Tuesday, August 4, 2015


When we started plotting our itinerary for our Japan trip 2015, I promised the little lords that by hook or by crook, we will eat at a revolving sushi restaurant. The last time we went to a restaurant of the same theme was in KULA in LA but that was so long ago. In the Philippines, there are not many popular revolving sushi restaurants around (pun not intended) that's why the little lords were so excited at the prospect of having it again, this time in its "mothership" in Japan. However, since my brothers and sisters were leading the pack and had a complete list on where we will be going, I was not so sure anymore if we will be able to indulge in that "revolving" wish.

Lo and behold! The food gods were with us in Japan during our trip that after our tiring day at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS we came upon this revolving sushi restaurant at the Universal Citywalk named DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI. At first, I was hesitant because I got this idea that restaurants located at the Citywalk were expensive. But upon checking the menu, the dishes were quite affordable that it was like we were meant to have our dinner there.

And so, we happily did!!!!!!


We just finished our day in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and were all deciding where to eat. 

Our initial plans were to go back to our hotel and look for a restaurant there. Looking around at Universal Citywalk, we had this preconceived notion that the restaurants there were not for the dedicated economist (read: stingy) that we just walked straight ahead.

While walking, we came upon DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI!

Oh! Oh! A revolving sushi restaurant! FINALLY!

Wow! 150Y (P55.00) for a plate of salmon sushi???? That's so affordable!

This too! We're sold!

We're going right in!

DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI had many available seats when we got there that we were able to get a table ASAP. I guess, leaving UNIVERSAL STUDIOS before the fireworks had a lot of benefits! He he he he he!

After about 20 minutes, the place got packed!

DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI has a very simple set up. Sushi in colored plates (to signify their different prices) go around on a moving ramp and you just pick up what you fancy.

Like so.


If waiting is not your thing, you could call the waiter and request for your sushi!


If you're thinking of having tempura, chicken karaage, fried rice, or ramen here, erase that idea in your head.

DAIKISUISAN only has sushi nothing more.

Okay there may have soup and desserts, but then, nothing more.


Poor Chinese Adonis! He doesn't eat sushi (or anything raw) so he'll just make poor puppy faces while we're having dinner. We promised to take him to wherever he wanted to eat in afterwards.

On the counter, everything you may need to have an enjoyable sushi dinner is there.

Different types of soy sauce plus pickled ginger...

Lots and lots of creamed wasabi packets!

There's a number in front of each dinner just to properly identify customers with their orders.

When we sat down I was so clueless as to what this black spout was. To be honest, I'm not sure if it was a faucet even! I really thought it was a lever or button to make an order.

The Japanese gentleman besides me sensed my confusion and showed me that it is actually complimentary hot tea for diners. Yep! Drink all you can baby!

Now I felt so happy and stupid after. Ha ha ha ha ha!

At first I thought this was powdered wasabi to be mixed with water to get a paste. Good thing I have a reader (yes, I have one!) who corrected me and said that this was actually powdered green tea to add to the one coming from that blasted spout. At least you have the option to strengthen the taste of your tea and not have this pathetic diluted hot water. He he he he he he!!!!

Thanks dear Anonymous reader!!!!!!! You saved us from getting hate mail by people who'll use this as wasabi based on our account. Tee Hee!!!!

If hot tea is not your thing, you could get water and ice from one of the tables in the corner. Check out the cute plastic mugs!

We saw a lot of mouth-watering sushi going by the moving ramp but we still wanted to order our usuals. 

Especially Andrei, he was raring for some Salmon!

Mati really didn't need the menu but he still got one for props. He he he he he!

And we're on!

Squid sushi for just Y150? Woah! That's just like P55.00!!!

Five Ray Yellow Tale for the same price?

This IS the happiest place for me right now!

The same goes for these bright DAIKISUISAN fish roe sushi!!!

Are those salmon???

What's ice fish??

From DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI I got the fatty tuna (Y150.00 - P55.00).

Mati also got a DAIKISUISAN Bluefin Tuna Toro (Y250.00 - P92.00 for 1 piece).

Rocio did not fancy sushi but she was fine with some Tamago (Y100 - P37.00).

Woah! Is that a special plate of COCKLE (Y350.00 - 130.00)???

"Oysters, Clams, and Cockles!"

Thanks Game of Thrones. Seafood will never be the same again.

We're hungry. LET'S EAT!

Guess who's in mid-sneeze in the picture.

Mati got plates upon plates of his favorite Octopus Sushi (Y150.00 - P55.00)!

Andrei was so happy to have finally eaten authentic raw sushi salmon (Y150.00 - P55.00)! Ain't that fatty??? YUM!

Yey Andrei!

After gobbling up the buttery salmon sushi, Andrei immediately got one more plate of it!

This DAIKISUISAN Raw Tuna Roll (Y200 - P74.00) is something I'm still drooling for up to this day.

More squid sushi for the boys (Y150.00 - P55.00)

After many plates of Octopus sushi, Master Mati moved on to DAISUISAN's Squid Tentacles (Y150.00 - P55.00)!

Yes! There's no stopping this boy!

Now what else?

One of my top favorites that night was my order of DAIKISUISAN Raw Grilled Salmon (Y150.00 - P55.00) with Japanese mayo and onions.

Now I'm not sure why they named this as "raw grilled..." but my guess is that they meant that it's not thoroughly cooked. Anyway, this was crazy good and I hope somebody would think of it here in the Philippines.

Raw shrimp (Y150 -- P55.00)

Mati later on asked for the Grilled Salmon (Y200 -- P74.00). See the difference there?

They wouldn't give you spoon and forks in DAIKISUISAN unless you ordered soup. That means you are left to contend your food with chopsticks.

It's okay. If you don't know how to use a chopstick, you could use your fingers to pick up your sushi. That's acceptable in Japan anyway.

This is a nice moment between the two cousins. Since Rocio is in her teens already she doesn't play as much with the little lords anymore. But they still do talk about anime, movies, and food. He he he he!

Like now! Rocio noticed how Mati was just eating the fish and leaving out the sushi rice. 

Check out the people waiting for their turn in DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, Rocio, and a very happy gentleman besides me in DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI

Mati continued to gobble up plates upon plates of sushi!

Now he's attacking his shrimp!

As for Rocio, she was able to have some egg, and salmon. 

Andrei and I had a lot!

This is my stack!

This is my first time to just have sushi for dinner since I would usually have it only for appetizers. I didn't expect it to be so heavy and I was already so full after 5 plates! Those fresh raw seafood with sweet Japanese rice really packed a punch!

When it's time to bill-out, an attendant came and counted our stacked plates grouped by color.

Time to pay up!

Our bill was a total of Y3,402 (P1,253.00)! Not bad for a DELICIOUS sushi dinner that got us all VERY full! I think if you had the same quality of sushi in some restaurants here, you would pay double or even triple of that price. PLUS, it wouldn't be on a moving ramp!

There were also dippin dots available near the counter. Andrei asked some of it for dessert.

When you're in UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, do make dinner plans at DAIKISUISAN REVOLVING SUSHI! It's just outside the famous theme park and they have great servings of sushi -- it's fat, fresh, and bigger than what you usually here in Manila. We all had a great time (yes including the Yubhub) watching the colorful plates pass by and grabbing whatever fancied us. Truly a wonderful experience when you're in Japan!!!!



Universal Citywalk
(near Mcdonalds)
Osaka, Japan


  1. Hi Jaz, i've been a reader of your blog for quite some time. I too love Japan immensely and have been going back and forth for a couple of times due to business reasons (i'm blessed to have Japanese clients that covers for my trip). Anyhoo, the first time i ate at a revolving restaurant i thought the green powder is wasabi but was later told that it was tea in powder form (matcha). That's what you put on your cup of hot water to get a stronger taste. Believe me i was laughing so hard the first time. Saw this post and it reminded me of that incident. Great posts! More power!

    1. Hi!!! How are you? Thank you so much for taking time in looking at our silliness. He he he he he! Wow good for you! I agree that you ARE blessed to be able to go back and forth to that beautiful country and covered by your clients pa! Baka you need assistant? He he he he he he!

      Gosh thanks so much for the correction. I really thought it was wasabi!!!! When we sat by the counter, we were just left to fend for ourselves and try to comprehend what's going on in the surroundings. I looked so eng eng already with the spout and here's another one. Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks so much for the correction. I really appreciate it.

      Hope to get your name so I could properly address you and check if you'll be blocking us in FB soon (joke!). I'm glad you dropped by. Hope to hear from you more :) Have a good night and thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Hahaha sorry i opted for the anonymous option. My name is Mun and i work for a Japanese company called Rakuten. Their logo happens to be everywhere in Japan. If you see the letter R logo in convenience store, that is us.

      Anyhoo, just wanted you to know that I find your silliness endearing and funny. Will try to comment as frequent as i can. I have been a happy silent lurker. hahah!

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Hi Mun! So nice to hear from you!! Wow! Now I am jealous that you could go to Japan many times. It is such a beautiful country rich with culture and honor. We totally fell in love with it and hope to return. We just need to sell some body parts muna before we are able to. Kidding!!!!

      Thank you so much! Your comments really made our night. Sometimes talaga when I write it's just my stream of consciousness and I type whatever comes out of my big head. I'm glad that somebody is able to understand, appreciate, and share in this weird wavelength. He he he he he! Thank you so much again and we do hope to hear (or read) more of you soon! Take care!!!!! :)

    4. BTW, no don't apologize for the anonymous option!! I understand and respect the privacy of everyone. I'm sorry if I gave you that impression but I just wanted to be able to address you properly and not as anonymous. You could make a codename if you want. Ha ha ha ha ha! But I'm glad you told us your name. Feeling friends na tayo. Naks!!!!!!!!!! H aha ha ha ha ha! Goodnight!!!!!


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