on school nights after the little lords go to bed, the Chinese Dimpol and I rarely go out on weekdays. Why? Because besides saving money (in order to have the bucks for a great weekend with the boys) we are also controlling our food intake.

Don't get me wrong, we still EAT. Like A LOT. But this time we just do it during the weekends. At least in this way, we are saving AND maintaining our figures at the same time.

For one Monday however, there was no driver available to pick me up. So after his work, Yub came to the rescue. We could always go home to eat and rest. But since we are already together, an insta-date was in order.

So where to go?

Like I said, we were saving and did not want to greet Monday with bulging bellies. So we were searching for someplace to have a light dinner. Dimsum, burgers, steaks, etc. etc., were out of the question because not only are they so heavy in the tummy, but the Chinese Dimpol and I have different tastes that we cannot share their dishes!

Good thing that while passing by San Juan we came upon OYASUMI RAMEN and I suddenly remembered the many posts I would see on Facebook about it. The Chinese Dimpol and I finally agreed to have some ramen for our Mondate as it would definitely fit our "requirements" for the weekday.

How does it fare up for ERICJAZ FOODIES? Read on and find out!


After we parked, the rain suddenly poured hard! Me thinks that's a sign that we made the right choice. Ha ha ha ha ha!

OYASUMI RAMEN had very limited space and the first floor only had stairs plus a counter table for diners.

In the second floor there were only about 4 or 5 tables. Believe me, after we settled in our seats, people suddenly came flocking in so this area was filled up in no time. 

I guess, the JAZZLE DAZZLE draws crowds huh???

Kidding! I'm sure the weather did it. He he he he he he!

Service was prompt because as soon as we sat down, a waitress gave us menus and served water plus dining necessities.

Either they really stressed on good service OR, they suddenly got in the spell of...


Tee hee!

Me think it's the former.

Makainom na nga! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We ordered a bowl of OYASUMI's Tan Tan Mien (P400.00) and Gyoza to share. Unfortunately, they ran out of gyozas that night and OYASUMI RAMEN didn't have other side dishes that we could get.

It's okay. This bowl of piping hot Ramen looks so good it will surely satisfy and fill us up on that story Monday night! 

The OYASUMI Ramen bowl was so fragrant and immediately made us drool on our tables!

The Chasyu slices were slightly grilled giving that delightful charred taste. Honestly, I don't like Chasyu but this one I was able to finish after one mouthful!

The broth was definitely rich and milky from the simmered pork bones. The peanuts added a nice crunch and extra nutty flavor to the broth.

Yuummmm! We're so excited to eat!

The Chinese Dimpol always had a bowlful of oatmeal for dinner so this additional serving of noodles was just right for him.

My only deal with the Tan Tan Mien was that it was not spicy so I asked for some chili powder and attacked the soup with it!

Of course I added more.... He he he he he he!

The noodles were chewy and perfect for slurping! I'm just loving every mouthful I'm having from OYASUMI!

And in no time....

We really loved our light and quick dinner at OYASUMI RAMEN and this is definitely a restaurant that we will return to with the little lords. We are excited to try out the other viands plus the gyoza!!!

Of course, we'll do that during the weekend where we will NOT share and NOT going to diet.


308 P. Guevarra Corner Seaview Street, 
Greater San Juan, San Juan City 1504
02 2750309

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