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Monday, August 3, 2015


These days, the Chinese Adonis and I are able to go out more during weeknights since the little lords are old enough to sleep by themselves in their room. Before, we cannot really make plans on a weekday because they would really wait up for us until we get home, something we don't want happening because they needed to be up early for school the next day. These days, they just get short tutorial from the Chinese Adonis, eat dinner with us, then it's off to bed at 8:30pm. It is during that time where the Chinese Adonis and I say our goodbyes to them if we have made any plans.

Don't get me wrong. Even if we are able to go out now on school nights, we don't do it everyday. We still limit ourselves to just about once a week and we always go home before midnight since we will be waking up early to get the boys ready for school anyway. So yes, we COULD go out but it would have to be for something SPECIAL.

And of course for us, one of the SPECIAL "somethings" would be meeting out with my BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and her husband Manong (ew) Fred to try out this new restaurant in the Makati Area -- DEAN & DELUCA.

Our best friends going out on a food trip with us -- what could be more fun that THAT?

Well... a date with BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH comes to mind but not for this night. He he he he he he!


DEAN & DELUCA is located in front of POWER PLANT MALL at the side near the Mango exit.

DEAN & DELUCA opened its doors on September 1977 in Soho, New York and since then they have already served in several branches located in New York City, Washington DC, Charlotte, North Carolina; Leawood, Kansas; and St. Helena, California. They have also took spot in international store locations such as in Japan, Thailand, South Korea and The Middle East.

As for the Philippines, the popular cafe where the TV character "Felicity" worked, opened April of this year. Many of the show's fans have been curious to try it!

One of them is BGP Marian, but she has already eaten at their New York branch. So she's curious how it would fare up here. 

BGP and Manong Fred!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our brand new (albeit dirty) IPAD! YEHEEES!

Okay fine. It's actually a Cherry Mobile. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! But it was not obvious until I mentioned it right?

We were seated at the second floor since it was full downstairs. We didn't mind. The top floor of DEAN & DELUCA was cozy and had a certain warmth into it. 

Time to order!

DEAN & DELUCA menu 1...

DEAN & DELUCA menu 2...

DEAN & DELUCA menu 3...

DEAN & DELUCA menu 4...

DEAN & DELUCA menu 5... 

The first dish served to us was a skillet of DEAN & DELUCA Crispy Calamari with Homemade dips (P390.00).

The hungry boys (and gals) dove right in without even giving the golden fried squid a spritz of fresh lemon. 

I guess it didn't matter. The crispy calamari was crunchy encasing a soft and tender meat. 

The crispy batter was already well seasoned that I am almost craving for some garlic rice. The BGP detected a slight fishy smell that we didn't notice. We all polished it off like there's no tomorrow.


Manong Fred is such a ravioli fanatic so when he saw one being offered by DEAN & DELUCA, he naturally went for it. 

DEAN & DELUCA Duo of Braised Beef and Corn Agnolotti in creamy pesto (P520.00)!

I think this is not actually ravioli but it is very similar to it. Fred was raving how delicious it was and scraped every last sauce with his spoon. He he he he he!

As for me, I'm still on a truffle high so I ordered the DEAN & DELUCA Butifara Con Salsa Funghi El Tartufo (P480.00).

Honestly it was just okay and nothing to really write home about. The fettuccine was bordering on soft while the creamy truffle sauce lacked the flavors and pungency I am used to. Even the sausage was just MEH.

Would skip this the next time we're there.

Sorry Truffle pasta!

As for the Chinese Adonis, he ordered one of the bestsellers in DEAN & DELUCA, the Cuban Sourdough Sandwich (P420.00). 

You wouldn't need to see the movie CHEF to appreciate this high stack of meatness! The Yub was pleasantly surprised to see a double decker sandwich sliced in half and loaded with hams, cheese, pickles (for me), and MORE meat!

This seemed so heavy and packed with awesome goodness that he shared it with MOI.

Shared or surrendered.. what's really the difference when it comes to spouses? Wehehehehe....

ERICJAZ FOODIES (plus bra strap) with BGP Marian and Manong Fred in DEAN & DELUCA!!!!

My plate! My messy but trust-me-it's-delicious plate!

Manong Fred was shy...

As for me, I was anything but shy! I was so excited to dig in to my DEAN AND DELUCA food!

Really Yub? 10 years of marriage and you can't even tell me that "Charlie's Dead??"

Almost done...

Even though I only got 1/4 of the DEAN & DELUCA sandwich, it was already so filling for me AND delicious! The meats were juicy and had the right smokiness to it while the crunchy pickles added a texture and zing to my sandwich!

When you get to be our age (inangku) you'll get full even with just a half plate of salad. 

For that night, we're not sure why but we were still hungry enough for a DEAN & DELUCA Pizza Margherita (P650.00).

Oh we certainly loved the pizza!!! It was cheesy gooey on a crisp chewy crust (that's a lot of C's for you). 

Even though we're supposed to be full, we got chomping on this like we were all still in College!

Except Manong Fred. I think he went to Hog-WARTS school of skin craft. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I made up that joke you know. 

Tee hee.

The last 3 slices....

We wiped out the pizza but not the pasta. 

My second plate!

Even if it was not as piping hot as it was when served to our table, my DEAN & DELUCA pizza was still so delicious to take wolf bites on.


This is me and BGP "communicating" about dessert.

Yep. We communicate via our big, hypnotic eyes. 

DEAN & DELUCA didn't have a dessert menu but you are most welcome to go down and check out their sweet offerings by the counter. 

So many to choose from... Now what does the force tell me?

The Force is telling me to stop slobbering over the counter and decide already what to get.

Should we go for pastries and croissants?

I'm almost tempted to order the Chocolate Chip Rye cookies.

BUT as usual, I got the DEAN & DELUCA Apple Pie ala Mode (P380.00)! One of my most favorite desserts is apple pie AND lava cake! So when the former is on the menu, I most likely be sure to try it.

I am so addicted to coffee and could never end a meal without a cup of it. So I got the DEAN & DELUCA Cappuccino (P150.00) to go with my apple pie.

I was not too happy with my dessert that night because I'm more used to moist pies with sugary syrup. The apple pie in DEAN & DELUCA was sort of dry and grainy but taste was okay though.

Marian and Fred's bill!


ALWAYS a great night with great and true friends! They are so worth coming out for... on weekdays and weekends. He he he he!

I promised myself that everytime BGP Marian and I would take a picture, I would always squeeze in tight with her. This is so that she wouldn't crop me out of our picture if she looks good.


Going down with a Thumb's up!

So happy that we were able to try out DEAN & DELUCA with our dear BGP Marian and Manong Fred! Looking forward to our return here!


Rockwell Edades, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 2469069 ext:348



  1. Hope their service has already improved by the time you ate there!

    1. Hiya Bap! Yes it's a good thing that service was great when we were there. The staff was very accommodating and they really looked and fixed a table for us. Come dessert time, they didn't have a menu so we were supposed to go down to check out the dessert counter. One server offered to go down herself, take pictures of the desserts and lend her iphone to us. ABA nagkapasa load pa kami! Kidding! We didn't have to go down to choose our dessert and drinks. My compliments to that!

    2. Will eventually give them another chance but after I have tried all the dishes in Kafe Batwan's menu...hehehe!


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