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Monday, August 10, 2015


These days, the Chinese Adonis and I are watching our food intake because not only have we ballooned to the size of beluga whales but we are also concerned about our health. 

To be honest, and I'm sure it may come as a shock to some. I am already 40 years old. Yes. Yes. I know I don't look like it but that is the truth. I hope I didn't break any hearts out there who think of me as their high school buddy or college mate, but I have to declare that yes, THIS IS 40. And even if I don't look a little over 20 years old, I still have to be careful about my weight and watch my cholesterol consumption. 

Don't worry. I doubt you'll also have my hallucinations when you get my age. Nyuk nyuk!!!

Seriously speaking (or writing), yes the Chinese Adonis and I have been dieting for many weeks now but after seeing the many posts of our KTG mates about FAT RESTAURANT, we were caught in a diddle widdle. Is it time to abandon the grueling days of diet for a night of "nutritional sin?"

Our answer to that?


Because the food at FAT RESTAURANT is just so effin delicious that it IS indeed worth getting fat for.

And I'm still not sorry about the extra pounds up to now!!!!


This new restaurant is located at the Fort and very near MIND MUSEUM!

Are you ready to get some FAT into your daily lives?

We certainly are!!!!

FAT RESTAURANT is a cozy nook with a more subdued vibe making you think that you're in a casual bar.

There are more tables at the second floor. Just follow the book cases!

I find the second floor has a chic and "industrialistic" feel to it. Great for night outs with your date, friends, and even family!

And it's time to get FAT!

I thank the foodie heavens that unlike other restaurants, FAT has platters and not ridiculous small plates!

Wohoo! More food space for US!

FAT RESTAURANT menu one...

FAT RESTAURANT menu two...


Plus US!


First on the table was a full serving of FAT RESTAURANT Bar Mix (P290.00)!

These are seriously addicting.... you'll never have spiced nuts and pop corn the same way again.

Drizzle your bowl of bar chomps with the thick salted caramel sauce or melted butter with lemon and you got yourself a really messy but fun treat!

I wonder if this could be packed to go for a movie date? He he he he?

Next up is a curious plate of FAT RESTAURANT Pork's Ear En Croute (P370.00).

I got a full bite of this and man oh man, that has got to be one of the most glorious munches that I've had for the year! 

Oh yes. This is as mouth-watering and oh-so-delicious as it looks!

Imagine  rich cream cheese topped with very flavorful slices of sisig strips on a toasted sliced sour dough bread. 

Served with mango mayonnaise, saffron aioli, salsa, and greens. Woah! I am so tempted to bite onto my monitor right now!


In the mood for something MORE crunchy? Have a plate of FAT RESTAURANT Green Tea Chicharon (P190.00)!

One bite of this uber seasoned Filipino favorite and you'll be MIND-BLOWN.  

I mean, hey it's fried pork rind. It couldn't get any better than it's already crunchy awesomeness.

But guess what? With FAT RESTAURANT, it just DID!

I took a mouthful and what a loud crackling did it give!!! 

Take this Filipino favorite another notch by dusting it with Green Tea Salt or dipping in the honeyed vinegar!

Truly unforgettable!

I bet if this was laid down in front of you, your eyes would bulge out of its sockets. 

Ain't it so beeeeyoootipul?

Of course before you get discouraged with the menu in FAT RESTAURANT, they also have a healthy option for those who want to go for a lighter meal. 

The  FAT RESTAURANT Butter Poached Tuna was refreshing even with the generous crumbles of goat cheese and earthy mushroom ragout!

I'm not really overly fond of quinoa but it truly complemented the the sharp flavors of the seared tuna with wasabi beurre blanc!

This was in front of me and I cannot help myself to several forkfuls. If you're not in the mood for meats that night (que horror!!!!) then this is perfect for you!

Still drooling over that CHEF movie and those sizzling cubanos? Then try out FAT RESTAURANT's Fat Cubano (P600.00)! This could really make a 3 hungry diners grin from ear to ear as it is packed with Corned Beef, Ham, Kimchi Kraut, Emmenthal Cheese, and Pickled Cucumber Onion!

Another favorite that I cannot stop raving over in FAT RESTAURANT is the Salmon and Uni Pasta (P700.00)!

I love salmon but only in it's raw, "sashimi", beingness. Even if I want to love it cooked, other restaurants tend to forget it in the broiler long enough leaving me with a big plate of flaky mess.

Wawa I know.

But this  sous vide Salmon over creamy shell pasta with egg and arugula was just... WOW.

If you're trying to quit on carbs, don't do it YET without trying this out. Love the rich sauce of the pasta with bites of the crunchy salmon skin. This is just heaven on a plate.

My husband is a sucker for burgers and was just OVERJOYED with FAT RESTAURANT's Duck Burger (P510.00) even if it was not ALL beef. 

This juicy burger was 50% duck meat and 50% beef but still packed on the full burger flavor that my husband loved. The melted gruyere and emmenthal cheese made it all the more appetizing at every bite!


Served with fat fries plus red onion and orange salad! Almost a complete meal if my husband only ate his veggies! He he he he he he!

The food just kept on coming at FAT RESTAURANT and while we were already drooling and raving over the earlier dishes, THIS comes along.

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Fillet (P490.00)!!!

Oh garlic rice! Where art thou?

Since I'm trying (note on the word try) to watch my carbs, I just gave the super seasoned chicken a spritz of lemon and sour cream. Though it still got me craving for my favorite garlic rice, I was already very satisfied at every bite with all the wonderful flavors. 

ERICJAZ FOODIES are getting FAT!!!!

LET'S EAT with (l-r) Indulgence by Irene, Tales from the Tummy, Chef Mikel Zaguirre, THE FANTASTIC FLOP DUO, and Sugar and Spice!

Food! Food! Glorious food!

Of course, we still saved room for dessert!

FAT RESTAURANT Bacon Baclava (P310.00)!!!

FAT RESTAURANT Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake (P360.00)!

FAT RESTAURANT Choux Doughnuts (P280.00) with cream and banana!

All desserts were luscious and sweetly satisfying to cap off the wonderfully rich meal!!!!

Thanks so much Chef Mikel Zaguirre for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and for fattening ourselves up to kingdom come!

When you're not in the mood to watch those inches OR if you just want to have super scrumptious food, go to FAT RESTAURANT and just INDULGE. 

Leave all hunger, craving, and diet insanity at the door.

Stress on the last part.

He he he he he he!


Forbes Town Center, 
29th Street corner Rizal Drive, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
0917 579 1936 / 02 834 8600


  1. Mare, na-prito mo na ba yung mega chicharon mo hehe. :-* And yes, agree ako. You really look 20. 25 tops pag naka-lipstick. Mwah!

    1. Hindi pa mare!!! Have you??? Parang I soooo want to do it na kaso feeling ko uulamin ko with rice! Tee heee!!! Awwwww thank you! Nagfefeeling feelingan lang ako but still yihiiii kiligations pa din ako. Mishooo mare! See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I always wanted to eat at FAT but it's really quite expensive. So whenever I'm outside I can't seem to bring my wallet in the store. The food looks great!

    1. Hi Chef Jay!!! How are you? Yes I would have to agree that prices are higher compared to other restaurants but servings are good for 2 share plus it's really, really, really, good!!!! Different from the usuals!!!! Hope to meet you soon! Thanks for checking out my silly little foodie blog! He he he he he!


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