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Monday, August 24, 2015


While we were in Japan last summer vacation, my family went to a number of cities to explore the various tourist spots and historical sites that the country had to offer. Along with the city hopping though, we faced the solid truth that we also needed to book different hotels per city. Wow! Such work for lazy sloths like us (and yes, I became redundant there). Woah! I could just imagine how fun it would be to pack and unpack each time we go someplace new. Nevertheless, THE YAPPY BUNCH still got excited. It was not everyday that we get to stay at multiple hotels in only a matter of days.

And perhaps the one that stood out as the best for us is our second stop.... 


We arrived in Tokyo late at night after our whole day in Kyoto.  After walking u a marathon, we are so looking forward to tuck ourselves in a soft and comfy bed.

We still had many stops before we get there though!

And finally!


Sorry for the unreadable sign. 

When we entered TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI, we found that the lobby may not be as grand as other hotels but it does have a more modern design.

TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI was stylish yet homey with comfortable chairs in a brightly lit common area. 

There are newspapers and free use of the computer for those who want to catch up with what's happening in the world.


Ooh! Ooh! Complimentary drink all you can brewed UCC coffee for hotel guests!!!! Noiiiice!!!!! 

The coffee may be only up to 10:00pm but still, NOIIIICE!!!!


Front desk officers of TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI know English and are very polite. They were able to handle our big group efficiently and check us in, instantly.

Though TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI front desk peeps speak english, they still have difficulty in making explanations. So they provided these information sheets. 

Part two!

Toiletries in TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI were also provided for hotel guests. This mini-table is well stocked on wipes, combs, shampoos, conditioners, etc., etc., that you are covered for the rest of your stay. 

Going to our room!

I find that TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI is a fairly new hotel especially with the freshly painted walls and overall fresh scent. 

Here we are!!

The rooms in TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI were only good for 2 adults. So even if we were so used to having the boys room in with us since they're usually free of charge in hotels, this isn't the case in the Japan. 

Each room is really just good for 2 adults!

Oh well... Mati is bunking with his Tito Jon, while Andrei...

NAAAH. Forget about Andrei.


Room may be snug but space is maximized for the every need of the hotel guest.

Like this TV, cabinet, safe, and refrigerator!

Leather slippers and shoe whatevers.


This is a bit bigger compared to other restrooms in Japan. 

As always, we are provided with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash!

Plus toothbrush and toothpaste!

Of course, when in Japan, expect to be treated like a King with your "throne"!

They have different bidet settings for girls, boys, and butts!

While seated, you could also control the water pressure of the bidet AND the temperature of your seat.

I could almost sit here forever while the bidet makes tinkly tinkly!

Tee Hee!

Clean and crisp robes are provided too!

Massage services are available for a price in TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI!

Okay. Mati was all prepared to go to his Tito Jon's room. 

As for Andrei, his very concerned look says it all.

Naaaah. Just kidding! Of course, we wouldn't send him anywhere.... for now.

Other hotels may have welcome fruit baskets but TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI has origami!

Awww! Ain't that cute?!

Later on we went downstairs to meet the others for dinner.

We may be first but we didn't mind. We could just watch TV or go online!

Or we could have coffee while we're at it!

Andrei offered later to help me out since I was taking so long.

Good thing that the Front Desk Officer just ignored us. I think we got a bit noisy there. He he he he he he!

And finally we're settled with our coffee and tv!

Go Paquaio!

And finally we're off!

As with most Japanese hotels, a FAMILY MART was nearby!

FAMILY MART had almost everything we needed!

For dinner, we saw a SUKIYA at the opposite street and walked over to check it out.

Food seems so tempting!

Check it out in our blog entitled... SUKIYA!

Jazz hands!

After dinner, we all washed up and took Mati to my brother's room for the night. They're going to be bunk buddies!

There was also a supermarket nearby TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI where I got these very sweet and plump strawberries!

Add to that my coffee from downstairs and we definitely got a winner combo for my midnight snack!

This is such a perfect ME time!

Andrei went ahead for his ME time as well!


The next day, we were up and early for breakfast. Yup! It's provided for in TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI!

As the lobby suddenly converted into a restaurant, you would think that it would also have the hustle and bustle that usually goes with it.

But NOOOH!!! TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI lobby was still very quiet that morning. The hotel guests were all reserved and nobody was chatting loudly.  This would certainly be a relaxing and stress free start of the day.

When we checked in at TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI, we were given these breakfast coupons. We surrendered it to the sign (tee hee) that morning.

Yup! Everything here is self-service. You are even expected to wipe your own tables with the wash clothes provided.

Breakfast was only up to 9:30am so we better hurry.

Breakfast in TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI is a very simple one.

In fact, it is just a small nook in the corner of the lobby where they arranged all of the food.

My brothers and sisters were already starting without us (bah humbug). 

It's okay. We'll be needing their seats anyway. He he he he he!

We got some trays and scanned the buffet. The TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI spread had very limited choices but it certainly had what we needed to start off our day.

Like breads!

Butter and jams!


Shredded vegetables with 3 types of dressings!


There's yoghurt too!


Creamy soup!


Chicken curry with curried rice!!!


There was also hard boiled eggs and yoghurt in the buffet. Andrei helped himself to that.


He later on joined his Ate Cio for brekky.


My brothers and sisters already finished with their breakfast and turned over their tables to us.


Guess whose tray this is?


Now guess who owns this?

If you guessed The Chinese Adonis', then you're right!


Let's eat!


The Chinese Adonis and the Matster!


And I'm done!


Well... almost. I was still in the mood for more carbs!


After we've finished eating, we placed our trays and utensils in the designated table. 


Andrei had fun doing it as he remembered his summer job in MCDONALDS. He he he he he!


Afterwards, it's a full day again for THE YAPPY BUNCH with family.


Uh... such a long walk... Could we just go back? He he he he he he!


After a whole day of walking (again), we were so looking forward to going back to our hotel.

I wonder if the guy besides Mati planned to go with us.


Good thing we were all relaxed for the train back home. 

Yes, even my niece Rocio in a mid-sneeze.


For my midnight snack, guess what I pigged out on again?

Yep! The pancake joined the club.


The next day, we had another early and quick breakfast. 


Time to get our grub again!

Mati loved the choices more this morning.


Creamy scrambled eggs and invisible hard boiled eggs!


Java rice and beef with brocolli!


My happy little eater!


I got almost the same food as I had yesterday.


The Chinese Adonis stayed healthy while my Kuya Jon waited for us.


When we were done, I deposited my tray onto the bins. 


We will be going back to Osaka so we will be checking out of TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI!


Here's our usual/traditional pictures around the room!


Japanese sign!


Grooowllll! We don't want to go yet!


Oh well. But we DO have to!




So sad to leave room 1016.

Well except Andrei. I think he thought we were supposed to do a happy face. he he he he he!


Hall shot!


We were able to check out before going out for the day's agenda.  Good thing they allowed us to leave our bags in their front desk while we go around Tokyo. It was fine with them as long as we get back for it within the day.


Before finally leaving TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI, I had one last coffee with the Chinese Adonis!


Later on my brothers and sisters joined us to say goodbye!

Time to parteeeey!

WITH FREE COFFEE! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Andrei volunteered to make coffee for everyone. 

Yes, he should really work on his smile. He he he he he he!


Good bye TOKYU STAY NIHOMBASHI! We certainly had many great nights with you. We loved that you are near a train station, not to mention a Family Mart and a grocery to suit our every need. Plus your rooms are very clean and guests are taken cared for.  

We will certainly mark you down the next time we're in Tokyo.


4-7-9 Honcho, Tokyo Station,
 Tokyo, Japan 103-0023 


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