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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


On the day that we went to Kyoto during our Japan Trip, we woke up extra early and had an itty bitty bite from our hotel because we were really planning to have our breakfast at Kyoto Station.  There are actually many restaurants that served authentic Japanese food in the popular train station that we were all raring to try it to get properly energized for the (undoubtedly) exciting day ahead.

After depositing our bags in the KYOTO TRAIN STATION LOCKER, we all walked around and looked forward to where our hungry tummies would take us. 

And so we came upon KYOTO RAMEN KOJI!!!

KYOTO RAMEN KOJI is this small restaurant near the JR Kyoto on the Isetan side.

There were a lot of Japanese huddling in for a quick meal of hot bowls of noodles that we decided to make this our breakfast as well.

Prices at KYOTO RAMEN KOJI seem very reasonable.

They didn't have any Japanese translation for the KYOTO RAMEN KOJI food so we were just left to squint and analyze on what bowl we should order.

Prices are a bit cheaper than the ramen we have here in the Philippines yet it all seemed very good!

As always to make process of ordering  quicker, KYOTO RAMEN KOJI had vending machines outside for your order stubs. Just remember what number your food is then put the appropriate amount in the slot.

I put in about 3,000.00yen so that I'll just press away on all our orders. The Japanese vending machines are very efficient in giving out change anyway.

What shall we get???

We also got water and drinks already since it is very likely that we won't be able to order it inside KYOTO RAMEN KOJI!

After getting our order stubs, we line up inside!

In KYOTO RAMEN KOJI, they had a very coordinated assembly line in serving their food. After you hand out your stub to the first attendant,you could almost see your Ramen order being created as you move along towards the end. 

They only had about 4 staffmembers inside KYOTO RAMEN KOJI. The frontliners take the stubs and shouts out at the back. The lady here at the picture cooks and fries the toppings while another one chops the condiments.

Everything is well timed and worked like a well-oiled machine.

Not to mention the last guy doing the finishing touches on the ramen seemed EXTRA cute!

I wonder what is the face behind the mask???

He he he he he he he!!!!!

How do you say "HELLO THERE PUGI" in Japanese huh?

The restaurant may have a lot of diners but customer turnover was very fast. You really go here just to have a quick bite of noodles and not stay to yipyap away while taking pictures.

What the........????

Forgive me for the crummy pictures and if I don't get everything right. Everything is just so quick in Japan that if you're moving at a snail's pace, you'll get trampled upon.

Or worse...

... yelled at by the sibs!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My brother and his wife each ordered the KYOTO RAMEN KOJI noodles in Shio Broth with Pork Chasyu (680Y).

My niece said she loved the light and clear broth that was still well seasoned while the noodles were slick and chewy. So perfect for slurping away. 

Mati had the same KYOTO RAMEN KOJI bowl also and he happily devoured his noodles with his cold coke!

I told him that in Japan, slurping is considered a compliment to the chef.o which my master Mati gladly obliged!

The Chinese Adonis had this ramen in clear broth with shredded radish and fried fish cakes (480Y). I was not able to ask how he found his order but he seemed happy while eating it.

Servings are good for two light eaters so Yub was able to share this with Andrei.

Check out Andrei using a toothpick. I doubt if he has anything between his teeth because he doesn't eat anything. 

As for me, I made the mistake of ordering the KYOTO RAMEN KOJI Curry noodles with Chicken Karaage (580Y). It was delicious don't get me wrong but I already had curry noodles the night before in MATSUYA DAIKOKUCHO. I should've just tried something else.

The chicken was very tender and had a pleasant crunch with the fried breading. The curry gravy was flavorful with exotic seasoning but did not overpower the whole dish.


So even if my taste buds were really craving for something else that morning, my curry noodles were so good that I finished the whole bowl.

My sister ordered the KYOTO RAMEN KOJI Katsudon (300Y) since she's not really a noodle lover like us.



In most restaurants in Japan you don't remove your bowl from the tray given to you.

This is so that when you're finished, you could take the whole thing by their dirty dishes counter. You could also wash your hands afterwards!

I wonder if an ignorant somebody attempted to watch their bowls here?

So full and happily energized for a day of touring in Kyoto!!!!

There's our train!


I can't seem to find a definite address for KYOTO RAMEN KOJI, but when you are in KYOTO TRAIN STATION, here's how to go there...


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