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The Chinese Adonis and I promised ourselves that we could do all that we want for the whole week but come Sunday, THE YAPPY BUNCH should ALWAYS be together. Of course, we are in each others company already for 7 days but we will stress on it more on Sundays with mass, breakfast, and lunch.  You could say the reason why we are doing this is to program the little lords that Sunday is their day with Mommy and Daddy. So that when they grow up and get all cool to be the "folks", they would still go with us on family day Sundays.

I don't care if they got home late the previous night...
I don't care if they have a hot date that morning...
I don't care if they have a barkada getaway....

Sunday is OUR day. So they better get used to it.

With that, I'm so glad that there are restaurants like MUSEUM CAFE that is perfect for our after-mass meal. The place is chic and located nearby in Greenbelt. Plus, they are serving brunch that is fitting for our special family day Sunday. We all enjoyed our time there!

Moments like these make me cherish every second with my little lords. I know time goes by so fast (like EAT BULAGA hammering SHOWTIME with #ALDUB (HA!)) that before we know it, they'll be out with their girls or their friends more than us. That's why hopefully, the neverending time we spend with them will make a strong mark so that they'll keep our Family Sundays sacred. 

Of course, given the choice, we'd still like to be with them every single day.

But should the time comes where they could only spare one day for us, we know that it would always be on Sundays.

And yes it would DEFINITELY still be more than enough for us! :)


MUSEUM CAFE is located right across AYALA MUSEUM. 

Isn't that the perfect place to go after pigging yourselves out with delicious food?


MUSEUM KAFE is part of the RAINTREE group of restaurants which has KABILA as part of their foodie family. 

We were welcomed by the gracious and ever lovely Ms. Gwen Carino (Publicist - Raintree Group). She invited THE YAPPY BUNCH to try the popular SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH of MUSEUM CAFE.

According to dear Gwen, this SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH has been going on for 9 years in MUSEUM CAFE. It has been one of their best-selling features in the restaurant as families would drop by for a hefty serving of delicious Asian inspired food with matching eat-all-you-can buffet on Sundays.

MUSEUM CAFE's SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH is from 10:00am to 3:00pm and is featured only on.......

... you guessed it, SUNDAYS. He he he he he he he! 

For only P1,085.00 nett, this Boutique Brunch comprises of an order of their main dish and unlimited servings from their buffet spread that boasts of food you could find in your favorite 5-star hotels.


And it's time to raid MUSEUM CAFE's simple but exceptional buffet!

Start off with the Charcuterie where you get a remarkable selection of cured meats and hams. 

MUSEUM CAFE's Norwegian Smoked Salmon! My favorite and it's UNLIMITED for my brunch!!!!!!!!!!


Smoked Salmon helpers!

MUSEUM CAFE's Pepper Crusted Tuna!

Chorizo Iberico!

Jamon Serrano!

Afterwards, check out the MUSEUM CAFE cheeseboard!

That's one big wedge of sharp gorgonzola cheese!

These 3 blocks of cheese were so creamy and blended with various herbs and condiments. 

That MUSEUM CAFE coconut cheese garnered many oohs and aahs from our group.

MUSEUM CAFE also has these extra condiments for your cheeses:

Apricots, figs, cranberries, crackers, truffled honey, grapes, walnuts, and blackened cheery compote.

I caught mareng Jane of SUGAR, SPICE, AND EVERYTHING NICE with her very sweet Jena!

I don't know about you but when I have cheese, there should always be bread along with it.

Going around the buffet, me and Mati's eyes almost popped out when we saw the raw bar!!!!

I'm already very happy just with this section alone!

"Oysters, Clams, and Cockles!"

Sorry even if these are more oysters, mussels, and shrimps, that GAME OF THRONES line will NEVER get old!!!

The great thing about MUSEUM CAFE's raw section is that you could request to have these goodies cooked the way you like it. 

Mati asked to have it grilled. As for me, I had a plateful later on of the baked oysters. Also, I saw from another table that they had their shrimps in butter and garlic.

Wow! The reasons for becoming a glutton just goes on and on!

MUSEUM CAFE salad bar!

Since I'm very partial to anything creamy and sinful, I helped myself to spoonfuls of THIS!

I love that their dressings are not the usual thousand island or Caesars! At least we have something different here.

If you think that's already more than enough for you, MUSEUM CAFE also has an omelette station where the on-site chef whips up your desired eggs with fresh toppings of your choice!

Besides that are the MUSEUM CAFE baked items where you will find this mouth-watering quiche lorraine!

Tortilla de Patata!

Spinach and Chicken Quiche!

My sweet Andrei loved the pancake and fresh toasts section. He immediately helped himself to a plate of pancakes then drizzled loads of chocolate syrup on it.


To complete the happy SUNDAY BRUNCH experience, a trio was playing sassy Jazz music outside. 

This was such a nice touch especially on a wet Sunday morning. We felt like we were in New Orleans!!!!! 


Service was very prompt and friendly in MUSEUM CAFE! The head waiter would always pass by and check on us.


This server was always smiling and really helped the boys in getting their food. He assisted Mati several times with how he wanted his oysters to be cooked.

After helping ourselves to the SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH buffet, we ordered our main courses. 

And now I start with my first plate!

As for Master Mati, he went straight for the oysters. Don't worry he had toast and milk at home so he's not attacking this on an empty stomach!

Being the monkey-see-monkey-do person that I am, I got envious of Mati's seafood finds so I got some more of it for moi!

Later on, we still had another helping of these delicious baked oysters. These were crazy good! Do try it when you're in MUSEUM CAFE!

The Chinese Adonis and my cutie pie Andrei!

We sat across the very happy and sweet Jeff and Jane!!! Their joyfulness is contagious. It's always a great time with them around.


For our main courses, I ordered the MUSEUM CAFE Eggs Benedict!

Whenever I see gooey Eggs Benedict on the menu, I always go for it. There's something about seeing the liquid gold trickling down a bed of smoked salmon, and bread that gets me all dazed and hypnotized. 

As for Andrei, he had the MUSEUM CAFE Congee.

My bunsoy is a very picky eater and would rather NOT eat if he had the choice. But he quite liked the thick porridge that was very savory in every spoonful. 

As for Mati, he had the MUSEUM CAFE Roasted Seafood Linguine!

Don't let that expression fool you. He was very impatient to dig on to his fat plate of pasta but had to pose a bit for Mommy. He he he he he!

True enough the fresh grilled seafood was a perfect match with the delectable marinara sauce. He finished this in no time. 

Kabila Favorites!

A choice of US Beef Belly Garlic Tapa, Garlic Longganisa, Crispy Pork Belly Chips, or Bangus Belly (Bistek Style). 


The Chinese Adonis ordered this and I sequestered it from him because it was soooo good!


YU-UH!!! The MUSEUM CAFE tapa was so yummeh that Yub and I ordered an extra cup of garlic rice!!!!!



Dear Gwen recommended us to order the Kamias shake in MUSEUM CAFE. At first I was doubtful because, eeewy? Super sour kamias in a shake??? But one sip and woah!!! IT WAS DEFINITELY not what I expected! It was very refreshing and had the right amount of sweetness to it!!! This was so perfect with Yub's very savory tapsilog!


MUSEUM CAFE Char-Grilled US Beef Burger!

MUSEUM CAFE Asian Noodles!

The broth certainly gave out an appetizing aroma that I was almost tempted to zoink it from the other table.

That pork siomai looks mighty tempting to zoink too!


MUSEUM CAFE Fish and Chips! 


I think next time we're here, I'll order this too!!!!


ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords and friends in MUSEUM CAFE!!!!! 
Andrei was very excited to eat his ginormous serving of MUSEUM CAFE congee and dimsum. Even if he can't finish it, I bet he felt so "grown-uppish." with the ginormous bowl in front of him.

Dessert is also included in the SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH of MUSEUM CAFE!



Lovely cupcakes...



How about some key Lime Pie?



The Green Tea Pannacotta is mighty tempting.



Velvety and sweet Dulce De Leche cake!






These chocolate eclairs caught my eye.



The Chinese Adonis was going for the healthy route and got some fruits. 


Drinks are not included in the SUNDAY BOUTIQUE BRUNCH but MUSEUM CAFE has a wide selection to quench your thirst and answer your every liquid craving.


If you feel like having something bubbly with your brunch, they have an unli offering for it too!!!! 


For dessert I had many helpings of this MUSEUM CAFE eclair. It's not cloyingly sweet but it did satisfy me on so many levels.

While I was having coffee and eating many pastries, my bunsoy Andrei kept himself busy with his favorite book. 


I love it when my boys go for a traditional mode of entertainment rather the popular gadget or Ipad. 


After all that chatting and eating, we were finally finished. Besides having fun with THE YAPPY BUNCH, it was so cool to meet these lovely ladies for Sunday.

Of course, Yub chose to be oblivious to the electric fan behind me and still took the picture even if my hair went all "buhaghagin.



Thank you so much to dear Gwen Carino and Chef Kalel Chan (Corporate Chef - Raintree Group) for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!! 

Were certainly thankful to meet a very kind and sweet person in dear Gwen! Hope to see you again soon!!!!! 

Thanks too to dear Spanky Enriquez for inviting us! We miss you here in the Philippines. You better come back before Jon Snow dies again.


MUSEUM CAFE has an ongoing promo for picture addicts like us. Check it out!!!!


After MUSEUM CAFE, we went around a bit and did our usual Sunday grocery. 


We had to go home immediately since we had something important to.  But my bunsoy Andrei asked if he could look at some of the Greenbelt fishies. Of course, the Chinese Adonis and I said yes.


Because really, what's the hurry? I guess one of the reasons they called it "Laid back Sundays" is because you don't really need to rush off when you're already with the special people in your life. And for me and the Chinese Adonis, there will be certainly a lot of days where we will all be together, but Sunday will always be OUR DAY. 

And from the look of things, Mati and Andrei will never forget that too.

So there!

Level 1, Greenbelt 4,
Ayala Museum, Ayala Center
Makati City
02 7573000 / 02 7576000




  1. Busog lusog talaga sa Museum Cafe, one of my favorite restos na now. And I love that we got to have sunday brunch together! <3 We have more or less the same values when it comes to family time. See you soon my dear mare. Sobrang sexy ka na ipa-raffle na yang corset hahaha. Mwah! :-*

    1. Hiya dear Jane!!! Yes STRONGLY recommended ang MUSEUM CAFE! We really enjoyed our brunch there especially that we were with you guys! I really learn a lot from you and your family is really an inspiration for THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!! Yes see you soon please dear mare! Ha ha ha ha ha! Naku shy ako ibigay ang corset ko sayo at baka mangati ka. Pang mamahalin ka ata! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! MWAAAAAAAAAAAHNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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