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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


My little family is on a ramen roll these days that a month, no make that a week, won't pass by unless we have bowl of piping hot Japanese noodles!

Our newest discovery is so near where we live that it almost seemed fate for us to continue on with our Ramen affair. And so we dropped by RAMEN DAISHO... and my son's life will never be the same again.


Hmmm... who is that little man hiding behind the signs?

Ah! So THERE'S that little guy! You thought it was my son Mati huh? :P

RAMEN DAISHO is very well lit, spacious, with a very minimalist look. 

They accept reservations so you could call ahead for a table. The place may look empty now but when we had dinner there on a Sunday, it was jampacked!

See that little division beside us? That's their function room just in case you want a little more privacy while slurping your noodles. 

I think I may have to deposit my husband in that room because true to Japanese eating fashion he just slurps like a tornado!!!! 

They also have a counter table for those who are eating alone where you could also get a first hand view of what's happening in their kitchen!

The only deal I have with their restaurant is that they haven't worked out their airconditioning and it could get a bit warm. Hopefully they would be able to fix this soon!

It's our second time at RAMEN DAISHO in a week because it instantly became Mati's favorite after his first slurp of their noodles. 

My little guy was also watching an episode of Detective Conan where they had a case of "Killer Ramen" (Ramen so good the person who eats it dies) that he really pulled the LET'S EAT AT RAMEN DAISHO game every 5 minutes!

Time to order up!

Mati kept on reminding me to order an extra serving of RAMEN DAISHO Bamboo shoots! His new "thing"!


RAMEN DAISHO meynuh part 2...

RAMEN DAISHO other dishes...

RAMEN DAISHO meynuh 3...

RAMEN DAISHO toppings!

There's Mati's favorite! The bamboo shoots!

If you like your broth extra spicy, order up some Spicy Miso Paste! It just made my broth EXTRA numminy yummy!

While waiting for your order, you could read up on RAMEN DAISHO comical but informative placemats!

I love restaurants that give a little "something" to their diners for a more comfortable dining experience! RAMEN DAISHO gave out free tissue papers wrapped in their branded plastic! I hope that they would have more promos in the future!

My boys are getting hungry! Check out my husband's scary face.

Hmmm... I bet I could do better than that!


Mati and I each had an order of RAMEN DAISHO's Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (regular P300.00 / Large P560.00). The 2 noodle dishes were served REALLY hot and the aroma it gave out just made us rabidly hungrier!!!

As requested, Mati had an extra order of RAMEN DAISHO Menma or Bamboo Shoots (P40.00). This added a perfect texture of crunch to the noodles but it is so good you could just eat it as is!

The RAMEN DAISHO noodles were long, firm, and chewy! Just the way we like it!!!

Like his hot momma (tee hee), Mati loves it spicy and would add several dashes of their chili powder!  This is him attacking his RAMEN DAISHO noodles at lightining speed!!!

My happy little guy in RAMEN DAISHO!!!

My husband was not really fond of ramen (cough loser cough) but since little Andrei wanted some noodles that day, he ordered some Shoyu Ramen (P300.00 regular / P560.00 large) for them to share (WINNER!). 

It seemed like my husband and little lord enjoyed this because they were able to finish it to the last drop! That says a lot already, believe me!

I loved RAMEN DAISHO's milky and very tasty tonkotsu broth!!! I know that it is good manners in Japan to make slurping sounds when you eat their ramen but we liked this so much that the insane sipping noises that we made could be illegal!!!

I know I"m such a carnivore but when it comes to Ramen, I tend to give away my chasyu meat! I only like the noodles and little toppings. In RAMEN DAISHO, my new discovery is the crunchy fried onion strips that is breaded for extra flavor. The mild saltiness of the crispy veggie provided that extra dash of yum factor in the bowl and it gave me a wide smile after.

It helped too that Mati gave me his serving. Wohoo! More for me!

While my husband and Andrei were halfway down to their RAMEN DAISHO bowl...

... I was loading up on more add-ons for my noodles!

I did not order the RAMEN DAISHO spicy miso paste this time because I wanted to see if the chili oil would do it for me.

I also gave it generous dashes of the chili powder to make sure. 

As much as I loved my RAMEN DAISHO bowl during this meal, nothing beats the punch and fire that the spicy miso paste gave. So definitely, I will order me a small serving of that one the next time we eat here!


As usual, the little rebel Andrei did not want to look at the camera and purposely did something else. 

OH YEAH, I've been RAMEN DAISHO-ed!!!!


Of course.... somebody was taking his sweet little time...

It's okay. Mati had a serving of RAMEN DAISHO's available gelato for dessert (P120.00).

I guess it's good because the kids would always have this after every meal in RAMEN DAISHO! Andrei would really finish his bowl so that he could get this too for dessert!

Yes, I said "I guess" because they won't let me get a wee taste of it! GRRRR!!!

After I carried them for 9 months each?? This is what they'd do to me?

Yup! I love using that argument. He he he he!


We paid an additional P300.00 more to this because they forgot to include Yub's Shoyu Ramen.

RAMEN DAISHO hours! We'll definitely go back here again!


Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 
312 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong, Philippines
632 774-0036

Check it out

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  1. Haven't tried Ramen Daisho yet.. I should probably add this to my list. :)


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