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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


It was a rainy Wednesday morning and we do not have work since it was a holiday. However, due to typhoon Maring, classes and some offices were suspended so it's not really a REAL holiday for us.

You know the feeling when you have no classes on a particular day and you wait for it all month long then when it finally comes you get fever that you won't really be going to classes if there was? Kind of makes you wish that you had fever at ANOTHER time. He he he!

Well that's what we sort of felt that day.  But of course there were more important/serious matters to think about on August 21, 2013 but this is just me and my useless musings. Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, normally it would be bed weather for me and the Yubhub where we will be lazy up to 10:00am (kids? What kids???) but there was a premise of trying out a restaurant which has been the talk of the town for sometime now. WILDFLOUR CAFE! So most definitely we were up and ready to go to Podium for another fun meal with foodie friends!

Bath? What bath? 

Kidding! Ha ha ha!

Or am I?


WILDFLOUR CAFE in Podium was where Delifrance used to be and though the restaurant may be modest in size, foodies would troop from all over to try out the new chomp on the block.  

It may be cozy inside but most of the WILDFLOUR CAFE diners park themselves outside the restaurant so as to eat up and people watch.

As for us, we were outside WILDFLOUR CAFE because that was the only table available that our friends were able to reserve. No problem though because waiters were very attentive and they really look out for what the diners need.

WILDFLOUR CAFE is semi self-service so you need to line up to order your food and pay at the cashier. 

If you're getting tired of lining up, read the WILDFLOUR CAFE sign...

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

As for me, I was pretty much entertained while waiting for my turn at WILDFLOUR CAFE not by watching tv or going online but by staring and drooling at their pastries available which were all on display.  

I suddenly daydreamed the possibility of being accidentally locked up in Podium because let's say I was sleeping somewhere when they closed. Upon waking up, I would panic for a second, then go to WILDFLOUR CAFE and just wolf down all of these heavenly breads and pastries.... 

I used to do that daydream with a grocery setting but times are changing so now I moved onto WILDFLOUR CAFE. He he hee!

One of our N.F.C.F.'s (New Found Couple Friends) that I love P.O.S.A.I.T.N.T. (Pigging Out Silly As If There's No Tomorrow) with, are Suet and Albert-Jan! They are always on military time and was at WILDFLOUR CAFE by 5:00am!!! I know it's wild!! He he he he!

 When I make plans with them I hyperventilate like crazy because I know they'd already be at the meeting place 30 MINUTES before the agreed time and usually I would just be waking up by then!

Don't worry I move at light speed.

By the way, Albert-Jan is a SUPER die-hard supporter of NOMAMA (see our couples night there HERE)! If you plan on making a nasty review or mean comment about NOMAMA, take extra care that Albert-Jan does not see it because he'll make your life a living hell!

He's not a part owner or Chef Him's long lost relative. Albert just loves NOMAMA too much!! 

I've seen his wrath in action. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight.

 Har de har har!

ERICJAZ FOODIES! Now we're usually a very punctual couple but due to work stuffs I cannot really control my time now.

What? It's a holiday? Oh! My husband spends half of his life in the restroom so we ALSO cannot control our time there. Kidding! Ha ha ha ha! 

We were actually late for 2 minutes for 2 reasons:

a. I was wearing heels... and 
b. This boy below!

Behind that angelic smile is little "Dennis" who is not really a menace but more like very naughty in the unexpected ways. 

I WAS going to put in little "Damien" but that would be too mean now ain't it?

I'm kidding. I love everything about him! Most of all, his naughtiness! He he he he!

But you could get a clue of what I am trying to say based on that little smile.

Anyway, after saying that "No he won't join" or that "he'd rather go out with a monster than eat with Mommy and Daddy", he changed his mind the last minute and said he would go with us. 

So there. Late. By 2 minutes.

Or was it 20? I don't remember.  

WILDFLOUR CAFE meynuh was simply printed on a hard piece of paper. You might need to get your oracles out to see it better.

Nice word... Oracles? He he he!

Meynuh one...

WILDFLOUR CAFE meynuh 2...

Some might say their food selection could be a bit limited. But once you taste the food, it is so rich and delicious that you would be too full to look for anything else.

After ordering and paying, WILDFLOUR CAFE gave these numbered cubes for proper food identification.

It was also extra playthings for little Andrei. He he he he!

WILDFLOUR CAFE servers would give you water in cold wine bottles while eating utensils are in a mug. I forgot though if it was submerged in hot water.

Suet ordered the WILDFLOUR CAFE Ham and Brie Sandwich (P320.00)! 

It may seem a small order for it's price but watching dear Suet bite into the fully packed sandwich with hearty feelings, este, fillings, I see that she's very happy with it.

You have a choice to get this WILDFLOUR CAFE dish with either potato chips of simple salad. Of course, true to her healthy diet, dear Suet chose the salad.

Albert had the WILDFLOUR BREAKFAST Cazuela (P320.00) and the aroma of this pork and beans like dish is enough to make your mouths water. If I was the one eating this bowl of slurpiness, I would gladly pierce that gooey eggyolk using the crusty baguette then dunk half of it generously in the thick soup. 

That would certainly give me a rich, soupy, crunchy, and sloppy bite!


My husband ordered the WILDFLOUR CAFE Egg and Bacon with Gravy (P360.00) and it is an understatement to say that this was not what my guy was expecting.

Of course when you say bacon and eggs, you expect to get strips of pork that is fried to a crisp with some runny eggs on the side.

Instead what he got was WILDFLOUR CAFE's version where everything was on just ONE toast and the bacon was in cubes not strips.

Would it be conclusive to say that he was also expecting gravy similar to what they have in that chicken fast food chain (cough KFC!!!)? Instead he got sauce that was like a reduced mushroom soup.

My husband was delighted to discover though that all of his "usual" expectations were false as he LOVED his WILDFLOUR CAFE order. Of course at first, he mussed and fussed, and was just shy to show his extreme disappointment to our NFCF's (refer to meaning above) but after taking in one thick, meaty and saucy bite, he cannot stop raving about it. 

He said the bacon was similar to a strong flavored ham which would be eased deliciously down by the gravy. The bread, even though it has been under the rule of the eggs and sauce, did not become soggy and was still used to mop up all the leftover gravy.

Three letters. Y. U. M!

My husband found his WILDFLOUR CAFE food so good this was the only taste I had of it. 

Que Horror!!!!! (Ala Kuh Ledesma from My Husband's Lover)

As for me, I ordered the dish everybody was buzzing about... The WILDFLOUR CAFE Kimchi Fried Rice (P465.00)!!

I apologize that I was not able to take more pictures of this dish but truth be known, it was just OKAY with me. I mean, definitely I would order this again (probably because they don't have other rice dishes in WILDFLOUR CAFE) but it was just not as flavorful and strong as I thought it would be.

But hey, that is coming from somebody who eats chili with anything.

One word I could describe WILDFLOUR CAFE's Kimchi Fried Rice was MILD. The rice had that subtle kimchi flavor that won't burn your tongue and even encourage you to take further spoonfuls of the orange colored grains. The beef was tender yes but, being the salty eater that I am, I would enjoy it MORE if some soy sauce or seasoning was added. 

The serving was enough for 2 people who are watching their figures so I got to take some of this home because my husband abhorred anything with chili or vegetables.

Anyway, maybe I expected too much from WILDFLOUR CAFE's Kimchi Fried Rice. I'll try it again the next time I'm here and hopefully I'll make a good turnaround.

I may have been a bit disappointed with WILDFLOUR CAFE's Kimchi Fried Rice but the Macaroni and Cheese (P210.00) truly made up for it. It was awesomely packed with cheeses like gruyer and cheddar that every forkful was so savory and deeelectable. 

Andrei can't stop smelling it. The WILDFLOUR CAFE Mac and Cheese was releasing an aroma that seemed so good!

My happy little Andrei!!!

Andrei was happy to discover that his WILDFLOUR CAFE Mac and Cheese was seriously gooey that he played with the sticky strands while eating it. 

At one point, he got tired of hearing my usual "Teka Mommy will taste it first" for the nth time that he proceeded to OWN his WILDFLOUR CAFE order by licking it. 

Uh YEAH? Like THAT will stop me. 


If you're thinking that we're H.H.U.T.T (Holding Hands Under The Table), we're not!

Footsies maybe.

Har de har har!

TEAM YAP certainly had fun with Santillana's!!!!

As usual, Andrei did not feel like looking at the camera and is even doing it on purpose. My thoughts were, at least he is eating and if I draw him even for just a second from his food, he might stop. 

So click! With Andrei's head!

While the boys were finishing their tales of basketball or whatever men talk about, Suet and I lined up to get some of WILDFLOUR CAFE's Cronuts!

It's supposed to be the BEST there is in the country and much abuzz has been made about these lovely half Crossaint, half Donuts. So I'm pretty excited to get a taste of it.

Check out the line behind us of curious WILDFLOUR CAFE Cronut buyers as well!


WILDFLOUR CAFE Cronut heaven!!!

We were only allowed to buy 2 pieces each of the WILDFLOUR CAFE Cronut. Good thing that Suet and I lined up early otherwise we'll not be able to get the flavors that we liked. 

Yep! This was OUR batch. Next one is after 3 hours I think.

I wasn't able to get a picture of me eating the WILDFLOUR CAFE Cronut but after a few bites it was just satisfying for me. Not really mind blowing or write home about. Just okay. Certainly I would not line up for it ever again.

But should there be extra cronuts lying down, I would most certainly take a bite of it.

Come to think of it, WHY would there be Cronuts lying down? On the bed or on the floor? Jeez Jaz. 

Done with our early lunch!!!

The damage!

Overall, we loved our meal at WILDFLOUR CAFE. Some of the dishes may be pricey but I think the quality of the ingredients used in their food is worth it. Don't let pictures deceive you into thinking that servings are just for a little canary. It may appear small but the jampacked fillings will make your tummy heavy and happy!

It's similar to this video :

(video uploaded from YouTube)

Ignore the part about Sammity Sam though. I just put it in because it's my favorite part of the cartoon. Tee hee!

Anyway, I look forward to having dinner here because most of their special entrees are only available come 5:00pm. So yey! Another excuse to troop over at WILDFLOUR CAFE!


Wildflour Café
The Podium
G/F The Podium, ADB Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 571-8588

Wildflour Café
Fort Bonifacio
G/F Net Lima Bldg, 4th Ave cor 26th St
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 856-7600


  1. Hey! I'm not defensive about Nomama! I just like a fair and unbiased critique of restos...hehehe! But I do love eating at Nomama no question about that. But our Wildflour escapade was really very delicious that I forgot that I was to avoid eating any type of beans or legumes...nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

    1. Jeeez! Fine! Even your defense about NOT being defensive about Nomama is scaring me already. HA HA HA HA HA HA! Yes our WILDFLOUR brunch was good. We should schedule a dinner at WILDFLOUR to try out their entrees.

      Btw, I bet the Kimchi Fried Rice here is better than Nomama..... KIDDING! Tee hee!!!!

  2. I read this blog again tuloy...hahaha!

    1. Uuuuuuy reminiscing!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Miss na niya kami!


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