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Friday, August 30, 2013

IHOP (International House of Pancakes - Part Trois) NEW GRUBS

If we were to ask you if you were going to improve anything in your life, what would it be?

Don't worry, I won't go smart alecky ala Jesse Eisenberg on you. We are just being little old cats who will never learn new tricks and just continue on being curious.

If you were to ask my husband Eric, being the typical guy that he is (yum), he wants to be taller (even if he is already 5'11) and have a body similar to THOR (Y.U.M. with matching faint).

If you were to ask me, my wish is simple. I just want to have a smaller forehead. Yes, this part of my head is so big and wide, it is a wonder I don't attract airplanes to land on this biographic runway that I have. Once, I dreamt of doing a Calvin and just draw lines using a permanent marker. I remember in College I would always avoid electric fans because I don't want my pre-arranged bangs to blow it's "cover".

Egad. Now I bet you'll stare and try to measure how big a galaxy my forehead is.

Anyway, my silly point here is that, even if I think my husband is already built to my liking or that my forehead was not really noticeable until I blurted out loud that it could sink the titanic, we will always find things/ways to improve something that was already coined as acceptable or even perfect by other people (though I doubt if that could be applied to my big head). 

Most of the time, we are already happy with what our favorite restaurant has to offer then lo and behold, they would introduce new items in the menu that will temp you from crossing over your usual favorites.

With that, I find it hard to believe how IHOP (International House of Pancakes) still managed to introduce new items in their menu when we, their regular customers, were already happy with our "usuals". 

(Check out our meal there by clicking IHOP PART ONE and IHOP PART DEUX).

I guess, like my husbands physical built and my "airport", IHOP would never settle and continuously dream or whip up their magic to satisfy the conscious and subconscious cravings of their diners.

Oh well at least anything is possible for IHOP and my husband.

If I were to consider having implants on the front side of my head, then the same goes for me.

Tee hee!


ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the new specials from IHOP!

Like I said, we were regular customers of this American franchise  and we were excited to gobble up the nouveau selection in their menu.

I'm sure you don't need pictures to know how crazy the lines could get in this restaurant!

Full night! Good thing we already got seats at IHOP!!!

Well we are some of those "crazies" who would line and just suck it out being the 34th in the list. 

And this cockle doodle dee is just rarin to try this:

IHOP's new Hand Crafted GRIDDLE MELTS!

Nothing instant about these new bites on the IHOP block -- everything you see here are hand crafted and made to order sandwiches!!!

The great thing about these "fully equipped" IHOP sandwiches is that they are also very practical on your pocket -- a full sandwich with all the trimmings (your choice of hash browns or seasoned fries) is available for P385.00  while a half order is P325.00!

Yub already set his eyes on IHOP's Ham and Egg Melt which had gooey swiss cheese and omelette!!! He took a long whiff on the bread and was delighted that they used a special artisan sourdough bread!!!

(I held up this IHOP sandwich to own it. He he he! I touched it, it's mine! 

Unless, you want to get some Jazzie Cooties! Tee hee!)

As for me, I got curious with IHOP's Spinach, Roasted Pepper, and Cheese Melt!

This IHOP hearty sandwich was packed with sauteed fresh spinach on egg with roasted peppers and onions. In it, you could find not just one but three different cheeses (provolone, parmesan, and pepper jack)!!!

Imagine taking a big bite of that.... YUMMMM... I know!

YUP! I touched it again! So it is MINE.

The last IHOP Griddle Melt which drew raves from the other bloggers was the Western Melt!

This robust griddle melt has smoked ham, sauteed onions, with ham, and american cheese!!!

If that won't get you Yiiihaaawing, I don't know what then.

My forehead maybe?


IHOP now offers us lovely diners this new dining option which will definitely perk and chirp up anyone who could chew and swallow. 

IHOP's Super Rooty Tooty Fresh and Tooty!!!

And just in case you need a more detailed description of this new AHA moment in IHOP's menu...


IHOP cinnamon apple compote pancakes....


IHOP cool strawberry pancakes....


IHOP warm blueberry pancakes....

matched with....

IHOP Breakfast combinations:

Super Rooty Tooty -  2 Eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausage links, and Hash Browns (P395.00)
Regular Rooty Tooty - 2 Eggs, 2 strips of bacon, 2 sausage links (P345.00)
Warm Rooty Tooty Pancakes - Your choice of 2 Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity Pancakes (P245.00)

Yes! THIS goes together!!!

Dear Spanky : "HALLELUJAH!!!!"

And now we start eatin' at IHOP!!!

Oh please don't look at my forehead!

My plate! My wonderful IHOP plate!

My drink for the night! IHOP's hot chocolate (P145.00)! So creamy and hearty in every sip!!!

As for Yub, he got himself IHOP's bottomless Splashberry (P175.00)! He downed about 5 glasses of these!!!

I also had IHOP coffee along with my hot chocolate because I am just greedy that way.

Happy eater!

Digging in!!!

Open wideeee!!!

Oh it was as good as IHOPd it would be...

Ha ha ha! Sorry I can't help it!!!

Our full IHOP table!

Almost done with my IHOP cinnamon apple compote pancakes!!!

Sat beside one of the most nicest and smartest blogger I know! Mr. Eugene Constantino the THE HEFTIE FOODIE!!! He looks a lot like my older brother don't you think?  Maybe that is why I felt at ease with him in a snap! Like my bro, he's just a gentle giant!

As for my hub, he was getting a tutorial once more from THE guy himself, Mr. Gerry San Miguel or THE DUDE FOR FOOD!!! Ha ha ha! Don't ask me what about!

Photo grabbed from Mr. Spanky Enriquez

Such a great night once more with my favorite bloggers in the Metro and the kindly people from IHOP!

(l-r... my apologies if our positioning may confuse you) Ms. Kate Javier (IHOP Asst.Chef), MEH and MEH HUBBEH, Eugene Constantino, Jane Chua (BETWEEN BITES), Kathi Raneses and Jericho San Miguel (MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Gerry San Miguel, Ms. Patricia Malong (Global Restaurant Concepts Marketing Comm. Officer), Dear Spanky Enriquez, Nikko Ponti (WHEN IN MANILA), Richard Co (TALES FROM THE TUMMY),  Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann (AJAY'S WRITINGS ON THE WALL), my favorite Richie Zamora (THE PICKIEST EATER), Rina Zamora (RINA'S RAINBOW), Mr. Paolo Guitterez (IHOP - Head Chef), and Mr. Jhay Torres (IHOP Restaurant Manager)


Thank you so much to the very nice people of IHOP for organizing this great griddlin' event!!! All of us wanted to MELT from all that food! He he he he!

And of course, super kaduper thanks to THE guy himself Mr. Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!! 

Me : Dear sir, I HOP you forgive me for snatching all the GRIDDLE MELTS on the table.

Sir Spankalot : I HOP you choke when you eat MY Griddle Melt.



Oh and by the way, here's proof  from my College pic as to how I ALWAYS arrange my bangs... tee hee....

Aquanet was my friend....

He he he he!

Hellooooo baby fat!!!


IHOP Restaurant
The Fort
W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 687-5611

AND BY THE WAY.............

For those who love sharing their love for food, IHOP just has the contest for you to join!

To support the coming of the GRIDDLE MELTS, IHOP will be having stuffs for you to join in Instagram and Twitter!

For Instagram, there will be a photo contest with weekly themes! Take your picture and add hash tag #GetYourGriddleOn to join!

For Twitter, there will be questions and the most wittiest of answers will be chosen. Just add the hash tag #GetGriddled! 

Winners will win cool IHOP gift certificates!!!

Always check the IHOP FACEBOOK PAGE for updates!!!


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