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Friday, August 23, 2013


By Eric John Yap
With add ons and comments by Jazmin Gatdula Yap

Just in case it is not really clear, I, Eric John Yap, the husband of the most beautiful and hot woman in the world, is the other half of this silly little foodie blog. My very sexy wife may do most of the writing and typing (sorry somebody is watching he he he) but I am more on the technical side as she does not know how to transfer her numerous pictures and load them into the computer. I also do the dirty job of getting shots which she is embarrassed to do herself when she suddenly (yes once in a blue moon) get pangs of shyness. I think she also mentioned before that I finance our pig out sessions and is the lone "model" of our blog (You can't imagine how many times I have to hold my pose of having my mouth open with a spoonful of food in front of me). 

Many times she refers to me as her chinese stalker and yes, I do admit that many times I would insist on fetching her and join her night out with friends. But MANY TIMES also when I say "Yub, have fun!", she would give this smile similar to what we call "ngising aso" (crazy dog smile) and say "FINE." With that one word, I know that I might get "accidentally" locked out the room that night. He he he!

("Jaz -- I only did that once by the way...")

Anyway, last week we received an invite to try out the ALL AMERICAN FEAST (US Food and Wine Festival) at the Corniche in the Diamond Hotel, and we were so beyond excited. But then my wife realized it was on a Friday and she normally gets out very late on the last day of the work week. She then heaved a long sigh, rolled her eyes, and almost mumbled that I SHOULD go ahead at the event and added that she will just try to follow from Quezon City.

So without thinking of whatever repercussions that might happen afterwards, I strongly agreed and prepared everything that is needed to be prepared (charge the cameras, something she does not know either). She might suddenly change her mind and ask that I pick her up or wait for her before I start eating.

You may all judge me for being too mean.... but my wife, though very sexy and kind and beautiful (yup still watching) would always drag me to indian restaurants, korean restaurants (kimchi ugh), and japanese restaurants (sushi yuck) -- foods that I never touch nor dare eat.

So with the premise of having plates and plates of steaks, burgers, pizzas, and what have yous, yes, I will be sad that she won't be with me for this wonderful night. But then, she did always refer to me as the Chinese stalker and I want to break out that stereotype for just this time....

.... with something American. He he he!

Anyway, she did forget about me when she went to URBN (see HERE)... So this time, revenge is not just sweet... It is MEATY!

He he he everything was just so good I'm not even sorry for not waiting for her. Ha ha ha ha!

(Jaz - By the way, the "accidental" room lock out I referred to above? It was THAT night).


Going inside the restaurant there was a mini display of famous American stuffs like the HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycles.

These motorcycles use Michelin by the way (the tire company I work for) because it is the BEST. He he he.

I was just on time! While Yub is not. He he he he!

International Chef Christopher Gallaga welcomed us to the American adventure that is to come.

ALL AMERICAN FEAST Appetizers for the hungry husband. 

ALL AMERICAN FEAST Shrimp and Grits were a good starter. I had 2 of these!

ALL AMERICAN FEAST Maryland Crab Cakes with shrimp topping.

ALL AMERICAN FEAST Russet Skins with bacon on top was really tasty! I had 3 pieces.

Southen Fried Chicken!

Yes this is an appetizer by their book!

Delicious Chipotle Smoked Wings!

Salads. The ladies in the table seem to have a good time eating their greens. But since I never touch vegetables, I would have to pass on this one.

A lot of bread...

... and sticks of Butter!

Some more carbs.

Plus these too!

Now the seafood display is not really included in the ALL AMERICAN FEAST but it is still part of the buffet and worthy of a place in my tummy.

ALL AMERICAN FEAST'S Oysters! This will be good should I decide to go surf and turf!

But of course, you should drop whatever you are holding in place of 



I was almost hypnotized while watching the lovely attendant slice me a thick cut of this juicy meat!

You could ask them to plate you up this meat and make it look like you're one of the judges in Top Chef!

I also checked out ALL AMERICAN FEAST's Lamb and Ribs!

In THE ALL AMERICAN FEAST you could have your meats extra grilled to your liking!

I remember my Lovely wife (yes I was requested to refer to her like this from now on) would always like her steaks medium rare so she may want to steer away from this section. 

For me though you could get full just by taking in all the mouth watering aroma of the steaks grilling. It was a good thing nobody was looking because my mouth was open for a few minutes here.

(Jaz - I'm sure you were drooling as usual!)

You could request the waiters to whip up a special plate for you with all the trimmings and art!

One of the specialties for the ALL AMERICAN FEAST was the Turducken Turkey!

Chef Gallaga personally carved the ALL AMERICAN FEAST turkey at the station and served us. This was very different from the usual turkey we would eat during New Years because this big bird was stuffed with chicken and duck meat! 

This just made the ALL AMERICAN FEAST more special!

ALL AMERICAN FEAST's Country Cured Ham in biscuit!

Bite sized!

For the ALL AMERICAN FEAST, they highlighted the usual favorite sidings in US meals... the Cheesy Potato Au Gratin.... 

... and the clear winner on my plate the MACARONI AND CHEESE!

Both were supremely delicious!!! I could just imagine my wife fuming with envy because she loved everything cheesy!

(Jaz - It is a wonder why I fell for you Mr. Flowers-Are-Corny-During-Valentines)

Again, you could request the waiters to plate up these pasta dishes for you in a more special way. 

The ALL AMERICAN FEAST is very reasonably priced at P1,780 net per person considering all the gastronomic treats specially cooked up by international Chef Christopher Gallaga!

For an extra P495 net, you could also drink up to your happy place their special Beringer Wines!

This is just perfect with all the meats that I just ate up!

Other notable extras in the ALL AMERICAN FEAST.... 



My favorite too!


My first plate...

My second plate...

My wife asked why I only had a few items of food on my plate. I told her that I would usually eat off from the buffet spread. He he he he!!!

Third plate... 

I would not show my other plates because it would then be obvious how I starved myself the whole day so that I would be able to eat everything on the spread. He he he he!

Dessert time!

Fudgy Fondue!

The ALL AMERICAN FEAST's Strawberry Cheese cake. Everybody was going crazy for this simple dessert. I'm taking a pic for my wife who is just in love with this creamy and fruity dinner ender!

(Jaz - And you did not even bother to hide me a piece inside your bag!!!)

Delicious ALL AMERICAN FEAST Smores! I think you could have this heated up to get everything all gooey but I just put this all into my mouth! It was so rich and chocolatey!! Now I know why I usually see these sweeties in US films when they have camping scenes.

I almost screamed for their ice cream!

And got for myself a bowl of the ALL AMERICAN FEAST's sun kissed sherbet! Very tart and sour! Delicious!

I also enjoyed their chocolate, vanilla, ube!

The ALL AMERICAN FEAST was an ultimate dream come true because if I get stuck on an island with Hit Girl Chloe Moretz, we could have these food everyday and I would not get tired of her, este, this grub.

(Jaz - I don't know which is more weird, your crush on Hit Girl or the hots you have for Game of Thrones Sansa! Tsk tsk! :) )

THE ALL AMERICAN FEAST was an unforgettable spread for me, the Chinese stalker (he he), because everything was just so hearty and rich and worth all the tummy space I saved for. I am now dreaming of all the food I just stuffed myself with that night. 

Anyway, even if the ALL AMERICAN FEAST is already THE grub you should go to at the Corniche, the restaurant still offers the usual buffet favorites! 

But trust me, the ALL AMERICAN FEAST is more than enough to make y'all happy and howdy!

By the way, what's an American experience without the colorful flags and costumes.

Yes... I only saw the flags and costumes..... 

Because I only had one thing on my mind and that is how much I missed my wife for the night. 

See? She was still with me and became the invisible stalker.

(Jaz - Watch your hands mister!)

In place of my Lovely Wife I was granted the great wisdom of Mr. Dude for Food (blog), Gerry San Miguel!

Great bloggers for the night along with Chef Christopher Gallaga and hosts (center ladies both in black) Ms. Melanie Samonte-Palloria (PR Manager) and Ms. Twinkle Lacsamana of The Diamond Hotel Philippines.

Thank you for having us! 

Special thanks also to Mr. Spanky Enriquez (JUICE.PH) for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! 

(Jaz - Are you enjoying some American Apple Pie dear Spanky? He he he he!)

The ALL AMERICAN FEAST at the Corniche in the Diamond Hotel will only run from August 22 to SEPTEMBER 1, 2013!

I don't write often but believe me when I say the food is so worth to go American for! 

Make your reservations now! Perfect for your family events!
Reservations (632) 528-3000 ext 1121.

In the meantime, I have to think of a way to appease my Lovely Wife whose temper is flaring for not being able to partake in the ALL AMERICAN FEAST. She is not really getting all riled up that I did not pick her up or wait for her. She is just throwing a fit that she was not able to eat this at all.

Yes. She was so sulky and jealous of my whole American experience that she ACCIDENTALLY locked me out of the room. 

(Jaz - You don't have proof that it was not an accident!)

It's okay because at least I STILL got to eat the ALL AMERICAN FEAST and she didn't! 

Just kidding. I might bring her there just to quiet her up!

Hope to see you there as well.


Roxas Boulevard cor. Dr. J. Quintos St., Manila
632-526-3000 / 632-305-3000


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