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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


When THE YAPPY BUNCH joined my siblings in our last Japan trip, we let my brother Kuya Jon plan for our whole itinerary. We were grateful that he scheduled many sites that had a lot of historical or cultural meaning into it that the little lords learned something instead of just going walking around.

One of which is our visit to KIYOMIZU TEMPLE in KYOTO!


We just came from INARI SHRINE, KYOTO, and we rode a bus towards our next destination.

It was a sunny week in Japan that we all got 50 shades of darker. The usually porcelain white Andrei became a "dugyut" all of a sudden. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

I'm sure he didn't notice nor would he care since my Andrei was too busy enjoying our bus commute (something that he never does in Manila) and was oblivious to everything.  EVEN to his snoring mama! Man was I tired! 

And we all went down to the KIYOMIZU bus stop.

And so our walk begins.

670 meters is near right?

While going for our first few steps, we saw these cutesie-poo items that are just calling us to go in and shop.

ALMOST tempted....

Aughh.... My self-control is losing...

And we have only walked about 10 steps... Ha ha ha ha ha!


It was a hot day so we stopped a bit for some ice cream.

Actually the boys and the others stopped for ice cream. Me and the Yubhub had pictures with "cherry blossoms" (aka random flowers by the sidewalk). He he he he he he!

Only the ones with ice creams are allowed to stay in the air-conditioned room. And yes, no sharing! 

Check out Andrei gloating from the inside.

Besides being on a budget AND on a diet, the Chinese Adonis and I just waited for them outside with our flowers.

He he he he he he!

When they were finished, Andrei went outside and gloated some more!

Grrr! I wonder if he'd still be laughing if I leave him here?

He he he he he he!

And we walked some more afterwards.

We passed by this KIMONO rental store that was flocked by many tourists. We saw that their Kimonos and robes were rented out for Y2,500. I think you need to pay extra for accessories and make up.

It would have been nice if we got ourselves made up like these lovely ladies. But there wasn't any time left before our train to Tokyo.

Many tourists were huffing and puffing along with us that snacks seemed like the gates of heaven.

FINALLY, I see the temple!

I have to admit that our walk to KIYOMIZU TEMPLE was a real hard one. Not only was there a significant distance, but it was all uphill! That's extra effort and more muscle pain for us! To think, that we were already tired to begin with!


Now WHY did Kuya Jon include this in his itinerary??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When we got there, the walk was all worth it. And even if I didn't want him to hear it, I was thanking Kuya Jon from under my breath.

KIYOMIZU TEMPLE was founded in 778, while the structures around it were  were constructed in 1633, under the orders of the Tokugawa Iemitsu.

KIYOMIZU DERA means the temple of Clear Water and was named after the Otowa Waterfall.

Too bad we're not able to get to the waterfall because would you believe that we only got up to the 3-story Pagoda?

KEKWEKWEKWEEEEENG!!!! He he he he he!

Photo from WIKIPEDIA
The ACTUAL KIYOMIZU TEMPLE is 13 meters up on a mountain. As much we wanted to go there, we were so tired already. It's too bad that we missed seeing this temple that is part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities) UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Something to go back for perhaps? But before we make such a hike, I would really have a spa day before this. He he he he he he he!

Do you know that the KIYOMIZU TEMPLE is also very popular with the daredevils out there? According to WIKIPEDIA, the popular Japanese expression "to jump off the stage at Kiyomizu" is the Japanese equivalent of the English expression "to take the plunge". This refers to an Edo period tradition that held that, if one were to survive a 13m jump from the stage, one's wish would be granted. 

234 jumps were recorded in the Edo period and, of those, 85.4% survived. 

Before you get any wild ideas, these stunts are not allowed anymore.  So just go back to your coin and deep well if you want to make a wish!

THE YAPPY BUNCH going for the gates of deva! He he he he he he!

From KIYOMIZU website
If you plan to go to KIYOMIZU TEMPLE, this is what's in store for you!

The temple opens a 6:00am every morning with closing times different depending on the day.

My cutie Andrei by the west gate!

I told the little lords that we will be having a family picture by the 3-storey pagoda as background.

Andrei was determined to spoil it. How did I know? Because he said so.

"Beeeh mommy! You're not going to get a nice picture!"

Take two...

Take three!


Finally I gave up.

Me with the little lords by one of the great halls in KIYOMIZU TEMPLE!

KIYOMIZU TEMPLE souvenirs and religious items.

The beautiful 3-storey pagoda in KIYOMIZU TEMPLE!

Don't you just love the brightly colored pain on the intricate design of the Pagoda?


The boys did not want to join the picture at all.

What a beautiful view of Kyoto!

We're surprised to learn that we're atop a mountain. At least the view made that long walk just worth it.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in KIYOMIZU TEMPLE!

After a short walk, it's time for us to go.

This would have been a good picture if it were not for that blasted truck. The Chinese Adonis was even doing the Japanese sign here!

The tourist whom we asked to take a picture of us was so considerate and asked for one more shot. He took it upon himself to try removing that white truck.

Points for the extra effort that's for sure!

Oh well. In the end, we still feel like we got the family picture that we wanted. And yes, that's even with the white truck. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Here's a panoramic shot of our surroundings there in KIYOMIZU TEMPLE!

And here's my side! 

Thanks Yub for making me look like a ghost.

It was a hot day and Yub rested in the covered area. 

Uuuuy! Somebody wanted to join Yub's picture!

And finally we're going down!

The walk downhill was much easier!

But that doesn't mean we were not tired!

My sister said we looked so wawa by the sidestreets. 

I'll wawa her.


I'm really getting old. While I was catching my breath, Andrei was still hyper and making jokes. 

We all made a pit stop to energize ourselves with some street snacks!



It was quite big so we just shared an order of the hot and tasty Japanese snack.

Yub also asked me to treat him to an ice cream cone!

After we got our strength back, we walked to our bus stop!

Finally, we will be taking a loooong rest in the comforts of our Shinkansen (bullet train).

But first....


Good thing the Japanese smell good!

Oh. Yeah. 

294 Kiyomizu 1-chome, 
Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 
Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862, Japan
+81 75-551-1234

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