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Sunday, February 9, 2014


It's the LOVE month once again and while ladies are fluttering in excitement at what February 14 may bring, their significant others are worried (to the DEATH I tells ya) as to how they will show their love in the most romantic and "facebook-worthy" way. He he he he! Well I should know. I have already reached the maximum of my sane level and I have given my husband a silent verdict that he should do something that would tickle me a bit or else he will be kicked out of the room.

I'm being mean again you say? Well he once gave me plastic flowers. Then on another year it was a P500 load for my prepaid phone. So I guess 10 years of that (not counting anniversaries) certainly warrant a not so subtle demand for romance don't you think?

Of course there ARE many choices to celebrate the special day of hearts from the practical (dinner at home), original (a hugfest at the Scream Park), naughty (cough motel cough), or even patriotic (a walk at Fort Santiago). But once in a while, the traditional "wining and dining" would be the safe choice to give you a winning score for the night.

With that, do check out OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR (OTKB). We recently had dinner at the new restaurant by Chef Rob Pengson (of The Goose Station) and the food was so good that I may want to drag my husband there even if it was not Valentines.

Come to think of it, he HAS 10 years to make up though... And I may have to count in Anniversaries!!! Tee hee!!!!


OTKB stands where The Stock Market used to be in Bonifacio Hi Street. It has dimmed it lights and constructed interiors reminiscent of romantic Italian restaurants which gave that fine dining feel.

If you're on a date or with a party of four, slide into their simple but romantic table setting. I don't know about you but I love that metal lantern!

The OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR also has function rooms available at the consumable rate of P10,000.00 for lunch and P12,000.00 for dinner. This is perfect for your cozy parties or meetings where you want to shmooze up something for approval. Tee hee!

The OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR also serve killer cocktails! Order up your party drinks from their friendly bartenders!

Happy Hour starts on 5:00pm and from Mondays to Thursdays, specialty drinks are bottomless for only P399.00!!! Ain't that the perfect time to help yourself to some Amaretto Sour, Manila Mule, Margaritas, and Mojitos?

Hmmm... I might get my hub drunk here to make him "agree" to something. He he he he! Kidding!

The choices were tempting but we were invited by THE OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR to try their new tasting menu (at P1,900.00 per person) which will be introduced this February. 

Now wouldn't that be perfect for Valentine's and many "I'm sorry" dinners after? 

According to OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR Marketing Manager, Ms. Rizza Villaflor the dishes served in the Tasting Menu are not available in the ala carte selection and is good for one person. She adds that the Tasting Menu is prepared so meticulously that you need to call a day or two ahead to order. 

The OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR accept reservations even on weekends so yey! A perfect weekend family venue for special occasions too!!!

Here's their TASTING MENU! Take note that you could choose what kind of dish you would like per course! 

Each dish was perfectly prepared by OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR's hardworking chefs from Executive Sous Chef Jonvic Mangibin, Junior Chef de Partie Miguel Santos, and Junior Sous Chef Monch Mendoza. You will be so thankful to them after you try out their Tasting Menu I assure you!

Before indulging yourself with the 6 course Tasting Menu of the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR, refresh yourself first with some of their special drinks. My husband got himself a glass of Manila Mule! 

Let the Tasting Fest begin!

For the special dinner that we had in OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR, we were first served with Foie Gras Popsicle, Caponata Macaron, and Eel and Apple Galette. 

It's funny how the antipasti already blew away many of my foodie family into delicious ecstasy!!! 

The Foie Gras Popsicle seem so unassuming but when I put the whole fatty nugget into my mouth I was immediately punched with the strong flavors of black beer and port encased by Amaretto almonds. Then, it was glazed with pineapple chutney and marsala glace for that sweet finish! I had 2 of these because I grabbed the one from my husband's! He he he he!

The same could be said for the Caponata Macaron which I prematurely judged as the same one that I usually had in dessert cafes. But after a bite, I did not expect the filling to be so succulent and tasted meaty even, that we were all surprised to like it!!!

Of the three my favorite would have to be the Eel and Apple Gallette with its smoky taste tempered with the creamy whipped horseradish. YUM NUMMINY!!! I think I scraped my black board clean from that side dip!

Wohooo! This would surely be a great gastronomic night with my favorite foodie family!!

YUB!!!!!!! Grrrr!

ANYWAY, up next in the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR Tasting Menu was the Braised Pork Jowl and Oyster Calzone with Bonito and Aged Parmigiano Shavings plus Pulpo ala Plancha. Yes that's quite a mouthful right (pun intended)? So you could understand our surprise when we were just served with this tiny wee thing with splatters of black. 

Again, don't judge a dish by its plating (he he he he he). That splatters of black are actually squid ink. I gave it a lick (from my spoon of course DUH) and I was almost looking for some pasta or risotto to make it a complete el nero experience. He he he he! 

We all just raved about this because after a mouthful, all those words up above were just compressed into an impressive bite: there were oysters... there was octopus... there were bonito flakes... there were just A LOT. I was even surprised to find out in the end that there were parmesan shavings in it! Wow! 

As Alice would say: Curioser and curioser! But pretty effin good!!!!

Main Course for our OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR Tasting Menu were the Hanging Pork Tenders with Morcilla Pate and Scorched Nori Risotto!

As its name suggested, the pork WAS indeed very tender! Also, I am such a fan of  squid ink paella that it was no question how much I loved the black risotto. I was surprised though that the flavors I savored were not of squid ink but of scorched nori/seaweed wrappers and burnt leeks! Truly delicious! I can't stop helping myself to the very rich black rice!

Besides the very deliciously creative OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR Tasting Menu, we also enjoyed some of their ala carte specials which are definitely worth a try when you're there!

My husband especially loved the Beef Sliders since he's really more of a burger dude.  

These OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR burgers are made of angus beef  and char grilled to perfection.  The pancetta topping along with the fried onions and arugula added a different level of taste and texture to this supposedly simple snack. 

While waiting for the other grub to arrive, we would also chomp on these OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR homemade potato frites. I am seriously thinking of ordering a separate plate of these fried carbs as extra appetizers. He he he he he he!

Another surprise favorite for the night is the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR Caesar Salad. 

Yes it may look like the usual Caesar Salad to you but take a forkful of their well-dressed greens with the Prosciutto Crudo and you get for yourself a truly awesome bite. Everything worked believe me! 

I can't stop helping myself to this. I was only able to contain myself with the thought that I wanted to save room for the other dishes to follow. 

My husband's eyes lit up when 2 platters of pizzas were served! I think he gave a silent prayer of thanks for this!

The favorite of the night was the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR Bacon and Maple Pizza! 

Everyone indulged into layers of bacon, prosciutto, pancetta, lardo, and ooey, gooey cheddar. This fatty perfection was topped with a good drizzle of sweet maple syrup for that sweet ending to those sharp flavors. 

We also had OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR'S Pizza Margherita which was your usual cheese and tomato pizza topped with fresh basil leaves. 

This still made my husband drool though... I'm sure you know what I mean. 

Definitely enjoyed my plate of carbs! He he he he!

Perhaps our least favorite dish served at the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR was the Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi. Not because it tasted nasty but more on I'm not really a fan of gnocchi. I like my potatoes either fried or mashed not made out like dimsums.

But Gnocchi lovers would probably appreciate this dish because the brown cheese sauce was very creamy yet subtle and not cloying. Again, the shavings of prosciutto worked itself very well that I could imagine having this as a pasta sauce!

The OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR main dish that truly left me raving and reaching out for more was their Pan Seared Pink Salmon! 

I only love salmon as a sashimi and if cooked, I would usually pass up on it because I've had many experiences when the fish would be dry and blech. 

But this one, wow. It tasted as delicious as it is loverly!!! The salmon was very fatty and tender that juices even danced in my mouth when I was chewing it. I almost ignored the carrot puree that came with the order as all my attention went for the fish. 

the shy bite!

I really fell in love with this one. I will most definitely let my parents, who are huge salmon lovers, get a taste of this one!!!

When you're at OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR and you're feeling hungry like a hunter, try out their Crispy Pork Belly!

Yup! The pork skin WAS truly crispy and addicting to munch on. 

Don't get too worried with cholesterol because the dish IS served with healthy multigrain fried rice to even it out. He he he he he!

For dessert we had a luscious plate of Chocolate Terrain which is OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR'S signature dessert!

Though we were all insanely full from the hefty dinner, we cannot help but ooh and aah at the different "levels" of chocolate which came in gateau, cake pop, brownie, mousse, and rock and soil then scattered with meringue shards and more choco shavings. 

So perfect with coffee!!!! 

My husband and I were really enjoying our dinner at OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR. Cheers!!! I hope we go back here again on a date night!

If he won't take me, maybe this guy could stand in for him. Isn't he just the exact lookalike of my Chinese Adonis????

Tee hee! Kidding! There is only one Chinese Adonis for me... 

... and it is Benedict Cumberbatch. 

BWA HA HA HA HA!! He's half Chinese right??? Kidding! 

Our dinner lasted for 4 hours because of all the great food and chatter!!! I love hanging out with my foodie family!!! 

l-r Kathi Raneses and Jericho San Miguel (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Guia Bautista-Obsum (FOOD REVIEWS MANILA), Gerry San Miguel (DUDE FOR FOOD), SHERLOCK AND HER WATSON, Stonibert Lim (THE FOOD ALPHABET AND MORE) and very nice wife Joan, Marie Dreyfus (THE TUMMY TRAVELER) and Chuck Dreyfus (ALL CHUCKED UP)!!!

Also got to meet the VERY cute and adorable Grace Go (A VIEW FROM THE LEFTIE). As in, I want to adopt her!!!! If that's not possible, I look forward for more food trips with this pretty little lady!


Thank you so much OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR's Ms. Rizza Villaflor for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!

Thanks to Richie Zamora (THE PICKIEST EATER) for inviting us!!!!!

For your next intimate date or gathering with your special posse, head over to THE OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR for specialty drinks, and DELICIOUS food! We know we will!


G/F B4, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, BGC Taguig
1634 Fort Bonifacio
(02) 823 0366

Check this out!!!

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