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Friday, February 7, 2014


If you haven't blocked me (or banned our like page) YET, you would know that it took us quite a while to write our next blog post. Well normally, since we love our blog so much, we would have an entry every other day (actually I would like to write twice a day but I don't want people to think that I lead such a lazy life even though it is somewhat true). But for some reason, it took us quite a while to put on anything in this silly little foodie blog.....

What is the reason you ask behind this momentary pause of blogging activity?

It is because of THIS guy.


Oh yeah! My husband and I have been CUMBERBATCHED with his CUMBERLOVIN'!!!

Dear Mr. Cumberbatch is just gloriously wonderful. Being the expert stalker that I am, I have also seen some of his interviews in late night talk shows and found him very down to earth, witty, with a lovable dry sense of humor. 

Not to mention those piercing blue eyes will just cut you up piece by piece into an unnatural submission!!!

Oooh wow.... 

Now don't get me wrong I have noticed dear Mr. Cumberbatch before and more so when he bellowed that he was the arch nemesis of the trekkies in INTO THE DARKNESS. 

"I... AM...KHAN!!!!"

Many times I have tried my best to imitate the 50 fathom-deep voice of dear Benedict (oh yes, I warrant a first name basis with him now) but I just came off as a walrus calling for help. 

And as if those tighty tights of his costume isn't perfect enough, the female humanity was blessed with his deleted shower scene as Khan!

Now I don't really mind that he seem to be in deep thought and deciding  whether he WAS taking a bath or being sprayed with anti-lice chemicals, but he gives the TEN in intensity!!!

Oooh... hah ah ah ah ah ha!!!!

Now I know what you're thinking: Why is it that I put our ERICJAZ FOODIES in hiatus when it is only I who is exploring the "handsome" palace of Mr. Cumberbatch?

 Well, either my husband suddenly turned into an "Ericka" and got engrossed with dear Benedict for the same reasons that I daydream him for. OR, he jumped into the train going to Baker's street and got engrossed with SHERLOCK HOLMES too!

As much as I loved the movie of Robert Downey Jr., it was my oldest brothers who were already watching this prized series when it premiered last 2010. My Kuya Jay kept on saying that the new version starring my new found hero is the better choice as it accurately portrayed the characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle even if it WAS in a modern setting.

As for me and my husband, we just discovered the awesomeness of the new SHERLOCK HOLMES after wrapping up our affair with Breaking Bad. 

Now who wouldn't love the very smart, witty, pompous, bossy, obsessive, and somewhat lazy Inspector Holmes? Dear Benedict even added a childlike air to him that made the guy all the more loveable!!!

Shush Mr. Benedict... It's TRUE!!!

Okay... Okay... I know that both of us love the series (we're watching it right now) and that we hoped that the seasons we have will run up to a hundred. But this is still a declaration of my new found admiration for Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch and our little excuse why we haven't been in touch for awhile. Still, if you think that I'm being mean and disrespectful to the better half of this silly little foodie blog, then let me then give "blogspace" to some of my husband's crushes!!!!


Yup! My hub was so love with her during the time we became boyfriend/girlfriend! 


Yes he was weirdly admiring how little Hit-Girl grew up into a fine lady!

If you think that's gross, get a load of the last one... 


After I exclaimed my ewness at his choice of females to watch out for in GAME OF THRONES, he reiterated that he was really waiting for Sansa to bare herself. I'm not sure if he was telling the truth or just covering his weird taste in women...

Weird taste in women? Wait a minute.... 


Okay... Judge me/us all you want but BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and SHERLOCK HOLMES were our excuse for our brief hiatus in ERICJAZ FOODIES (uh yes. 5-6 days without an entry IS a hiatus already for us).

I leave you all fine young readers with this though... 

Oooh... yeah... Give it to me mama....

He he he he he he!!!!

Will finish season 3 now. Toodles!

Disclosure : All pictures and GIF's are not my property and were grabbed from the internet. 


  1. Apple of the eye!!! yihiiii -Laurene

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! April, boses pa lang, ulam na!!!! Thanks for reading this silly post! Tee hee!

  2. Ohhh heeey mamzi.. why d'you feature my hubby on your blog? (<3u<3)

    - pretty girl XD

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Sorry dearest! He said he agreed so that he'll surprise you daw. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mwah mwah!


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